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Kayak Singles, 200 metres, Men

Date4 – 5 August 2021
LocationSea Forest Waterway, 6-44, 3chome, Uminomori, Koto-ku, Tokyo Bay, Tokyo, Japan
Participants25 from 19 countries

This was the third and last appearance of the event for a while, as it will be not part of the canoe sprint programme in 2024. The 2016 Olympic champion and reigning world champion, Liam Heath of Great Britain, was the clear favourite over this distance. His main contenders were Maxime Beaumont of France, silver medallist in Rio, and Saul Craviotto of Spain, the bronze medallist in 2016 and silver medallist at London four years earlier. The reigning European champion Sándor Tótka of Hungary was another favourite.

From the five preliminary rounds, 10 athletes directly qualified into the semi-finals, while the others had one more round in the quarter-finals. In his race, Heath finished only third but easily won his quarter-final with an Olympic Record time. Both semi-finals were won by Hungarians, Tótka and 25-year-old Kolos Csizmadia, who beat Heath into second place. In the A Final, Tótka enjoyed a sensational victory in beating Manfredi Rizza of Italy and Heath. This was the fourth Olympic medal for the British canoeist after securing a bronze (K-1 200) and a silver (K-2 200) at London 2012, and a gold (K-1 200) at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Tótka and his wife had moved to a lakeside cottage as soon as the Covid pandemic broke out, and he continued his training and preparations, knowing that the Olympics would eventually return.

1135Sándor TótkaHUN35.070 (1 h3)35.114 (1 h2)35.035 (1 h1)Gold
2150Manfredi RizzaITA34.867 (1 h4)35.171 (2 h2)35.080 (2 h1)Silver
3108Liam HeathGBR34.582 (3 h2)33.985 (1 h2)35.108 (2 h1)35.202 (3 h1)Bronze
4131Kolos CsizmadiaHUN34.442 (1 h2)35.099 (1 h1)35.317 (4 h1)
589Carlos ArévaloESP34.452 (2 h2)35.207 (3 h2)35.391 (5 h1)
6230Petter MenningSWE34.698 (1 h1)35.149 (3 h1)35.562 (6 h1)
790Saúl CraviottoESP35.002 (2 h1)35.934 (4 h2)35.568 (7 h1)
8166Roberts AkmensLAT35.448 (2 h3)35.688 (4 h1)36.014 (8 h1)
9101Maxime BeaumontFRA35.259 (2 h4)36.072 (6 h1)35.998 (1 h2)
10167Mindaugas MaldonisLTU35.650 (3 h5)35.466 (1 h1)36.637 (8 h2)36.257 (2 h2)
11220Strahinja StefanovićSRB34.996 (1 h5)35.855 (5 h1)36.329 (3 h2)
12204Yevgeny LukantsovROC35.157 (3 h1)35.184 (2 h2)36.036 (5 h2)36.369 (4 h2)
13165Jo Gwang-HuiKOR35.738 (3 h3)35.048 (1 h3)36.094 (6 h2)36.440 (5 h2)
1445Nick MatveevCAN36.190 (4 h2)35.181 (2 h3)36.584 (7 h1)36.625 (6 h2)
152Rubén RézolaARG35.059 (2 h5)36.552 (7 h2)36.775 (7 h2)
16153Momotaro MatsushitaJPN36.132 (5 h3)35.540 (2 h1)37.096 (8 h1)37.250 (8 h2)
1745Mark de JongeCAN36.110 (4 h3)35.462 (3 h2)
18204Oleg GusevROC35.928 (3 h4)35.581 (3 h3)
1960Yang XiaoxuCHN36.561 (4 h4)35.852 (3 h1)
20221Bojan ZdelarSRB37.092 (5 h4)36.531 (4 h2)
2187Momen MahranEGY38.850 (5 h2)37.836 (4 h1)
22215Tuva'a CliftonSAM38.363 (4 h5)38.287 (4 h3)
2324Amado CruzBIZ39.645 (5 h5)39.333 (5 h3)
24216Rudolf Berking-WilliamsSAM42.083 (5 h1)41.950 (5 h2)
25175Kohl Tamarua-HortonCOK40.061 (4 h1)– (DNF h1)

Round One

Date4 August 2021 — 9:30
FormatFirst two in each heat to semi-finals, all others to quarter-finals.

