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Kayak Singles, 200 metres, Women

Date2 – 3 August 2021
LocationSea Forest Waterway, 6-44, 3chome, Uminomori, Koto-ku, Tokyo Bay, Tokyo, Japan
Participants34 from 24 countries

This was the third appearance of this event, which replaced the men’s C-2 500 metres in 2012. The clear favourite was the seven-time reigning world champion, and the defending two-time Olympic champion, Lisa Carrington of New Zealand.

This was the first discipline in Tokyo for Carrington, who had set an ambitious goal to not only win the K-1 200m for a third Games in a row, but also to win gold in all four women’s kayak disciplines. Her main rivals were expected to be Marta Walczkiewicz of Poland, silver medallist at the Rio Olympics and regular medallist at the World Championships, and Emma Jørgensen of Denmark, the 2018 World Championship silver medallist. All the favourites easily qualified first into the semis and then next day into the A Final.

In the A Final, Carrington confidently took the lead and finished breaking her own Olympic best time, which she just set a few hours earlier in the semi-final. Spain’s Teresa Portela won the silver medal and Jørgensen finished third. Portela became the first Spanish female athlete in history to compete at six Olympic Games, since her début at Sydney in 2000. By winning her first medal she also became the first Spanish woman to win an Olympic canoe sprint medal. Interestingly, the first five places from the A Final all qualified from the same semi-final.

Carrington not only won this event for the third time, but looks likely to be the only winner of K-1 200, as it will not be raced at Paris in 2024. Shortly after winning the K-1 200m race, Carrington won Olympic gold again in the K-2 500m race with Caitlin Regal.

1177Lisa CarringtonNZL40.715 (1 h5)38.127 (1 h1)38.120 (1 h1)Gold
299Teresa PortelaESP40.812 (1 h3)38.858 (=4 h1)38.883 (2 h1)Silver
385Emma JørgensenDEN41.572 (1 h1)38.457 (2 h1)38.901 (3 h1)Bronze
4189Marta WalczykiewiczPOL41.100 (2 h2)38.563 (3 h1)39.170 (4 h1)
5231Linnea StensilsSWE41.109 (3 h2)41.313 (1 h2)38.858 (=4 h1)39.287 (5 h1)
6143Dóra LuczHUN41.098 (1 h2)39.713 (1 h2)39.442 (6 h1)
7151Francesca GenzoITA42.198 (2 h1)40.000 (4 h2)40.184 (7 h1)
8109Deborah KerrGBR41.168 (3 h3)42.742 (1 h3)39.751 (2 h2)40.409 (8 h1)
950Andréanne LangloisCAN41.525 (5 h3)41.728 (1 h1)39.952 (3 h2)40.473 (9 h1)
10196Teresa PortelaPOR42.050 (2 h4)39.301 (6 h1)39.562 (1 h2)
11210Svetlana ChernigovskayaROC41.540 (2 h5)40.433 (7 h2)39.977 (2 h2)
1270Yin MengdieCHN41.688 (1 h4)40.069 (5 h2)40.365 (3 h2)
1351Michelle RussellCAN42.236 (5 h5)42.940 (2 h3)40.224 (7 h1)40.527 (=4 h2)
14222Milica NovakovićSRB41.579 (3 h5)41.340 (2 h2)40.257 (6 h2)40.527 (=4 h2)
1566Ma QingCHN42.706 (4 h2)42.321 (2 h1)40.837 (8 h1)40.652 (6 h2)
16141Anna KárászHUN41.127 (2 h3)40.724 (8 h2)41.242 (7 h2)
17190Helena WiśniewskaPOL41.407 (4 h3)41.559 (3 h2)
18110Emily LewisGBR42.038 (4 h5)42.945 (3 h3)
19107Vanina PaolettiFRA42.334 (3 h4)43.163 (4 h3)
20212Nataliya PodolskayaROC42.845 (4 h4)43.212 (5 h3)
2172Anamaria GovorčinovićCRO42.901 (3 h1)43.307 (3 h1)
22106Léa JamelotFRA43.589 (6 h2)43.338 (4 h2)
23197Joana VasconcelosPOR43.059 (5 h2)43.379 (4 h1)
2486Sara Corfixsen MilthersDEN43.863 (6 h4)43.675 (5 h1)
25246Yuliya YuriychukUKR43.760 (5 h4)43.871 (5 h2)
26241Mariya Kichasova-SkorykUKR44.564 (4 h1)44.247 (6 h1)
274Brenda RojasARG43.802 (6 h3)44.876 (6 h3)
28159Yuka OnoJPN45.251 (7 h4)45.610 (7 h3)
29236Khaoula SassiTUN45.101 (5 h1)45.809 (6 h2)
30162Nataliya SergeyevaKAZ46.657 (6 h5)46.736 (7 h2)
31217Anne CairnsSAM46.795 (7 h3)47.141 (8 h2)
3288Samaa AhmedEGY47.272 (7 h2)47.882 (7 h1)
33181Jade TierneyCOK48.271 (6 h1)49.290 (8 h1)
341Amira KherisALG48.306 (7 h1)49.412 (8 h3)

Round One

Date2 August 2021 — 9:30
FormatFirst two in each heat to semi-finals, all others to quarter-finals.

