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Normal Hill, Individual, Men

Date31 January 1964 — 16:30
LocationKombinationssprungschanze, Seefeld
Participants53 from 15 countries
FormatThree jumps, all scored on distance and form, with best two of three jumps to count.
Judge #1Bogo SramelYUG
Judge #2Gunder EngebretsenNOR
Judge #3Sigi KostnerAUT
Judge #4Lawrence MaurinUSA
Judge #5Zigmunt BosniackiPOL
DetailsK-Point: 78 m

Norwegian Toralf Engan won the Normal Hill at the 1962 World Championships and was considered a favorite together with Finland’s Veikko Kankkonen, who earlier in the Olympic season had shown consistency by winning the Four Hills Tournament. Defending Olympic Champion Helmut Recknagel was still a major force in ski jumping, winning gold on the Large Hill and bronze on the Normal Hill in the 1962 World Championships.

Wearing start number 1, the 21-year old Norwegian Hans Olav Sørensen was in the lead with a 76 m-jump until Engan, with start number 43, made an excellent jump of 79 m and took over the lead. But then the Czechoslovakian jumper Josef Matouš surprised everybody with 80.5 m, the longest jump of the day to take over the lead. Kankkonen, jumping last of the 53 participants, missed his first jump and was a distant 29th after the first round.

In the second round, a young Norwegian, 22-year-old Torgeir Brandtzæg, who had made a poor first jump, surprised with an excellent 79 m-jump. Engan made another good jump at 78.5 m and took over the lead, since Matouš was not able to follow up his first round jump. Then Kankkonen made the best jump of the day, 80 m and with high style points, but he needed another good jump to be in contention for the gold medal. After round two Engan was in a clear lead with 224.4 points, Matouš in second 6.2, points behind and the consistent German Dieter Neuendorf in third place. Brandtzæg and Kankkonen advanced to fourth and fifth place with their good second jumps and were still among the contenders for the gold medal.

In the third round, Brandtzæg made another good jump of 78 m, improving his total points but was unable to catch Engan, who also improved after his best jump of the day, another 79 m jump with better style points than his first jump. Matouš and Neuendorf were not able to improve and stayed behind Brandtzæg. Kankkonen was the last to jump, and he needed a jump around 78 m to take the gold medal from Engan. The 24-year-old Finn, showing great competitive ability, produced a stylish 79 m-jump and could celebrate as an Olympic champion. Defending champion Recknagel made three consistent jumps and came 6th. He decided to end his sporting career after the 1964 season.

154Veikko KankkonenFIN229.9Gold
243Toralf EnganNOR226.3Silver
315Torgeir BrandtzægNOR222.9Bronze
450Josef MatoušTCH218.2
551Dieter NeuendorfGER214.7
632Helmut RecknagelGER210.4
749Kurt ElimäSWE208.9
81Hans Olav SørensenNOR208.6
913Karl-Heinz MunkGER207.0
1048John BalfanzUSA206.5
112Sepp LichteneggerAUT205.4
1244Pyotr KovalenkoURS205.1
1347Baldur PreimlAUT204.6
=1420Gene KotlarekUSA203.4
=1433Niilo HalonenFIN203.4
=1438Torbjørn YggesethNOR203.4
1737Aleksandr IvannikovURS203.3
1842Józef PrzybyłaPOL203.2
1921Dalibor MotejlekTCH202.5
2010Ensio HyytiäFIN202.4
219Nikolay KamenskyURS201.1
2239Piotr WalaPOL201.0
2330Yukio KasayaJPN200.6
248Ansten SamuelstuenUSA200.4
2553Heribert SchmidSUI200.1
2652Sadao KikuchiJPN198.5
2717Yosuke EtoJPN198.4
=2827Giacomo AimoniITA197.3
=2828Otto LeodolterAUT197.3
3025Zbyněk HubačTCH196.8
3116Antero ImmonenFIN195.3
3223Olle MartinssonSWE194.8
3329Kjell SjöbergSWE194.6
3419Antoni ŁaciakPOL194.3
354Holger KarlssonSWE193.8
3611Nikolay ShamovURS192.1
=377Max BolkartGER191.5
=3746Nilo ZandanelITA191.5
3945Ludvik ZajcYUG191.2
403Naoki ShimuraJPN190.9
4135Dave HicksUSA190.3
4240László GellérHUN189.5
4341Kaare LienCAN188.3
4414Willi EggerAUT187.4
455Ryszard WitkePOL186.1
4618Bruno De ZordoITA185.1
476Miro OmanYUG180.9
4836Ueli ScheideggerSUI176.4
4926Božo JemcYUG176.3
5024Peter ErženYUG174.3
5112Josef ZehnderSUI171.7
5234László CsávásHUN170.9
5331John McInnesCAN166.3
DNS22Frank GartrellCAN