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Kayak Singles, Slalom, Men

Date19 – 20 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Kanoe/Kagiak Slalom, Olympiako Syngrotima Ellenikou, Hellinikon
Participants25 from 21 countries

Two former Olympic champions, Italy’s Pierpaolo Ferrazzi (1992, also a bronze medalist in 2000) and Germany’s Thomas Schmidt (2000), travelled to the 2004 Games to bid for the title again, although neither had won any major international medals within the last three years. France’s Fabien Lefèvre, as the two-time World Champion, was the favorite in the event. Schmidt and Lefèvre were third and fourth respectively in the qualifying heat, having been bested by Mike Kurt of Switzerland and Campbell Walsh of Great Britain. Ferrazzi, meanwhile, was 19th, only two positions shy of elimination. The final round had a new rule, wherein only the top ten canoeists after the first run would advance to the second. This ended up working against both Ferrazzi and Kurt, who occupied the last two spots on the table after the first round. Walsh, meanwhile, was first, followed by Benoît Peschier of France and Sam Oud of the Netherlands. Schmidt and Lefèvre, meanwhile, were now fifth and sixth. In the final portion, both Frenchmen had good runs, finishing first and second, but Peschier’s was great enough to him the gold medal, as Walsh had placed third. The Briton thus took silver while Lefèvre, hampered by his earlier mark, settled for bronze. Schmidt was again fifth and ended up fifth in the final rankings, while Oud slipped to ninth in the round and eighth overall.

17Benoît PeschierFRAGold
22Campbell WalshGBRSilver
311Fabien LefèvreFRABronze
44David FordCAN
51Thomas SchmidtGER
619Scott ParsonsUSA
716Grzegorz PolaczykPOL
812Sam OudNED
913Warwick DraperAUS
1010Uroš KodeljaSLO
1117Carles JoanmartíESP
123Ján ŠajbidorSVK
139Helmut OblingerAUT
1422Ondřej RaabCZE
1518Brett HeylUSA
1625Lazar PopovskiMKD
1723Floris BraatNED
1814Benjamin BoukpetiTOG
195Pierpaolo FerrazziITA
208Mike KurtSUI
216Eoin RheinischIRL
2221Dinko MulićCRO
2324Emir ŠarganovićBIH
2420Alexandros DimitriouGRE
2515Jens EwaldGER

Qualifying (19 August 2004 — 10:40-11:43, 12:40-13:43)

Two runs, total points of both runs to count. Top 20 finishers advanced to the final.

Downstream gates14
Total gates20
Upstream gates6
PosOrdBoatNOCTotalRun OneRun Two
118Mike KurtSUI186.7994.30 (4)92.49 (1)Q
224Campbell WalshGBR188.9891.25 (1)97.73 (12)Q
325Thomas SchmidtGER190.6493.28 (2)97.36 (10)Q
415Fabien LefèvreFRA190.8095.00 (5)95.80 (4)Q
58Brett HeylUSA192.2995.68 (7)96.61 (=7)Q
61Lazar PopovskiMKD193.0696.92 (8)96.14 (6)Q
717Helmut OblingerAUT193.1994.25 (3)98.94 (16)Q
819Benoît PeschierFRA194.3799.33 (14)95.04 (2)Q
94Ondřej RaabCZE194.5098.54 (13)95.96 (5)Q
1023Ján ŠajbidorSVK194.8995.13 (6)99.76 (18)Q
113Floris BraatNED195.1497.96 (10)97.18 (9)Q
1210Grzegorz PolaczykPOL195.4697.97 (11)97.49 (11)Q
139Carles JoanmartíESP196.0899.47 (15)96.61 (=7)Q
147Scott ParsonsUSA198.2198.15 (12)100.06 (19)Q
1512Benjamin BoukpetiTOG198.9296.99 (9)101.93 (21)Q
1622David FordCAN199.87101.30 (18)98.57 (14)Q
1716Uroš KodeljaSLO200.23102.24 (19)97.99 (13)Q
1813Warwick DraperAUS201.1099.69 (16)101.41 (20)Q
1921Pierpaolo FerrazziITA201.9399.70 (17)102.23 (22)Q
2014Sam OudNED202.68107.27 (22)95.41 (3)Q
2120Eoin RheinischIRL204.09105.28 (21)98.81 (15)
225Dinko MulićCRO210.76102.71 (20)108.05 (24)
232Emir ŠarganovićBIH216.30111.26 (23)105.04 (23)
246Alexandros DimitriouGRE236.21122.87 (24)113.34 (25)
2511Jens EwaldGER250.09150.69 (25)99.40 (17)

Semi-Finals (20 August 2004 — 10:35-11:25)

One run. Top 10 advanced to final.

Downstream gates14
Total gates20
Upstream gates6
119Campbell WalshGBR93.681:33.680Q
217Benoît PeschierFRA93.931:33.930Q
31Sam OudNED94.461:34.460Q
49Grzegorz PolaczykPOL94.741:34.740Q
518Thomas SchmidtGER95.111:33.112Q
613Fabien LefèvreFRA95.131:33.132Q
75David FordCAN95.831:33.832Q
84Uroš KodeljaSLO96.681:34.682Q
95Scott ParsonsUSA96.821:36.820Q
103Warwick DraperAUS97.031:35.032Q
118Carles JoanmartíESP97.731:35.732
1211Ján ŠajbidorSVK97.771:37.770
1314Helmut OblingerAUT98.021:38.020
1412Ondřej RaabCZE98.131:36.132
1516Brett HeylUSA100.281:38.282
1615Lazar PopovskiMKD100.801:40.800
1710Floris BraatNED101.391:39.392
186Benjamin BoukpetiTOG102.421:36.426
192Pierpaolo FerrazziITA103.071:43.070
2020Mike KurtSUI103.201:39.204

Final Round (19 – 20 August 2004)

Downstream gates14
Total gates20
Upstream gates6
PosOrdBoatNOCTotalRun OneRun Two
19Benoît PeschierFRA187.9693.93 (2)94.03 (1)
210Campbell WalshGBR190.1793.68 (1)96.49 (3)
35Fabien LefèvreFRA190.9995.13 (6)95.86 (2)
44David FordCAN192.5895.83 (7)96.75 (4)
56Thomas SchmidtGER192.9395.11 (5)97.82 (5)
62Scott ParsonsUSA194.7696.82 (9)97.94 (6)
77Grzegorz PolaczykPOL196.5794.74 (4)101.83 (8)
88Sam OudNED197.2894.46 (3)102.82 (9)
91Warwick DraperAUS197.4397.03 (10)100.40 (7)
103Uroš KodeljaSLO201.6196.68 (8)104.93 (10)