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10 kilometres, Women

Date10 February 1976 — 9:30
LocationLanglaufstadion, Seefeld
Participants44 from 14 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 80 m
Intermediate 1: 5.0 km
Maximum Climb: 55 m
Total Climbing: 255 m

The 10 km race, organized three days after the 5 km race, involved the same four skiers in the fight for the medals, but this time with a different outcome. Nina Baldycheva had this time the unlucky fate to start as number 1, but her intermediate time at 5 km was first beaten by Raisa Smetanina by 18 seconds. Smetanina’s arch rival from the 5 km, Helena Takalo, this time starting 1.30 behind her Soviet opponent, could not better Smetanina at the halfway point, passing that mark 10 seconds behind her. Defending champion Galina Kulakova starting last of the favorites, was third at 5 km, five seconds behind Takalo. But Takalo, the 5 km champion, then started her move. She gained seconds on Smetanina over the last part of the race, eagerly supported by Finnish coaches, but reached the finish just one second behind Smetanina, and had to be content with the silver medal. Kulakova finished her race 25 seconds behind Smetanina, but beat her teammate Baldycheva’s time by 14 seconds, adding a bronze to her collection of Olympic medals.

Takalo won the 5 km race by 1.04 seconds, and Smetanina the 10 km by 0.87 seconds, certainly deserving of a gold medal each. Takalo finished her great Olympic season by winning both the 5 and 10 km race at Holmenkollen, but the Soviet skiers were not present.

118Raisa SmetaninaURS30:13.41Gold
221Helena TakaloFIN30:14.28Silver
331Galina KulakovaURS30:38.61Bronze
41Nina BaldychevaURS30:52.58
519Eva OlssonSWE31:08.72
640Zinaida AmosovaURS31:11.23
715Barbara PetzoldGDR31:12.20
85Veronika SchmidtGDR31:12.33
932Hilkka KuntolaFIN31:29.39
1029Lena CarlzonSWE31:33.06
1136Marjatta KajosmaaFIN31:35.50
1224Sigrun KrauseGDR31:39.76
139Anna PasiarováTCH31:44.97
1441Monika DebertshäuserGDR31:50.06
152Grete KummenNOR32:02.59
1611Görel PartapuoliSWE32:04.63
1726Blanka PaulůTCH32:06.54
1830Berit KvelloNOR32:17.60
1937Gabriela SekajováTCH32:28.76
2028Władysława MajerczykPOL32:30.68
2139Marie JohanssonSWE32:33.18
228Marja-Liisa HämäläinenFIN32:37.72
2338Berit JohannessenNOR32:46.76
2423Marit MyrmælNOR32:47.21
2520Michaela EndlerFRG32:55.62
266Anna PawlusiakPOL33:01.47
2716Anna GębalaPOL33:13.21
2813Sharon FirthCAN33:15.20
297Shirley FirthCAN33:16.50
304Mikiko TeruiJPN33:25.81
313Iris SchulzeFRG33:43.82
3235Sue HollowayCAN34:03.49
3333Maria TrebuniaPOL34:14.44
3427Joan GroothuysenCAN34:16.35
3514Alena BartošováTCH34:18.73
3612Martha RockwellUSA34:21.34
3717Jana HlavatyUSA34:48.88
3810Claudia SprengerLIE34:57.03
3922Milena KordežYUG35:15.54
4044Barbara StöcklAUT35:28.99
4143Sylvia SchweigerAUT36:32.93
4234Twila HinkleUSA36:35.49
4325Margie MahoneyUSA37:07.18
4442Gertrud GasteigerAUT37:35.77