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Large Hill, Individual, Men

Date23 February 1980
LocationIntervale Ski Jump Complex, Lake Placid
Participants50 from 16 countries
FormatTwo jumps, with both scored on distance and form.
Olympic Record 111.0 / Wojciech Fortuna POL / 11 February 1972
Judge #1Heinz MannGDR
Judge #2Fred RogersUSA
Judge #3Valentin TatarintsevURS
Judge #4Pavel KrznarićYUG
Judge #5Walter SchnellerFRG
DetailsK-Point: 114 m

Toni Innauer, Olympic champion in the Normal Hill, was heavily favored for another gold in the Large Hill, but this time the 21-year-old Austian had much stronger competition from the other jumpers. In the first round the 21-year-old Swiss Hansjörg Sumi, made a mighty jump of 117.0 m, taking the lead ahead of Jouko Törmänen from Finland and Austria’s Hubert Neuper. In fourth place, to everyone’s great surprise, was Steve Collins, a 15-year-old Ojibway Indian from Canada, a jumper totally unknown outside his homeland. Innauer was in sixth position, almost 9 points behind Sumi.

In the second round, Neuper was starting first of the favorites and was in a clear lead after a good jump of 114.5 m. Finland’s Jari Puikkonen, lying fifth after the first round, was in second position when his teammate Törmänen impressed with another 117.0 m jump, taking over the lead. First of the challengers was Innauer, but a jump of only 107.0 m placed him behind Puikkonen and outside the medals. Next was the leader after the first round, the Swiss Sumi. He could not duplicate his first jump and landed at 100.0 m, 17.0 m shorter than his first jump. Last to jump was the 15-year-old Collins, a jump of 108.0 m would put him in the bronze medal position. However, the young Collins could not control his nerves, as his 102.5 m dropped him from fourth to ninth.

Finland had fought back against the Austrian/East German dominance in ski jumping, winning gold and bronze. The Austrian team jumped well, placing second, fourth and fifth, but for the East Germans the Large Hill event was a great disappointment, their best Henry Glaß ending as a distant 11th. Steve Collins won the Junior World Championships in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden five days later. Nine days after that he showed that his first jump in Lake Placid was not just luck, being the youngest ever winner of a World Cup ski jumping event in Lahti, Finland, four days before his 16th birthday.

PosCompetitorNOCPointsJump #1Jump #2
1Jouko TörmänenFIN271.0133.5 (2)137.5 (1)Gold
2Hubert NeuperAUT262.4129.9 (3)132.5 (2)Silver
3Jari PuikkonenFIN248.5126.4 (5)122.1 (4)Bronze
4Toni InnauerAUT245.7126.2 (6)119.5 (8)
5Armin KoglerAUT245.6123.7 (8)121.9 (5)
6Roger RuudNOR243.0122.7 (9)120.3 (7)
7Hansjörg SumiSUI242.7135.0 (1)107.7 (18)
8Jim DenneyUSA239.1123.8 (7)115.3 (12)
9Steve CollinsCAN238.4126.7 (4)111.7 (13)
10Masahiro AkimotoJPN234.7113.8 (18)120.9 (6)
11Henry GlaßGDR232.0105.6 (24)126.4 (3)
12Pentti KokkonenFIN230.9115.2 (17)115.7 (11)
13Kari YlianttilaFIN229.1111.0 (=21)118.1 (9)
14Piotr FijasPOL226.1118.0 (13)108.1 (17)
15Klaus OstwaldGDR225.1119.0 (11)106.1 (20)
16Per BergerudNOR224.8120.9 (10)103.9 (24)
17Robert MöschingSUI222.5118.4 (12)104.1 (23)
18Peter LeitnerFRG221.5116.6 (=14)104.9 (21)
19Hirokazu YagiJPN220.2103.3 (30)116.9 (10)
20Manfred DeckertGDR219.2111.0 (=21)108.2 (16)
21Leoš ŠkodaTCH217.2116.6 (=14)100.6 (30)
22Stanisław BobakPOL214.3112.3 (19)102.0 (26)
23Josef SamekTCH213.5103.0 (31)110.5 (14)
24Ivar MobekkNOR212.5102.8 (32)109.7 (15)
25Hans MillonigAUT208.9101.5 (34)107.4 (19)
26Tauno KäyhköCAN208.6104.4 (=25)104.2 (22)
27Walter Malmquist, IIUSA205.4104.0 (27)101.4 (29)
28Vladimir VlasovURS205.3103.5 (=28)101.8 (27)
29Horst BulauCAN205.1106.9 (23)98.2 (34)
30Karl LustenbergerSUI203.1104.4 (=25)98.7 (33)
31Johan SætreNOR202.2102.0 (33)100.2 (31)
32Takafumi KawabataJPN201.4111.2 (20)90.2 (39)
33Harald DuschekGDR198.698.9 (39)99.7 (32)
34Yury IvanovURS197.0103.5 (=28)93.5 (38)
35Hiroyasu AizawaJPN195.399.2 (38)96.1 (35)
36Aleksey BorovitinURS193.491.8 (43)101.6 (28)
37Bernard MoullierFRA188.392.5 (=41)95.8 (36)
38Bogdan NorčičYUG187.484.5 (46)102.9 (25)
39Andrey ShakirovURS187.099.3 (37)87.7 (41)
40Miran TepešYUG184.496.1 (40)88.3 (40)
41Hubert SchwarzFRG181.9115.5 (16)66.4 (49)
42Gérard ColinFRA180.686.8 (45)93.8 (37)
43Stanisław PawlusiakPOL179.192.5 (=41)86.6 (42)
44Jeff DavisUSA176.599.6 (36)76.9 (46)
45Reed ZuehlkeUSA169.2100.4 (35)68.8 (48)
46Lido TomasiITA169.183.2 (=47)85.9 (43)
47Paul EgloffSUI167.287.8 (44)79.4 (44)
48Hermann WeinbuchFRG155.483.2 (=47)72.2 (47)
49Brane BenedikYUG138.360.5 (49)77.8 (45)
50Jan HolmlundSWE26.226.2 (50)