| Event type

Doubles, Open

Date 9 February 2022 — 20:20
LocationYanqing National Sliding Centre, West Dazhuangke, Zhangshanying, Yanqing District
Participants34 from 14 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsCurves: 15
Length: 1,475 m
Start Altitude: 1,000 m
Vertical Drop: 104 m

Germany went 1-2 in the luge doubles, as Tobias Arlt and Tobias Wendl won their third consecutive gold medal, followed by team-mates Toni Eggert and Sascha Benecken. For Arlt and Wendl these were their fifth Olympic gold medals, equalling the Olympic best in the sport set by their countrywoman, Natalie Geisenberger, who had won in the women’s singles the day before.

Arlt and Wendl became the first identical team to become three-time winners in a non-individual Winter Olympic event or sport. This has only been previously achieved at either Summer or Winter Olympics by Pavol and Peter Hochschorner (Slovakia) in Canadian doubles slalom (2000-08), Venus and Serena Williams (USA) in women’s doubles tennis (2000-12), and Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor (USA) in women’s beach volleyball (2004-12).

The Austrian pair of Thomas Steu and Lorenz Koller won the bronze medal. This was the 10th medal in this event for Austria, ranking them third behind Germany and the German Democratic Republic.

For Eggert and Benecken, this was their second consecutive medal in the event, after winning bronze at PyeongChang 2018. Germany won its sixth gold medal and 12th medal in total in this event, both of which lead the medal table. Counting the German Democratic Republic and Federal Republic of Germany, a German team has now won 12 of 17 gold medals and 24 of 48 medals in luge doubles.

PosPairNOCTimeRun #1Run #2
1Tobias Wendl / Tobias ArltGER1:56.55458.255 (1)58.300 (2)Gold
2Toni Eggert / Sascha BeneckenGER1:56.65358.255 (1)58.300 (2)Silver
3Thomas Steu / Lorenz KollerAUT1:57.06558.426 (3)58.639 (3)Bronze
4Mārtiņš Bots / Roberts PlūmeLAT1:57.41958.628 (5)58.703 (6)
5Andris Šics / Juris ŠicsLAT1:57.43758.628 (5)58.703 (6)
6Emanuel Rieder / Simon KainzwaldnerITA1:57.59758.602 (4)58.995 (7)
7Tristan Walker / Justin SnithCAN1:57.91858.895 (7)59.023 (8)
8Aleksandr Denisyev / Vladislav AntonovROC1:57.99359.040 (9)59.376 (11)
9Wojciech Chmielewski / Kuba KowalewskiPOL1:58.06558.992 (8)59.073 (9)
10Andrey Bogdanov / Yury ProkhorovROC1:58.50859.040 (9)59.376 (11)
11Zachary DiGregorio / Sean HollanderUSA1:58.51559.389 (12)59.126 (10)
12Park Jin-Yong / Jo Jeong-MyeongKOR1:58.72759.361 (10)59.366 (12)
13Tomáš Vaverčák / Matej ZmijSVK1:59.8421:00.138 (15)59.704 (13)
14Marian Gîtlan / Darius ȘerbanROU1:59.93759.694 (13)1:00.243 (16)
15Ihor Stakhiv / Andriy LysetskyiUKR2:00.06359.983 (14)1:00.080 (15)
16Filip Vejdělek / Zdeněk PěknýCZE2:00.1171:00.248 (16)59.869 (14)
17Huang Yebo / Peng JunyueCHN2:01.5721:00.732 (17)1:00.840 (17)