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Individual, Men

Date17 – 18 February 1928
LocationSkistadion, St. Moritz / Olympiaschanze, St. Moritz
Participants35 from 14 countries
FormatNormal hill ski jumping and 18 kilometres skiing; placements determined by points table.

The time from the 18 km. race was used for the cross-country section of the Nordic Combined, so the Olympic Champion in that race, Johan Grøttumsbraaten, had a commanding lead, almost five minutes ahead of countryman Hans Vinjarengen, who had a lead of 4.51 on the best non-Norwegian, the Finn Esko Järvinen. The two other Norwegians, jumping specialists Ole Kolterud and John Snersrud were 7th and 9th in the cross country event, and the Norwegians had hopes for another 1-4 finish as in Chamonix. The jumping event was a formality for Grøttumsbraaten, and he secured his second gold medal in two days, placing 8th in the ski jumping. Vinjarengen, normally an excellent jumper, fell on his first jump, but due to his fast 18 km. time and a good second jump he was able to secure the silver medal. Snersrud advanced to bronze after coming 3rd in the jumping event. The fourth Norwegian, Ole Kolterud, was leading the jumping event after the first round, but a fall in the second round after the longest jump in the competition (65.5 m.) brought him down to 8th place in the overall standings and prevented Norway from sweeping the first four places.

The Czechoslovak Rudolf Burkert was the winner of the jumping event (with the longest jump standing in the competition of 62.5 m.) ahead of Italian Vitale Venzi, but both were too weak in the cross country event and ended as 12th and 20th in the final standings. Burkert won the World Championship title in Nordic Combined in Cortina, Italy in 1927, but with no Norwegians or Finns taking part.

PosSkierNOCPoints18 kmNormal Hill
1Johan GrøttumsbraatenNOR17.8331-37:01 (1)15.667 (8)Gold
2Hans VinjarengenNOR15.3021-41:44 (2)12.854 (19)Silver1
3John SnersrudNOR15.0211-50:51 (9)16.917 (3)Bronze
4Paavo NuotioFIN14.9271-48:46 (4)15.729 (7)
5Esko JärvinenFIN14.8101-46:23 (3)14.246 (16)
6Sven ErikssonSWE14.5931-52:20 (11)16.312 (5)
7Ludwig BöckGER13.2601-48:56 (5)12.395 (21)
8Ole KolterudNOR13.1461-50:17 (7)12.917 (18)
9Otakar NěmeckýTCH12.9901-50:20 (8)12.616 (20)
10Bronisław CzechPOL12.6451-48:58 (6)11.166 (23)
11Adolf RubiSUI12.6251-56:40 (14)15.000 (12)
12Rudolf BurkertTCH12.6042-04:24 (21)18.833 (1)
13Stephan LauenerSUI12.3332-00:57 (17)16.542 (4)
14Max KröckelGER11.9682-00:59 (18)15.812 (6)
15Walter GlaßGER11.9271-59:43 (15)15.104 (11)
16David ZoggSUI11.9061-55:56 (13)13.187 (17)
17Harald PaumgartenAUT11.8541-51:43 (10)10.958 (24)
18Vinzenz BuchbergerTCH10.9062-02:36 (19)14.562 (14)
19Hans EidenbenzSUI10.5512-05:26 (23)15.227 (9)
20Vitale VenziITA10.4162-09:28 (25)16.958 (2)
21Gustl MüllerGER10.1141-52:43 (12)7.978 (28)
22Aleksander RozmusPOL8.7812-12:26 (28)15.187 (10)
23Martial PayotFRA7.8962-09:42 (26)12.042 (22)
24Stanisław MotykaPOL7.5312-08:31 (24)10.812 (25)
25Anders HaugenUSA7.4472-30:30 (31)14.895 (13)
26Charles ProctorUSA7.2082-35:00 (32)14.417 (15)
27Merritt PutmanCAN4.8542-22:40 (30)9.708 (26)2
28Kléber BalmatFRA4.2912-16:40 (29)8.333 (27)
ACMarcel BeraudFRA– (AC)DNF3
ACSakuta TakefushiJPN2-04:20 (20)– (DNS)DNF
ACWilliam ThompsonCAN2-12:24 (27)– (DNS)DNF
ACFranz WendeTCH2-00:50 (16)– (DNS)DNF
ACKarl NeunerGER2-04:25 (22)– (DNS)DNF
ACGyula SzepesHUN– (AC)DNF
ACRolf MonsenUSA2-48:00 (33)– (DNS)DNF