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Large Hill, Team, Men

Date18 February 2002
LocationUtah Olympic Park, Park City, Utah
Participants52 from 13 countries
FormatTwo jumps per team member, with both scored on distance and form. Four members per team, with all four jumps in each round to count towards team total.
Judge #1Randy LundeUSA
Judge #2Gert AigmüllerAUT
Judge #3Klaus-Dieter GötzeGER
Judge #4Yukio KasayaJPN
Judge #5Janež FrelihSLO
DetailsK-Point: 120 m

Just as the two nations had fought for the title at the 2001 World Championships, the 2002 Olympic championship developed into a head-to-head between the teams from Germany and Finland. The two teams exchanged the lead throughout round one but Germany held the half way lead and held on to a single figure points margin for the bulk of the second round. With Germany’s last man Martin Schmitt to jump the calculations were that he would need a distance of around 124 m to win the gold for his team but he landed a half metre short at 123.5 m and everything would depend on his style marks. Eventually the scoreboard flashed up that Germany had clinched the title by the minimum possible margin of one tenth of a point. If any of the eight German jumps had been a half metre shorter or any style mark had been 0.5 lower Finland would have been champions. The bronze medal was surprisingly won by Slovenia, their first in Olympic ski jumping.

PosCompetitorsNOCPointsJump #1Jump #2
1GermanyGER974.1498.8 (1)475.3 (2)Gold
Sven Hannawald 238.8121.9116.9
Stephan Hocke 222.9109.8113.1
Michael Uhrmann 253.4129.4124.0
Martin Schmitt 259.0137.7121.3
2FinlandFIN974.0489.1 (2)484.9 (1)Silver
Matti Hautamäki 249.3126.8122.5
Veli-Matti Lindström 212.7105.0107.7
Risto Jussilainen 251.4123.6127.8
Janne Ahonen 260.6133.7126.9
3SloveniaSLO946.3483.9 (3)462.4 (3)Bronze
Damjan Fras 210.4112.597.9
Primož Peterka 231.5112.8118.7
Robert Kranjec 264.5140.4124.1
Peter Žonta 239.9118.2121.7
4AustriaAUT926.8472.4 (4)454.4 (5)
Stefan Horngacher 221.7116.8104.9
Andreas Widhölzl 224.1115.5108.6
Wolfgang Loitzl 239.9121.4118.5
Martin Höllwarth 241.1118.7122.4
5JapanJPN926.0465.5 (5)460.5 (4)
Masahiko Harada 219.7115.6104.1
Hiroki Yamada 206.896.3110.5
Hideharu Miyahira 244.5125.9118.6
Kazuyoshi Funaki 255.0127.7127.3
6PolandPOL848.1435.2 (6)412.9 (6)
Robert Mateja 191.4104.187.3
Tomisław Tajner 183.390.293.1
Tomasz Pochwała 218.4108.6109.8
Adam Małysz 255.0132.3122.7
7SwitzerlandSUI818.3417.8 (7)400.5 (8)
Marco Steinauer 140.474.166.3
Sylvain Freiholz 171.792.279.5
Andreas Küttel 236.4118.2118.2
Simon Ammann 269.8133.3136.5
8Republic of KoreaKOR801.6395.6 (9)406.0 (7)
Choi Heung-Cheol 203.498.5104.9
Choi Seo-Wu 191.295.895.4
Kim Hyeon-Gi 185.897.788.1
Gang Chil-Gu 221.2103.6117.6
9NorwayNOR790.8404.5 (8)386.3 (9)
Tommy Ingebrigtsen 186.093.992.1
Lars Bystøl 174.796.778.0
Anders Bardal 224.8115.8109.0
Roar Ljøkelsøy 205.398.1107.2
10FranceFRA755.1370.7 (11)384.4 (10)
Emmanuel Chedal 193.390.3103.0
Rémi Santiago 206.4106.699.8
Florentin Durand 149.873.576.3
Nicolas Dessum 205.6100.3105.3
11United StatesUSA728.4372.8 (10)355.6 (13)
Brian Welch 124.263.960.3
Tommy Schwall 162.684.078.6
Clint Jones 212.2109.5102.7
Alan Alborn 229.4115.4114.0
12Czech RepublicCZE724.6368.0 (12)356.6 (11)
Jan Matura 137.672.764.9
Michal Doležal
Jan Mazoch 210.3113.696.7
Jakub Janda 210.593.6116.9
13KazakhstanKAZ621.1265.4 (13)355.7 (12)
Maksim Polunin
Stanislav Filimonov 196.999.897.1
Aleksandr Korobov 143.077.765.3
Pavel Gayduk 186.887.998.9