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Double Trap, Men

Date12 August 2008
LocationBeijing Shejichang Feidie Bachang, Beijing
Participants19 from 14 countries

Glenn Eller of the United States was an easy winner of the gold medal in this event. His qualifying round of 145 gave him a four-point lead going into the final round. In the final he was steady with 45 targets out of 50 to win the gold by three points over Italy’s Francesco D’Aniello. China’s Hu Binyuan won the bronze with his final round of 46 equaling D’Aniello for the best final performance. Two other finalists were the 1996 and 2000 gold medalists, Russell Mark (AUS) and Richard Faulds (GBR), who placed fifth and sixth respectively.

1Glenn EllerUSA190ORGold
2Francesco D'AnielloITA187Silver
3Hu BinyuanCHN184Bronze
4Jeff HolguinUSA182
5Russell MarkAUS181
6Richard FauldsGBR180
7Ahmed Al-MaktoumUAE136
8William ChetcutiMLT136
9Roland GerebicsHUN136
10Daniele Di SpignoITA135
11Håkan DahlbySWE135
12Wang NanCHN134
13Steve ScottGBR134
14Vasily MosinRUS131
15Rajyavardhan RathoreIND131
16Vitaly FokeyevRUS130
17Lucas BennazarPUR123
18Graeme EdeNZL113
19Giuseppe Di SalvatoreCAN109

Preliminary Round (12 August 2008 — 09:00)

150 targets in three series of 50. 150 possible. Top six advanced to 50-target final round.

1Glenn EllerUSA145484948
2Francesco D'AnielloITA141484647
3Jeff HolguinUSA140454847
4Hu BinyuanCHN138484248
5Richard FauldsGBR137454646
6Russell MarkAUS1364548436
7Ahmed Al-MaktoumUAE1364645455
8William ChetcutiMLT1364745443
9Roland GerebicsHUN1364447451
10Daniele Di SpignoITA135444645
11Håkan DahlbySWE135454545
12Wang NanCHN134424646
13Steve ScottGBR134434546
14Vasily MosinRUS131414743
15Rajyavardhan RathoreIND131434543
16Vitaly FokeyevRUS130454441
17Lucas BennazarPUR123453939
18Graeme EdeNZL113384035
19Giuseppe Di SalvatoreCAN109383437

Final Round (12 August 2008 — 15:00)

Top six from preliminary round advanced to the final round.

1Glenn EllerUSA19045OR
2Francesco D'AnielloITA18746
3Hu BinyuanCHN18446
4Jeff HolguinUSA18242
5Russell MarkAUS18145
6Richard FauldsGBR18043