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Canadian Singles, Slalom, Women

Date28 – 29 July 2021
LocationKasai Canoe Slalom Centre, 1-1, Rinkaicho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Participants22 from 22 countries

This was the Olympic début for women’s C-1, replacing the men’s C-2. In addition to the officially qualified 17 paddlers, five other athletes competed, having already earned a quota in the Women’s K-1 event.

Jessica Fox of Australia was the clear favourite, and had campaigned for the C-1 discipline to be added to the Olympic programme to ensure full gender parity in the canoe events. The 27-year-old had previously won K-1 silver at London 2012, and bronze in both Rio, and Tokyo, the latter just two days before the inaugural C-1. Fox’s seven gold medals in individual events (four in C-1 and three in K-1) made her the most successful paddler, male or female, in the history of the World Championships. She also won a gold medal in the K-1 event at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics. Another medal contender was Andrea Herzog from Germany, the reigning world champion, and Mallory Franklin from Great Britain, the 2017 world champion.

In the preliminaries, Franklin and Herzog occupied the first two positions. Fox made two mistakes, finishing with only the fifth best qualifying time. In both the semis and final, Fox recorded the best times, with big margins over the second-best competitors. In the final, Fox finished her run error-free and with a time that would have placed her sixth in the men’s canoe final earlier in the week. Her time was also better than the winning time in the women’s kayak final two days earlier. Kayak times are almost always faster than those of canoe.

Eleven years after winning gold at the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) at Singapore in 2010, Fox made it back on top of an Olympic podium, as she clinched the first ever women’s C-1 canoe slalom title in Tokyo. Franklin won silver, and Herzog bronze. For both, it was the first Olympic medal. Fox took her medal tally to four and no other female paddler has won more than three individual Olympic medals as Fox also became the first athlete to win two individual medals at a single Games.

11Jess FoxAUS109.96 (5)110.59 (1)105.04 (1)Gold
22Mallory FranklinGBR105.06 (1)117.75 (6)108.68 (2)Silver
34Andrea HerzogGER106.34 (2)114.61 (4)111.13 (3)Bronze
414Marjorie DelassusFRA121.74 (17)117.71 (5)115.93 (4)
55Nadine WeratschnigAUT112.47 (6)119.69 (7)119.41 (5)
66Tereza FišerováCZE109.16 (3)113.23 (2)120.99 (6)
716Viktoriya UsUKR119.05 (15)122.12 (9)124.85 (7)
87Núria VilarrublaESP118.03 (13)119.99 (8)127.33 (8)
912Monika ŠkáchováSVK116.85 (12)124.87 (10)129.39 (9)
103Ana SátilaBRA109.90 (4)114.27 (3)164.71 (10)
118Mònica DòriaAND113.78 (9)128.32 (11)
1215Alja KozorogSLO113.07 (8)129.72 (12)
1310Luuka JonesNZL115.19 (11)130.39 (13)
1411Alsu MinazovaROC118.45 (14)135.80 (14)
1518Marta BertoncelliITA113.91 (10)145.71 (15)
1620Alena MarxSUI120.12 (16)163.09 (16)
1713Chen ShiCHN124.15 (18)164.99 (17)
189Evy LeibfarthUSA113.06 (7)183.32 (18)
1917Aleksandra StachPOL134.03 (19)
2021Ayano SatoJPN151.03 (20)
2122Jane NicholasCOK151.95 (21)
2219Haley DanielsCAN152.98 (22)

Qualifying Round

Date28 July 2021 — 13:00
FormatTwo runs, best run to count. Top 18 advanced to semi-finals.
PosOrdCompetitorNOCTotal TimeRun #1Run #2
121Mallory FranklinGBR105.06107.51 (1)105.06 (1)
219Andrea HerzogGER106.34113.69 (5)106.34 (2)
317Tereza FišerováCZE109.16112.45 (3)109.16 (3)
420Ana SátilaBRA109.90120.56 (11)109.90 (4)
522Jess FoxAUS109.96109.96 (2)110.93 (5)
618Nadine WeratschnigAUT112.47112.47 (4)115.56 (10)
714Evy LeibfarthUSA113.06115.55 (7)113.06 (6)
88Alja KozorogSLO113.07124.08 (15)113.07 (7)
915Mònica DòriaAND113.78113.78 (6)119.69 (14)
105Marta BertoncelliITA113.91121.83 (13)113.91 (8)
1113Luuka JonesNZL115.19116.55 (8)115.19 (9)
1211Monika ŠkáchováSVK116.85125.65 (16)116.85 (11)
1316Núria VilarrublaESP118.03118.03 (9)121.00 (15)
1412Alsu MinazovaROC118.45176.02 (22)118.45 (12)
157Viktoriya UsUKR119.05123.97 (14)119.05 (13)
163Alena MarxSUI120.12120.12 (10)150.84 (18)
179Marjorie DelassusFRA121.74121.74 (12)167.47 (20)
1810Chen ShiCHN124.15127.36 (17)124.15 (16)
196Aleksandra StachPOL134.03145.58 (18)134.03 (17)
202Ayano SatoJPN151.03161.77 (21)151.03 (19)
211Jane NicholasCOK151.95151.95 (19)205.74 (22)
224Haley DanielsCAN152.98152.98 (20)191.00 (21)


Date29 July 2021 — 14:00
FormatTop 10 advance to final round.
PosOrdCompetitorNOCTotal TimeTimePenalty Seconds
114Jess FoxAUS110.59110.590
216Tereza FišerováCZE113.23113.230
315Ana SátilaBRA114.27114.270
417Andrea HerzogGER114.61112.612
52Marjorie DelassusFRA117.71117.710
618Mallory FranklinGBR117.75117.750
713Nadine WeratschnigAUT119.69119.690
86Núria VilarrublaESP119.99117.992
94Viktoriya UsUKR122.12120.122
107Monika ŠkáchováSVK124.87122.872
1110Mònica DòriaAND128.32122.326
1211Alja KozorogSLO129.72127.722
138Luuka JonesNZL130.39124.396
145Alsu MinazovaROC135.80129.806
159Marta BertoncelliITA145.71143.712
163Alena MarxSUI163.09157.096
171Chen ShiCHN164.99152.9912
1812Evy LeibfarthUSA183.32133.3250

Final Round

Date29 July 2021 — 15:45
PosOrdCompetitorNOCTotal TimeTimePenalty Seconds
110Jess FoxAUS105.04105.040
25Mallory FranklinGBR108.68106.682
37Andrea HerzogGER111.13109.132
46Marjorie DelassusFRA115.93115.930
54Nadine WeratschnigAUT119.41117.412
69Tereza FišerováCZE120.99116.994
72Viktoriya UsUKR124.85122.852
83Núria VilarrublaESP127.33123.334
91Monika ŠkáchováSVK129.39123.396
108Ana SátilaBRA164.71112.7152