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10 kilometres, Women

Date 9 February 1984 — 8:00
LocationVeliko Polje, Igman
Participants52 from 15 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 133 m
Intermediate 1: 5.0 km
Intermediate 2: 7.5 km
Maximum Climb: 31 m
Total Climbing: 397 m

All the medalists in the 10 km at the 1980 Games had now quit skiing at the top level, but the 1976 Olympic Champion, Raisa Smetanina, was still around and had to be counted among the favorites, together with reigning World Champion Berit Aunli, from Norway. Finland’s hopes were on the shoulders of Marja-Liisa Hämälainen, who at the age of 27 had her international breakthrough in the 1983 season as the overall World Cup winner.

At the 5 km mark, Hämälainen had a six second lead over Smetanina, with Norway’s 20-year-old newcomer Anne Jahren in third, 22 seconds behind the leader. At 7.5 km Hämälainen had extended her lead over Smetanina to nine seconds. Norway’s Brit Pettersen, who had won a bronze medal as a member of Norway’s relay team four years earlier at only 18, had moved up to third, closely followed by her teammates Aunli and Jahren. Smetanina, in spite of starting two minutes behind her Finnish rival, could not withstand Hämälainen’s finish and was almost 19 seconds behind at the finish. Pettersen held her bronze position ahead of Aunli and Jahren, a good team result for Norway with all their four skiers among the top seven.

145Marja-Liisa HämäläinenFIN31:44.2Gold
249Raisa SmetaninaURS32:02.9Silver
326Brit PettersenNOR32:12.7Bronze
447Berit AunliNOR32:17.7
524Anne JahrenNOR32:26.2
628Marie RisbySWE32:34.6
74Marit MyrmælNOR32:35.3
825Yuliya StepanovaURS32:45.7
98Nadezhda BurlakovaURS32:55.8
1031Květa JeriováTCH32:58.7
1141Evi KratzerSUI33:04.8
1233Lyubov LyadovaURS33:05.8
1342Blanka PaulůTCH33:07.8
141Gabriela SvobodováTCH33:29.1
1543Ute NoackGDR33:37.5
1651Guidina Dal SassoITA33:48.2
1729Petra RohrmannGDR34:00.3
1819Karin LambergSWE34:01.3
1938Pirkko MäättäFIN34:13.4
2030Christina BrüggerSUI34:17.8
2139Ann RosendahlSWE34:28.0
2250Shirley FirthCAN34:31.3
2322Karin ThomasSUI34:31.6
2423Carola AndingGDR34:33.3
2516Eija HyytiäinenFIN34:33.8
2634Judy RabinowitzUSA34:35.1
2715Anna PasiarováTCH34:35.9
2835Manuela Di CentaITA34:41.6
2932Sharon FirthCAN34:47.0
3036Jana MlakarYUG34:52.2
3111Stina KarlssonSWE34:52.4
3220Susan LongUSA34:58.9
3344Karin JägerFRG35:05.2
343Paola PozzoniITA35:30.8
3518Klara AngererITA35:31.1
3613Angela SchmidtCAN35:35.0
379Erja KuivalainenFIN35:35.2
385Monika GermannSUI35:36.0
3910Patricia RossUSA35:41.3
4048Lynn Spencer-GalanesUSA35:47.4
4121Andreja SmrekarYUG36:10.4
4212Livia ReitROU36:20.9
4346Metka MunihYUG37:18.4
446Tatjana SmolnikarYUG37:58.1
4537Ros CoatsGBR38:12.2
467Nicola LaveryGBR39:05.2
4740Doris TruemanGBR39:28.4
4817Lauren JeffreyGBR40:11.2
4927Chen YufengCHN41:27.7
502Dou AixiaCHN41:35.7
5152Zhang ChangyunCHN42:26.6
5214Song ShijiCHN42:28.1