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4 x 100 metres Medley Relay, Women

Date30 July – 1 August 2021
LocationOlympic Aquatics Centre, 2-1, 2chome, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tatsumi-no-Mori Seaside Park, Tokyo, Japan
Participants79 from 16 countries

This was the final women’s event of the Tokyo 2020 swimming calendar. The favorites were Australia and the United States who had been the dominant nations in women’s swimming at Tokyo. Canada and China were also expected to contend for medals, those most likely bronze.

Australian Kaylee McKeown had won gold in both backstroke events in Tokyo and started off for the Aussies, but shockingly did not leave the water in first place, as she was touched out by Canada’s Kylie Masse, with the United States’ Regan Smith close behind.

The Americans took over on the second leg, as 100 metre breaststroke champion Lydia Jacoby had the fastest leg and took the lead. Emma McKeon, the 100 butterfly champion, swam the third leg for the Aussies, but American Torri Huske held her off, although the fastest butterfly leg was swum by Canada’s Maggie Mac Neil (55.27), followed by China’s Zhang Yufei (55.39).

The freestyle anchor legs were swum by Australia’s Cate Campbell, the United States’ Abbey Weitzeil, and Canada’s Penny Oleksiak. Weitzeil still led at the turn but could not hold off Campbell, who brought Australia home for the gold medal. Canada was one full second behind Australia in third while China was well-back in fourth.

For Emma McKeon this gave her seven medals at the Tokyo Olympics, matching the female Olympic best for a single Olympics set in 1952 at Helsinki by Soviet gymnast Mariya Gorokhovskaya. Kaylee McKeown also went home with four medals, three golds and a bronze in the mixed medley relay.

1AustraliaAUS3:55.39 (1 h1)3:51.60 (1)Gold
Kaylee McKeownChelsea HodgesEmma McKeonCate CampbellEmily SeebohmBrianna ThrossellMollie O'Callaghan
2United StatesUSA3:55.18 (2 h2)3:51.73 (2)Silver
Regan SmithLydia JacobyTorri HuskeAbbey WeitzeilRhyan WhiteLilly KingClaire CurzanErika Brown
3CanadaCAN3:55.17 (1 h2)3:52.60 (3)Bronze
Kylie MasseSydney PickremMaggie Mac NeilPenny OleksiakTaylor RuckKayla Sanchez
4People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:57.70 (4 h1)3:54.13 (4)
Peng XuweiTang QiantingZhang YufeiYang JunxuanChen JieYu YitingWu Qingfeng
5SwedenSWE3:56.23 (3 h2)3:54.27 (5)
Michelle ColemanSophie HanssonLouise HanssonSarah Sjöström
6ItalyITA3:55.79 (2 h1)3:56.68 (6)
Margherita PanzieraMartina CarraroElena Di LiddoFederica PellegriniArianna Castiglioni
7ROCROC3:57.36 (4 h2)3:56.93 (7)
Mariya KamenevaYevgeniya ChikunovaSvetlana ChimrovaArina SurkovaAnastasiya FesikovaYuliya Yefimova
8JapanJPN3:57.17 (3 h1)3:58.12 (8)
Anna KonishiKanako WatanabeRikako IkeeChihiro Igarashi
9Great BritainGBR3:58.12 (5 h1)
Cassie WildSarah VaseyHarriet JonesFreya Anderson
10NetherlandsNED3:59.89 (5 h2)
Kira ToussaintTes SchoutenMaaike de WaardFemke Heemskerk
11GermanyGER4:00.16 (6 h1)
Laura RiedemannAnna ElendtLisa HöpinkAnnika Bruhn
12BelarusBLR4:00.49 (6 h2)
Anastasiya ShkurdaiAlina ZmushkaAnastasiya KuliashovaNastassia Karakouskaya
13Hong Kong, ChinaHKG4:02.86 (7 h2)
Toto WongJamie YeungSiobhán HaugheyCamille Lily Cheng
14South AfricaRSA4:03.02 (7 h1)
Mariella VenterTatjana SchoenmakerErin GallagherAimee Canny
15DenmarkDEN4:04.04 (8 h2)
Karoline SørensenClara Rybak-AndersenEmilie BeckmannSigne Bro
16SpainESP4:04.14 (8 h1)
África ZamoranoJessica VallMireia BelmonteLidón Muñoz

