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Canadian Singles, Slalom, Men

Date11 – 12 August 2008
LocationShunyi Aolinpike Shuishang Gongyuan, Mapo, Shunyi
Participants16 from 16 countries

Two former Olympic champions in the C-1 slalom, Michal Martikán of Slovakia (1996) and Tony Estanguet of France (2000, 2004) were present for the event at the 2008 Summer Games and, at recent international tournaments, they had demonstrated that they had not passed the peak of their careers. Martikán was the 2007 and 2008 European and 2007 World Champion, as well as the 2006 European and World runner-up and the 2005 World bronze medalist. Estanguet, meanwhile, was the 2006 European and World Champion and the 2005 and 2007 World runner-up. Another strong contender was Rob Bell of Australia, the 2005 World Champion and 2007 bronze medalist.

Martikán came out on top of the standings in the qualification round, followed by Jan Benzien of Germany, the 2002 World runner-up and European bronze medalist, and Great Britain’s David Florence, while Estanguet and Bell were sixth and seventh respectively. The Beijing Olympics introduced a one-round semi-final for the remaining 12 participants, which Martikán won, while Estanguet was surprisingly eliminated alongside Benzien. Florence and Bell were fourth and fifth respectively, behind Martikán, Stanislav Ježek of the Czech Republic, and Poland’s Krzysztof Bieryt. Ježek was the 2006 World bronze medalist, as well as the 2008 European runner-up, while Bieryt was the 2004 European runner-up. These five men had the same rankings after the first run of the final, but Ježek and Bieryt were sixth and eighth respectively in the second run, allowing Florence and Bell to claim silver and bronze respectively behind Martikán, who regained his title after 12 years and without having lost a single round.

11Michal MartikánSVKGold
24David FlorenceGBRSilver
33Rob BellAUSBronze
410Ander ElosegiESP
55Stanislav JežekCZE
69Benn FrakerUSA
77Khristos TsakmakisGRE
88Krzysztof BierytPOL
92Tony EstanguetFRA
1013Aleksandr LipatovRUS
1115Feng LimingCHN
126Jan BenzienGER
1312Jamie CartwrightCAN
1411Takuya HanedaJPN
1514Emir MujčinovićCRO
1616Siboniso CeleRSA

Qualifying (11 August 2008)

Two runs. Total points determined placement. Top 12 advanced to semi-finals.

Downstream gates?
Total gates21
Upstream gates?
PosOrdBoatNOCTotalRun OneRun Two
116Michal MartikánSVK170.1585.13 (1)85.02 (3)Q
211Jan BenzienGER170.5085.92 (3)84.58 (2)Q
313David FlorenceGBR171.6389.47 (7)82.16 (1)Q
412Stanislav JežekCZE172.0985.69 (2)86.40 (7)Q
57Ander ElosegiESP172.4787.00 (4)85.47 (4)Q
615Tony EstanguetFRA176.0889.99 (8)86.09 (6)Q
714Rob BellAUS176.4588.86 (6)87.59 (9)Q
810Khristos TsakmakisGRE177.5491.53 (10)86.01 (5)Q
94Aleksandr LipatovRUS178.1687.65 (5)90.51 (11)
108Benn FrakerUSA179.4491.97 (11)87.47 (8)
112Feng LimingCHN181.9991.44 (9)90.55 (12)
129Krzysztof BierytPOL183.2995.39 (14)87.90 (10)
135Jamie CartwrightCAN184.6393.83 (12)90.80 (13)
146Takuya HanedaJPN186.3294.08 (13)92.24 (14)
153Emir MujčinovićCRO189.3195.41 (15)93.90 (15)
161Siboniso CeleRSA262.93162.51 (16)100.42 (16)

Semi-Finals (12 August 2008 — 15:00)

One run. Top eight advanced to final.

Downstream gates?
Total gates21
Upstream gates?
112Michal MartikánSVK88.921:26.922Q
29Stanislav JežekCZE89.851:29.850Q
31Krzysztof BierytPOL90.081:30.080Q
410David FlorenceGBR90.461:28.462Q
56Rob BellAUS91.161:29.162Q
65Khristos TsakmakisGRE92.181:30.182Q
78Ander ElosegiESP92.191:30.192Q
83Benn FrakerUSA92.271:32.270Q
97Tony EstanguetFRA93.921:31.922
104Aleksandr LipatovRUS94.161:32.162
112Feng LimingCHN94.641:32.642
1211Jan BenzienGER95.151:33.152

Final Round (12 August 2008 — 16:47)

Downstream gates?
Total gates21
Upstream gates?
PosOrdBoatNOCTotalRun OneRun Two
18Michal MartikánSVK176.6588.92 (1)87.73 (1)
25David FlorenceGBR178.6190.46 (4)88.15 (2)
34Rob BellAUS180.5991.16 (5)89.43 (3)
42Ander ElosegiESP182.1292.19 (7)89.93 (4)
57Stanislav JežekCZE182.2989.85 (2)92.44 (6)
61Benn FrakerUSA183.1492.27 (8)90.87 (5)
73Khristos TsakmakisGRE186.6792.18 (6)94.49 (7)
86Krzysztof BierytPOL200.2190.08 (3)110.13 (8)