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Kayak Singles, Slalom, Men

Date28 – 30 July 2021
LocationKasai Canoe Slalom Centre, 1-1, Rinkaicho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Participants24 from 24 countries

Unlike Bradley Forbes-Cryans, the reigning Olympic champion Joe Clarke did not make it into the Great Britain team. The reigning world champion, Jiří Prskavec of the Czech Republic, who also won bronze at the 2016 Rio Games, was one of the main contenders to win his country’s first gold medal in the men’s K-1. Prskavec would have been Olympic champion in Rio, if he hadn’t had a penalty deduction in the final run. Germany’s Hannes Aigner, who won bronze in London 2012, and the Slovakian Jakub Grigar (fifth in Rio) were considered Prskavec’s main rivals. In the preliminary rounds, Aigner was the fastest ahead of Italy’s Giovanni De Gennaro and Australia’s Lucien Delfour.

In the semi-final, De Gennaro couldn’t repeat his excellent performance and finished only 14th. Despite a two-second penalty, Prskavec won the semi-final ahead of Boris Neveu of France and Michal Smolen, a Polish-born American.

In the final run, events did not repeat themselves fortunately, and Prskavec won without any mistakes. His perfect run delivered him a gold by more than three seconds. He finished ahead of Grigar who, despite having the best time of the semi-finals in 2016, had to leave Rio without a medal after finishing fifth. Due to cramp, Germany’s Hannes Aigner took the Tokyo bronze medal, just as he had done at London 2012.

11Jiří PrskavecCZE91.71 (4)94.29 (1)91.63 (1)Gold
28Jakub GrigarSVK92.38 (8)96.27 (4)94.85 (2)Silver
32Hannes AignerGER90.14 (1)97.97 (7)97.11 (3)Bronze
414Felix OschmautzAUT92.18 (7)98.42 (9)98.79 (4)
512Michal SmolenUSA96.61 (19)96.11 (3)99.12 (5)
69Bradley Forbes-CryansGBR93.65 (13)96.48 (5)100.58 (6)
76Boris NeveuFRA91.78 (5)94.86 (2)101.18 (7)
84Lucien DelfourAUS91.10 (3)97.52 (6)102.33 (8)
919Erik HolmerSWE94.91 (16)98.45 (10)148.59 (9)
1010David LlorenteESP95.83 (18)98.26 (8)150.08 (10)
1111Antoine LaunayPOR93.50 (12)98.88 (11)
123Peter KauzerSLO93.04 (11)99.10 (12)
137Martin DougoudSUI93.70 (14)99.28 (13)
145Giovanni De GennaroITA90.65 (2)100.23 (14)
1517Krzysztof MajerczakPOL95.21 (17)100.99 (15)
1618Kazuya AdachiJPN92.09 (6)101.60 (16)
1720Quan XinCHN98.06 (20)101.99 (17)
1822Mathis SoudiMAR93.86 (15)103.58 (18)
1915Pepê GonçalvesBRA92.91 (10)104.33 (19)
2013Pavel EygelROC92.82 (9)151.41 (20)
2123Lucas RossiARG98.29 (21)
2224Gabriel De CosterBEL98.67 (22)
2316Callum GilbertNZL101.15 (23)
2421Michael TaylerCAN106.04 (24)

Qualifying Round

Date28 July 2021 — 13:47
FormatTwo runs, best run to count. Top 20 advanced to semi-finals.
PosOrdCompetitorNOCTotal TimeRun #1Run #2
123Hannes AignerGER90.1496.51 (11)90.14 (1)Q
220Giovanni De GennaroITA90.6590.92 (1)90.65 (2)Q
321Lucien DelfourAUS91.1091.10 (2)91.12 (3)Q
424Jiří PrskavecCZE91.7192.57 (3)91.71 (4)Q
519Boris NeveuFRA91.78147.12 (21)91.78 (5)Q
67Kazuya AdachiJPN92.0997.72 (14)92.09 (6)Q
711Felix OschmautzAUT92.1894.10 (8)92.18 (7)Q
817Jakub GrigarSVK92.3894.37 (9)92.38 (8)Q
912Pavel EygelROC92.8296.53 (12)92.82 (9)Q
1010Pepê GonçalvesBRA92.9198.13 (15)92.91 (10)Q
1122Peter KauzerSLO93.0493.04 (4)105.64 (23)Q
1214Antoine LaunayPOR93.5095.68 (10)93.50 (11)Q
1316Bradley Forbes-CryansGBR93.6593.65 (5)101.46 (21)Q
1418Martin DougoudSUI93.7093.70 (6)100.58 (18)Q
153Mathis SoudiMAR93.8693.86 (7)100.92 (19)Q
166Erik HolmerSWE94.91100.36 (18)94.91 (12)Q
178Krzysztof MajerczakPOL95.2199.86 (17)95.21 (13)Q
1815David LlorenteESP95.83147.62 (22)95.83 (14)Q
1913Michal SmolenUSA96.6196.61 (13)102.03 (22)Q
205Quan XinCHN98.0698.86 (16)98.06 (15)Q
212Lucas RossiARG98.29103.02 (19)98.29 (16)
221Gabriel De CosterBEL98.67152.94 (24)98.67 (17)
239Callum GilbertNZL101.15151.85 (23)101.15 (20)
244Michael TaylerCAN106.04117.98 (20)106.04 (24)


Date30 July 2021 — 14:00
FormatTop 10 advance to final round.
PosOrdCompetitorNOCTotal TimeTimePenalty Seconds
117Jiří PrskavecCZE94.2992.292Q
216Boris NeveuFRA94.8694.860Q
32Michal SmolenUSA96.1196.110Q
413Jakub GrigarSVK96.2794.272Q
58Bradley Forbes-CryansGBR96.4896.480Q
618Lucien DelfourAUS97.5295.522Q
720Hannes AignerGER97.9797.970Q
83David LlorenteESP98.2698.260Q
914Felix OschmautzAUT98.4296.422Q
105Erik HolmerSWE98.4598.450Q
119Antoine LaunayPOR98.8898.880
1210Peter KauzerSLO99.1099.100
137Martin DougoudSUI99.2897.282
1419Giovanni De GennaroITA100.2396.234
154Krzysztof MajerczakPOL100.9998.992
1615Kazuya AdachiJPN101.60101.600
171Quan XinCHN101.9999.992
186Mathis SoudiMAR103.5897.586
1911Pepê GonçalvesBRA104.3398.336
2012Pavel EygelROC151.41101.4150

Final Round

Date30 July 2021 — 16:00
PosOrdCompetitorNOCTotal TimeTimePenalty Seconds
110Jiří PrskavecCZE91.6391.630
27Jakub GrigarSVK94.8594.850
34Hannes AignerGER97.1197.110
42Felix OschmautzAUT98.7998.790
58Michal SmolenUSA99.1299.120
66Bradley Forbes-CryansGBR100.5898.582
79Boris NeveuFRA101.1897.184
85Lucien DelfourAUS102.33100.332
91Erik HolmerSWE148.5996.5952
103David LlorenteESP150.0898.0852