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Canadian Doubles, Slalom, Men

Date 2 August 1992 — 10:11-12:26
LocationParque Olímpico del Segre, Seo de Urgel
Participants34 from 8 countries
FormatTwo runs, best score of two to count.

The Olympic program had experimented with canoe slalom events in 1972, but they did not become a permanent fixture until the 1992 Summer Games. France’s Franck Adisson and Wilfrid Forgues were the reigning World Champions, while Thomas Loose and Frank Hemmer of Germany had won the tournament in 1989. These duos, however, were 10th and 11th respectively after the first run, which was won by Scott Strausbaugh and Joe Jacobi of the United States. In the second round, both Miroslav Šimek and Jiří Rohan of Czechoslovakia, the 1991 World runners-up, and Adisson and Forgues posted higher scores, but the Americans did not wither to the challenge and managed an even higher score, securing them the gold medal, leaving silver and bronze to Czechoslovakia and France respectively. Loose and Hemmer also bettered their previous mark in this portion of the tournament, but they still sank to 13th in the final rankings.

PosNrBoatNOCTotal TimeRun OneRun Two
1407Scott Strausbaugh / Joe JacobiUSA122.41124.82 (1)122.41 (1)Gold
2414Miroslav Šimek / Jiří RohanTCH124.25131.91 (3)124.25 (2)Silver
3416Franck Adisson / Wilfrid ForguesFRA124.38144.09 (10)124.38 (3)Bronze
4403Jamie McEwan / Lecky HallerUSA128.05136.35 (7)128.05 (4)
5415Ueli Matti / Peter MattiSUI128.55153.71 (14)128.55 (5)
6408Pavel Štercl / Petr ŠterclTCH130.42130.42 (2)136.33 (11)
7410Jan Petříček / Tomáš PetříčekTCH131.86132.25 (4)131.86 (6)
8411Thierry Saïdi / Emmanuel Del ReyFRA132.29132.29 (5)137.96 (12)
9412Manfred Berro / Michael TrummerGER132.83170.60 (16)132.83 (7)
10409Krzysztof Kołomański / Michał StaniszewskiPOL133.75142.76 (9)133.75 (8)
11404Éric Biau / Bertrand DailleFRA133.83133.83 (6)160.64 (15)
12405Andrew Clough / Iain CloughGBR135.82140.56 (8)135.82 (9)
13417Thomas Loose / Frank HemmerGER136.03144.47 (11)136.03 (10)
14406Udo Raumann / Rüdiger HübbersGER146.05146.05 (12)306.51 (17)
15413Elliot Weintrob / Martin McCormickUSA150.59150.59 (13)152.08 (13)
16401Andrew Wilson / Matthew PallisterAUS156.67160.71 (15)156.67 (14)
17402Chris Arrowsmith / Paul BrainGBR174.50174.50 (17)211.89 (16)