Round One (30 July 2021 — 20:57)

Taylor RuckSydney PickremMaggie Mac NeilKayla Sanchez
24United StatesUSA3:55.18Q
Rhyan WhiteLilly KingClaire CurzanErika Brown
Emily SeebohmChelsea HodgesBrianna ThrossellMollie O'Callaghan
Margherita PanzieraArianna CastiglioniElena Di LiddoFederica Pellegrini
Michelle ColemanSophie HanssonLouise HanssonSarah Sjöström
Anna KonishiKanako WatanabeRikako IkeeChihiro Igarashi
Anastasiya FesikovaYuliya YefimovaSvetlana ChimrovaMariya Kameneva
86People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:57.70Q
Chen JieTang QiantingYu YitingWu Qingfeng
95Great BritainGBR3:58.12
Cassie WildSarah VaseyHarriet JonesFreya Anderson
Kira ToussaintTes SchoutenMaaike de WaardFemke Heemskerk
Laura RiedemannAnna ElendtLisa HöpinkAnnika Bruhn
Anastasiya ShkurdaiAlina ZmushkaAnastasiya KuliashovaNastassia Karakouskaya
131Hong Kong, ChinaHKG4:02.86
Toto WongJamie YeungSiobhán HaugheyCamille Lily Cheng
141South AfricaRSA4:03.02
Mariella VenterTatjana SchoenmakerErin GallagherAimee Canny
Karoline SørensenClara Rybak-AndersenEmilie BeckmannSigne Bro
África ZamoranoJessica VallMireia BelmonteLidón Muñoz

Heat One (20:57)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
Emily Seebohm28.990.6659.37 (1)
Chelsea Hodges30.570.452:05.53 (1)
Brianna Throssell26.310.223:03.04 (2)
Mollie O'Callaghan25.560.133:55.39 (1)
Margherita Panziera29.320.671:00.55 (4)
Arianna Castiglioni30.770.102:05.81 (2)
Elena Di Liddo26.330.143:02.55 (1)
Federica Pellegrini25.550.103:55.79 (2)
Anna Konishi29.060.5659.75 (2)
Kanako Watanabe30.840.232:06.09 (3)
Rikako Ikee26.410.303:03.59 (3)
Chihiro Igarashi25.370.073:57.17 (3)
46People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:57.70Q
Chen Jie28.830.611:00.62 (5)
Tang Qianting30.100.272:06.35 (4)
Yu Yiting26.900.543:04.19 (4)
Wu Qingfeng25.500.373:57.70 (4)
55Great BritainGBR3:58.12
Cassie Wild29.020.621:01.10 (7)
Sarah Vasey30.670.252:07.59 (6)
Harriet Jones26.390.163:05.54 (6)
Freya Anderson24.78-0.023:58.12 (5)
Laura Riedemann28.950.601:00.45 (3)
Anna Elendt30.920.122:06.62 (5)
Lisa Höpink26.940.413:05.49 (5)
Annika Bruhn26.090.384:00.16 (6)
71South AfricaRSA4:03.02
Mariella Venter29.420.651:01.03 (6)
Tatjana Schoenmaker31.400.202:08.44 (7)
Erin Gallagher26.840.073:08.20 (7)
Aimee Canny26.220.414:03.02 (7)
África Zamorano29.930.531:01.78 (8)
Jessica Vall31.540.132:09.15 (8)
Mireia Belmonte28.520.013:10.03 (8)
Lidón Muñoz25.460.244:04.14 (8)

