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Individual, Men

Date11 – 12 February 1992
LocationLe Praz, Courchevel / Les Saisies
Participants45 from 12 countries
FormatNormal hill ski jumping and 15 kilometres skiing. Pursuit-style cross-country race, with skiers leaving in order of their finish in the ski jumping, so that final placement determined by final placement in cross-country ski race.

In 1988 Klaus Sulzenbacher had won the silver medal in this event, but since then he had been tough to beat, winning the overall World Cup in 1987-88 and 1989-90, placing second in 1988-89 and 1990-91, and finishing second at the 1991 World Championships. As the 1991-92 season started the Olympic gold looked to be a battle between him and Norway’s Fred Børre Lundberg, who had won the 1991 World Championships and led the 1990-91 World Cup season. No one was considering a French skier named Fabrice Guy, but when he won four the five World Cup events in 1991-92, he became a favorite, and would be helped by the hometown crowd. Guy was at his best in the ski race, and hoped to place high enough on the jumping hill to be in contention. But he did better than that. The jumping was won by Austria’s Klaus Ofner with 228.5 points, who had been third at the 1991 World Championships, but Guy placed third, with 222.1, giving him a starting deficit of only 42.7 seconds. But more importantly, he beat Sulzenbacher, who usually was at his best on the hill, but in Albertville posted 221.6 to start 3.3 seconds behind Guy. And Lundberg was even further back, starting 1:08.0 behind Guy.

In the ski race, Ofner was off first, but it was not his strength and he would finish only 21st in the skiing and fifth overall. Guy pulled away from Sulzenbacher in the first 5 km, and neither was ever challenged by Lundberg, as Guy skied to the gold medal. Sulzenbacher won the bronze, surprisingly outskied by Guy’s teammate, Sylvain Guillaume, who was third in the skiing and won the silver medal. Guillaume would not be heard of again at major internationals, while Guy would place third at the 1997 World Championships, and won the 1991-92 seasonal World Cup. Lundberg improved in the cross-country to finish fourth overall, but would come back to win the gold medal in Lillehammer.

PosCompetitorNOCTime MarginSki Jumping, Normal HillCross Country Skiing, 15 km
1Fabrice GuyFRA222.1 (3)43:45.4 (6)Gold
2Sylvain GuillaumeFRA+48.4208.1 (13)43:00.5 (3)Silver
3Klaus SulzenbacherAUT+1:06.3221.6 (4)44:48.4 (13)Bronze
4Fred Børre LundbergNOR+1:26.7211.9 (9)44:04.1 (9)
5Klaus OfnerAUT+1:29.8228.5 (1)45:57.9 (21)
6Allar LevandiEST+1:34.1206.4 (14)43:34.8 (5)
7Kenji OgiwaraJPN+1:57.4215.3 (6)44:57.5 (16)
8Stanisław UstupskiPOL+2:28.1202.6 (18)44:03.5 (8)
9Trond Einar EldenNOR+2:43.8181.9 (39)42:01.2 (1)
10Knut Tore ApelandNOR+2:55.8190.7 (35)43:11.9 (4)
11Andrey DundukovEUN+3:16.1210.4 (11)45:43.5 (19)
12Thomas DufterGER+3:24.8210.8 (10)45:54.9 (20)
13Xavier GirardFRA+3:33.9199.3 (22)44:47.3 (12)
14Andreas SchaadSUI+3:34.0201.1 (=20)44:59.4 (17)
15František MákaTCH+3:34.7197.1 (27)44:33.4 (10)
16Hans-Peter PohlGER+4:13.6212.5 (8)46:55.0 (26)
17Josef KovaříkTCH+4:13.7193.3 (=30)44:47.1 (11)
18Stefan KreinerAUT+4:13.7214.8 (7)47:10.4 (27)
19Takanori KonoJPN+4:18.2197.4 (25)45:18.9 (18)
20Pasi SaapunkiFIN+4:35.3191.1 (34)44:54.0 (15)
21Bård Jørgen EldenNOR+4:49.4167.7 (45)42:32.1 (2)
22Vasily SavinEUN+4:56.7179.4 (40)43:57.4 (7)
23Ago MarkvardtEST+5:10.5199.0 (23)46:21.9 (25)
24Teemu SummanenFIN+5:31.3208.3 (12)47:44.7 (31)
25Stefan HabasPOL+5:50.0191.8 (33)46:13.4 (23)
26Hippolyt KempfSUI+5:56.4189.7 (36)46:05.8 (22)
27Francis RepellinFRA+6:00.3201.9 (19)47:31.0 (28)
28Sami KallunkiFIN+6:01.6177.5 (42)44:49.7 (14)
29Marco ZarucchiSUI+6:27.2201.1 (=20)47:52.6 (33)
30Masashi AbeJPN+6:40.4197.9 (24)47:44.5 (30)
31Peter HeliEST+6:57.0182.0 (38)46:15.1 (24)
32Günther CsarAUT+7:00.6193.3 (=30)47:34.0 (29)
33Valery StolyarovEUN+7:22.1192.0 (32)47:46.8 (32)
34Reiichi MikataJPN+7:41.0226.1 (2)51:53.1 (42)
35Sven LeonhardtGER+8:00.5197.2 (26)48:59.9 (36)
36Sergey ShvagirevEUN+8:35.5205.0 (=16)50:26.9 (39)
37Ryan HeckmanUSA+9:13.8196.4 (28)50:07.9 (37)
38Urs NiedhartSUI+9:39.3179.3 (41)48:39.4 (35)
39Todd WilsonUSA+9:54.0176.7 (43)48:36.7 (34)
40Tim TetreaultUSA+10:21.5195.5 (29)51:09.6 (41)
41Martin BayerTCH+10:43.1188.2 (37)50:42.5 (40)
42Toomas TiruEST+12:09.0170.9 (44)50:13.1 (38)
DNFJari MantilaFIN216.7 (5)– (DNF)
DNFJoe HollandUSA206.3 (15)– (DNF)
DNFMilan KučeraTCH205.0 (=16)– (DNF)