Heat #1

15Petter MenningSWE34.698QOB
24Saúl CraviottoESP35.002Q1
33Yevgeny LukantsovROC35.157
42Kohl Tamarua-HortonCOK40.061
56Rudolf Berking-WilliamsSAM42.083

Heat #2

13Kolos CsizmadiaHUN34.442QOB
24Carlos ArévaloESP34.452Q
35Liam HeathGBR34.582
46Nick MatveevCAN36.190
52Momen MahranEGY38.850

Heat #3

14Sándor TótkaHUN35.070Q2
25Roberts AkmensLAT35.448Q3
33Jo Gwang-HuiKOR35.738
42Mark de JongeCAN36.110
56Momotaro MatsushitaJPN36.132

Heat #4

15Manfredi RizzaITA34.867Q
24Maxime BeaumontFRA35.259Q
32Oleg GusevROC35.928
43Yang XiaoxuCHN36.561
56Bojan ZdelarSRB37.092

Heat #5

14Strahinja StefanovićSRB34.996Q4
23Rubén RézolaARG35.059Q
35Mindaugas MaldonisLTU35.6505
42Tuva'a CliftonSAM38.363
56Amado CruzBIZ39.645


Date4 August 2021 — 12:08
FormatFirst two in each heat to semi-finals.

Heat #1

15Mindaugas MaldonisLTU35.466Q
22Momotaro MatsushitaJPN35.540Q
34Yang XiaoxuCHN35.852
46Momen MahranEGY37.8366
DNF3Kohl Tamarua-HortonCOK

Heat #2

15Liam HeathGBR33.985QOB
24Yevgeny LukantsovROC35.184Q
33Mark de JongeCAN35.462
47Bojan ZdelarSRB36.531
56Rudolf Berking-WilliamsSAM41.950

Heat #3

15Jo Gwang-HuiKOR35.048Q7
26Nick MatveevCAN35.181Q
34Oleg GusevROC35.5818
43Tuva'a CliftonSAM38.287
57Amado CruzBIZ39.333


Date5 August 2021 — 9:30
FormatFirst four in each heat to Final A, all others to Final B.

Heat #1

15Kolos CsizmadiaHUN35.099Q
27Liam HeathGBR35.108Q
34Petter MenningSWE35.149Q
42Roberts AkmensLAT35.688Q
53Strahinja StefanovićSRB35.855
66Maxime BeaumontFRA36.072
78Nick MatveevCAN36.584
81Momotaro MatsushitaJPN37.096

Heat #2

15Sándor TótkaHUN35.114Q
24Manfredi RizzaITA35.171Q
36Carlos ArévaloESP35.207Q
43Saúl CraviottoESP35.934Q
58Yevgeny LukantsovROC36.036
61Jo Gwang-HuiKOR36.094
72Rubén RézolaARG36.552
87Mindaugas MaldonisLTU36.637

Final Round

Date5 August 2021 — 11:35

Final A

14Sándor TótkaHUN35.035
26Manfredi RizzaITA35.080
33Liam HeathGBR35.202
45Kolos CsizmadiaHUN35.317
52Carlos ArévaloESP35.391
67Petter MenningSWE35.562
78Saúl CraviottoESP35.568
81Roberts AkmensLAT36.014

Final B

13Maxime BeaumontFRA35.998
28Mindaugas MaldonisLTU36.257
35Strahinja StefanovićSRB36.329
44Yevgeny LukantsovROC36.369
56Jo Gwang-HuiKOR36.440
67Nick MatveevCAN36.625
72Rubén RézolaARG36.775
81Momotaro MatsushitaJPN37.250