Heat Two (21:03)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
Taylor Ruck28.610.6359.64 (3)
Sydney Pickrem31.530.272:06.67 (4)
Maggie Mac Neil25.770.133:02.49 (2)
Kayla Sanchez25.320.083:55.17 (1)
24United StatesUSA3:55.18Q
Rhyan White28.490.6159.19 (2)
Lilly King30.170.262:04.70 (1)
Claire Curzan26.200.563:02.35 (1)
Erika Brown25.010.203:55.18 (2)
Michelle Coleman28.750.721:00.73 (6)
Sophie Hansson30.850.242:06.34 (2)
Louise Hansson25.840.273:03.13 (3)
Sarah Sjöström25.650.403:56.23 (3)
Anastasiya Fesikova28.960.731:00.26 (4)
Yuliya Yefimova30.930.352:06.57 (3)
Svetlana Chimrova26.310.273:03.52 (4)
Mariya Kameneva25.510.123:57.36 (4)
Kira Toussaint28.360.5258.99 (1)
Tes Schouten32.070.312:08.97 (6)
Maaike de Waard25.960.223:06.98 (6)
Femke Heemskerk25.110.223:59.89 (5)
Anastasiya Shkurdai29.410.641:00.64 (5)
Alina Zmushka30.910.152:07.89 (5)
Anastasiya Kuliashova26.280.143:05.26 (5)
Nastassia Karakouskaya26.220.364:00.49 (6)
71Hong Kong, ChinaHKG4:02.86
Toto Wong29.170.561:01.61 (7)
Jamie Yeung31.850.172:10.30 (7)
Siobhán Haughey26.430.293:07.97 (7)
Camille Lily Cheng25.780.064:02.86 (7)
Karoline Sørensen30.290.611:02.53 (8)
Clara Rybak-Andersen31.810.242:10.62 (8)
Emilie Beckmann27.130.343:09.61 (8)
Signe Bro26.090.274:04.04 (8)

Final (1 August 2021 — 11:15)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
Kaylee McKeown28.570.5658.01 (2)
Chelsea Hodges30.580.202:03.58 (2)
Emma McKeon25.860.252:59.49 (2)
Cate Campbell24.780.043:51.60 (1)
25United StatesUSA3:51.73
Regan Smith28.440.6058.05 (3)
Lydia Jacoby30.480.402:03.08 (1)
Torri Huske25.420.272:59.24 (1)
Abbey Weitzeil24.910.383:51.73 (2)
Kylie Masse27.920.5257.90 (1)
Sydney Pickrem31.570.252:05.07 (3)
Maggie Mac Neil25.580.273:00.34 (3)
Penny Oleksiak25.060.143:52.60 (3)
48People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:54.13
Peng Xuwei28.990.6059.63 (4)
Tang Qianting30.740.352:05.72 (5)
Zhang Yufei25.480.463:01.11 (4)
Yang Junxuan25.370.243:54.13 (4)
Michelle Coleman28.640.7459.75 (5)
Sophie Hansson30.710.252:05.42 (4)
Louise Hansson25.860.303:01.54 (5)
Sarah Sjöström25.270.393:54.27 (5)
Margherita Panziera29.290.671:00.03 (8)
Martina Carraro30.310.332:05.91 (6)
Elena Di Liddo26.630.343:02.87 (7)
Federica Pellegrini25.760.203:56.68 (6)
Mariya Kameneva29.260.6259.95 (7)
Yevgeniya Chikunova31.200.262:05.94 (7)
Svetlana Chimrova26.210.273:02.64 (6)
Arina Surkova25.370.273:56.93 (7)
Anna Konishi29.320.5359.92 (6)
Kanako Watanabe31.350.232:06.53 (8)
Rikako Ikee26.810.253:04.45 (8)
Chihiro Igarashi25.630.163:58.12 (8)