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Large Hill, Individual, Men

Date11 February 1972 — 10:00
LocationOkurayama Ski Jump Stadium, Sapporo
Participants52 from 15 countries
FormatTwo jumps, with both scored on distance and form.
Judge #1F. WurthFRA
Judge #2Wilhelm NilssenNOR
Judge #3Esko KähkönenFIN
Judge #4Miloslav BělonožníkTCH
Judge #5Fumio AsakiJPN
DetailsK-Point: 110 m

The ski jumping competition in the Large Hill, five days after the Japanese clean sweep in the Normal Hill, was held under windy conditions, and produced perhaps the most unexpected winner in the history of ski jumping. In the first round, the 19-year old Pole Wojciech Fortuna, with good help from the wind, made the ski jump of his life, landing at 111.0 m, a new hill record. The jury discussed for a while, and then decided to continue without re-starting the competition. The Japanese home heroes were still in contention for medals. The newly crowned Olympic Champion from the Normal Hill, Yukio Kasaya, was in second place, and Akitsugu Konno and Takashi Fujisawa were in sixth and seventh place with possibilities to advance further in the second round.

The second round ended with the closest competition in the history of Olympic ski jumping. All the four Japanese failed, with Kasaya dropping from second to seventh with a jump of 85 m. Fortuna made a rather mediocre 87.5 m jump, but was still in the lead with a total of 219.9 points with only a few jumpers left. The Finn Tauno Käyhkö produced a good jump of 100.5 m under the difficult conditions but ended closely behind Fortuna, scoring 219.2 points. The young Swiss Walter Steiner, lying in 13th place after the first round, made the best jump of the round, 103.0 m, and almost everybody expected him to take the lead, but no, his final points of 219.8 being 0.1 behind the fortunate Fortuna. The last challenger was East German Rainer Schmidt, in eighth place after the first round. After a good jump of 101.0 m, the second longest of the round but with mediocre style points, he ended with 219.3 points, beating Käyhkö with 0.1 but 0.6 behind Fortuna.

Wojciech Fortuna became the first and was only ski-jumper from Poland to win an Olympic gold medal until Kamil Stoch won two golds in 2014.

129Wojciech FortunaPOL219.9Gold
237Walter SteinerSUI219.8Silver
343Rainer SchmidtGDR219.3Bronze
455Tauno KäyhköFIN219.2
533Manfred WolfGDR215.1
653Gary NapalkovURS210.1
750Yukio KasayaJPN209.4
824Danilo PudgarYUG206.0
921Esko RautionahoFIN205.8
1049Jiří RaškaTCH204.7
1141Rolf NordgrenSWE203.5
1227Akitsugu KonnoJPN199.1
1326Kari YlianttilaFIN197.4
142Takashi FujisawaJPN197.1
=1520Zbyněk HubačTCH194.7
=1539Frithjof Prydz, Jr.NOR194.7
1742Zdenek MezlCAN194.3
1846Tadeusz PawlusiakPOL183.3
1915Hiroshi ItagakiJPN183.1
2016Henry GlaßGDR183.0
218Sergey YaninURS181.4
2222Josef ZehnderSUI181.1
2330Drago PudgarYUG179.7
2445Reinhold BachlerAUT179.2
2512Ron SteeleUSA177.7
2611Leoš ŠkodaTCH176.3
2751Günther GöllnerFRG175.3
2854Ingolf MorkNOR173.3
291Adam KrzysztofiakPOL173.1
3031Greg SworUSA172.8
3114Stanisław Gąsienica DanielPOL171.1
=327Rauno MiettinenFIN170.7
=3217Anatoly ZheglanovURS170.7
3418Jo Inge BjørnebyeNOR167.8
3532K'oba Ts'akadzeURS165.2
3644Jerry MartinUSA163.1
=376Bjørn WirkolaNOR162.5
=3710Marjan MesecYUG162.5
=393Heinz WosipiwoGDR159.6
=3936Peter WilsonCAN159.6
4140Anders LundqvistSWE158.0
4248Hans SchmidSUI156.4
4335Max GolserAUT153.6
444Ernst von GrünigenSUI153.0
4525Ulf KvendboCAN152.6
4619Rudi WannerAUT152.3
475Scott BerryUSA151.7
4852Peter ŠtefančičYUG145.2
4928Yvan RichardFRA142.2
5013Alain MacleFRA122.8
519Jacques GaillardFRA122.7
5234Alfred GroscheFRG119.6
DNS47Gilbert PoirotFRA
DNS23Sepp SchwinghammerFRG
DNS38Karel KodejškaTCH