Heat #1

15Emma JørgensenDEN41.572Q
24Francesca GenzoITA42.198Q
32Anamaria GovorčinovićCRO42.901
43Mariya Kichasova-SkorykUKR44.564
51Khaoula SassiTUN45.101
67Jade TierneyCOK48.271
76Amira KherisALG48.306

Heat #2

13Dóra LuczHUN41.098Q
25Marta WalczykiewiczPOL41.100Q
34Linnea StensilsSWE41.109
47Ma QingCHN42.706
51Joana VasconcelosPOR43.059
66Léa JamelotFRA43.589
72Samaa AhmedEGY47.272

Heat #3

15Teresa PortelaESP40.812Q
23Anna KárászHUN41.127Q
34Deborah KerrGBR41.168
47Helena WiśniewskaPOL41.407
51Andréanne LangloisCAN41.525
66Brenda RojasARG43.802
72Anne CairnsSAM46.795

Heat #4

13Yin MengdieCHN41.688Q
25Teresa PortelaPOR42.050Q
36Vanina PaolettiFRA42.334
44Nataliya PodolskayaROC42.845
57Yuliya YuriychukUKR43.760
61Sara Corfixsen MilthersDEN43.863
72Yuka OnoJPN45.251

Heat #5

15Lisa CarringtonNZL40.715Q
22Svetlana ChernigovskayaROC41.540Q
34Milica NovakovićSRB41.579
43Emily LewisGBR42.038
56Michelle RussellCAN42.236
61Nataliya SergeyevaKAZ46.657


Date2 August 2021 — 12:00
FormatFirst two in each heat to semi-finals.

Heat #1

12Andréanne LangloisCAN41.728Q
24Ma QingCHN42.321Q
35Anamaria GovorčinovićCRO43.307
46Joana VasconcelosPOR43.3791
51Sara Corfixsen MilthersDEN43.675
63Mariya Kichasova-SkorykUKR44.247
78Samaa AhmedEGY47.882
87Jade TierneyCOK49.290

Heat #2

15Linnea StensilsSWE41.313Q
24Milica NovakovićSRB41.340Q
33Helena WiśniewskaPOL41.559
47Léa JamelotFRA43.338
52Yuliya YuriychukUKR43.871
66Khaoula SassiTUN45.809
71Nataliya SergeyevaKAZ46.736
88Anne CairnsSAM47.141

Heat #3

15Deborah KerrGBR42.742Q
22Michelle RussellCAN42.940Q
33Emily LewisGBR42.945
44Vanina PaolettiFRA43.163
56Nataliya PodolskayaROC43.212
67Brenda RojasARG44.876
78Yuka OnoJPN45.610
81Amira KherisALG49.412


Date3 August 2021 — 9:30
FormatFirst four in each heat to Final A, all others to Final B.

Heat #1

13Lisa CarringtonNZL38.127QOB
25Emma JørgensenDEN38.457Q
36Marta WalczykiewiczPOL38.563Q
=44Teresa PortelaESP38.858Q
=47Linnea StensilsSWE38.858Q
62Teresa PortelaPOR39.301
78Michelle RussellCAN40.224
81Ma QingCHN40.837

Heat #2

14Dóra LuczHUN39.713Q
21Deborah KerrGBR39.751Q
37Andréanne LangloisCAN39.952Q
43Francesca GenzoITA40.000Q
55Yin MengdieCHN40.069
68Milica NovakovićSRB40.257
72Svetlana ChernigovskayaROC40.433
86Anna KárászHUN40.724

Final Round

Date3 August 2021 — 11:30

Final A

15Lisa CarringtonNZL38.120
29Teresa PortelaESP38.883
33Emma JørgensenDEN38.901
47Marta WalczykiewiczPOL39.170
51Linnea StensilsSWE39.287
64Dóra LuczHUN39.442
78Francesca GenzoITA40.184
86Deborah KerrGBR40.409
92Andréanne LangloisCAN40.473

Final B

15Teresa PortelaPOR39.562
22Svetlana ChernigovskayaROC39.977
34Yin MengdieCHN40.365
=43Michelle RussellCAN40.527
=46Milica NovakovićSRB40.527
67Ma QingCHN40.652
78Anna KárászHUN41.242