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Flyweight (48-52 kilograms), Men

Date26 July – 7 August 2021
LocationRyōgoku Kokugikan, Sumida, Tokyo, Japan
Participants27 from 27 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

For the first time since the previous Tokyo Olympics in 1964, this division was the lightest of those contested, the light-flyweight division having fallen victim to the need for an increase in women’s boxing. With the light-flyweights moving up to compete at flyweight this gave a depth of talent in the division which was rarely matched in Tokyo.

The top seeded fighter was the Indian soldier Amit Panghal, a measure of the country’s improvement in the sport throughout the 21st century, though limited competition and a run of surprise results in what few tournaments that had taken place meant the seeding process was not always to be relied on. This was proved to be true as three of the four seeded fighters were eliminated immediately on entry at the round of 16 phase. That left Yosbany Veitía of Cuba, returning after disciplinary issues saw him suspended from the Cuban national squad for most of 2020, as the only remaining seed. Unfortunately for him he was eliminated in the quarter-finals by Galal Yafai of Great Britain.

Yafai rode his luck after a comprehensive victory in the first round, winning four successive split decision triumphs to take gold. The final was effectively decided when his opponent, Carlo Paalam of the Philippines, was sent to the canvas in the first round but Paalam recovered well to win the second round before Yafai imposed himself and won the final round on four of the five scorecards. The bronze medals were claimed by boxers from Japan, Ryomei Tanaka, and Kazakhstan, Saken Bibosinov.

Yafai, a former car factory worker who given up his job to chase his Olympic dream, was the younger brother of 2008 Olympian Khalid Yafai, who spent four years as a professional world champion and Gamal Yafai, a former European professional champion.

1Galal YafaiGBRGold
2Carlo PaalamPHISilver
=3Saken BibosinovKAZBronze
=3Ryomei TanakaJPNBronze
=5Yosbany VeitíaCUB
=5Shakhob ZoirovUZB
=5Gabriel EscobarESP
=5Yuberjén MartínezCOL
=9Patrick ChinyembaZAM
=9Mohamed FlissiALG
=9Billal BennamaFRA
=9Hu JianguanCHN
=9Suleimana TettehGHA
=9Daniel Varela De PinaCPV
=9Daniel AsenovBUL
=9 AmitIND
=17Brendan IrvineIRL
=17Koryun SoghomonyanARM
=17Yankiel RiveraPUR
=17Yoel FinolVEN
=17Batuhan ÇiftçiTUR
=17Ramón QuirogaARG
=17Rajab Otukile MahommedBOT
=17Alex WinwoodAUS
=17Sakhil AlakhverdoviGEO
=17Rodrigo MarteDOM
=17Cosmin GîrleanuROU

Round One

Date26 July 2021 — 11:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #1 AmitIND
Match #226 Jul 11:00Yuberjén MartínezCOLDecisionRajab Otukile MahommedBOT
Match #326 Jul 11:15Hu JianguanCHNDecisionSakhil AlakhverdoviGEO
Match #426 Jul 11:30Ryomei TanakaJPNDecisionYoel FinolVEN
Match #5Daniel Varela De PinaCPV
Match #626 Jul 11:48Shakhob ZoirovUZBDecisionBatuhan ÇiftçiTUR
Match #726 Jul 12:03Carlo PaalamPHIDecisionBrendan IrvineIRL
Match #8Mohamed FlissiALG
Match #9Yosbany VeitíaCUB
Match #1026 Jul 12:18Suleimana TettehGHADecisionRodrigo MarteDOM
Match #1126 Jul 17:00Patrick ChinyembaZAMDecisionAlex WinwoodAUS
Match #1226 Jul 17:15Galal YafaiGBRReferee stops contestKoryun SoghomonyanARM
Match #1326 Jul 17:30Daniel AsenovBULDecisionCosmin GîrleanuROU
Match #1426 Jul 17:48Gabriel EscobarESPDecisionRamón QuirogaARG
Match #1526 Jul 18:03Saken BibosinovKAZDecisionYankiel RiveraPUR
Match #16Billal BennamaFRA

Round Two

Date31 July 2021 — 11:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #131 Jul 11:00Yuberjén MartínezCOLDecision AmitIND
Match #231 Jul 11:15Ryomei TanakaJPNDecisionHu JianguanCHN
Match #331 Jul 11:30Shakhob ZoirovUZBDecisionDaniel Varela De PinaCPV
Match #431 Jul 11:48Carlo PaalamPHIDecisionMohamed FlissiALG
Match #531 Jul 17:00Yosbany VeitíaCUBDecisionSuleimana TettehGHA
Match #631 Jul 17:15Galal YafaiGBRDecisionPatrick ChinyembaZAM
Match #731 Jul 17:30Gabriel EscobarESPDecisionDaniel AsenovBUL
Match #831 Jul 17:48Saken BibosinovKAZDecisionBillal BennamaFRA


Date3 August 2021 — 11:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #103 Aug 11:00Ryomei TanakaJPNDecisionYuberjén MartínezCOL
Match #203 Aug 11:18Carlo PaalamPHIDecisionShakhob ZoirovUZB
Match #303 Aug 17:36Galal YafaiGBRDecisionYosbany VeitíaCUB
Match #403 Aug 17:54Saken BibosinovKAZDecisionGabriel EscobarESP


Date5 August 2021 — 14:33
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #105 Aug 14:33Carlo PaalamPHIDecisionRyomei TanakaJPN
Match #205 Aug 14:48Galal YafaiGBRDecisionSaken BibosinovKAZ

Final Round

Date7 August 2021 — 14:00
Match 1/207 Aug 14:00Galal YafaiGBRDecisionCarlo PaalamPHI