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Heavyweight (>81 kilograms), Men

Date3 – 10 September 1972
LocationBoxhalle, Olympiapark, München
Participants14 from 14 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

The favourite for the Olympic heavyweight title was America’s new “Great White Hope”, Minnesotan Duane Bobick. Bobick had won the Pan American Games gold medal in 1971 scoring a victory over young Cuban Teófilo Stevenson on his way to the title. Since then he had remained unbeaten and had scored a series of impressive victories including three victories on a US tour of the Soviet Union. Bobick and Stevenson scored comfortable victories in their first round bouts but were then drawn to face each other in the quarter-finals. From the start Stevenson used his jab to open the American’s defences and skewered him with a succession of hooks and uppercuts. Despite sporting an ugly swelling under his eye, Bobick briefly fought back in the second round but it was not enough and by the middle of round three his resistance had faded. The Cuban landed a right hand punch that sent Bobick crumpling to the canvas and, although he got back to his feet, the fight was stopped shortly afterwards. Stevenson followed this victory with another stoppage, this time over West Germany’s Peter Hussing in the semi-finals and then claimed the Olympic title by walkover when Ion Alexe was ruled out of the final with a broken thumb. The Cuban’s performance earned him the Val Barker Trophy as the best boxer of the Games and a reputation as the “new Muhammad Ali“. True to his communist beliefs he refused offers to defect and start a professional career and instead became one of the legendary figures of amateur boxing. He won three Olympic and three World amateur titles during his career.

1Teófilo StevensonCUBGold
2Ion AlexeROUSilver
=3Peter HussingFRGBronze
=3Hasse ThomsénSWEBronze
=5Óscar LudeñaPER
=5Duane BobickUSA
=5Jürgen FanghänelGDR
=5Carroll MorganCAN
=9Ludwik DenderysPOL
=9Yury NesterovURS
=9József RéderHUN
=9Atanas SapundzhievBUL
=9Fatai Ayinla-AdekunleNGR
=9Jean BassombenCMR

Round One

Date3 September 1972
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #103 SepPeter HussingFRG
Match #203 SepÓscar LudeñaPER
Match #303 SepTeófilo StevensonCUBReferee stops contestLudwik DenderysPOL
Match #403 SepDuane BobickUSADecisionYury NesterovURS
Match #503 SepIon AlexeROUDecisionJózsef RéderHUN
Match #603 SepJürgen FanghänelGDRKnock-outAtanas SapundzhievBUL
Match #703 SepCarroll MorganCANDecisionFatai Ayinla-AdekunleNGR
Match #803 SepHasse ThomsénSWEDecisionJean BassombenCMR


Date6 September 1972
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #106 SepPeter HussingFRGKnock-outÓscar LudeñaPER
Match #206 SepTeófilo StevensonCUBReferee stops contestDuane BobickUSA
Match #306 SepIon AlexeROUDecisionJürgen FanghänelGDR
Match #406 SepHasse ThomsénSWEKnock-outCarroll MorganCAN


Date8 September 1972
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #108 SepTeófilo StevensonCUBReferee stops contestPeter HussingFRG
Match #208 SepIon AlexeROUDecisionHasse ThomsénSWE

Final Round

Date10 September 1972
Match 1/210 SepTeófilo StevensonCUBWalkoverIon AlexeROU