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Skeet, Men

Date15 – 16 August 2008
LocationBeijing Shejichang Feidie Bachang, Beijing
Participants41 from 30 countries

US shooter Vincent Hancock led the qualifying with 121. In the final he was clear thru 19 shots, but missed his 20th target, and was tied by Norway’s Tore Brovold, who was clear in the final with 25. Hancock was only 19-years-old, shooting in his first major international, while Brovold had been bronze medalist at the 2006 World Championships. But in the shoot-off, Hancock prevailed, making four consecutive birds and winning when Brovold missed his fourth shot. The favorites in the event struggled. Georgios Akhilleos of Greece, world-ranked #1 coming into Beijing, made the final, but finished only fifth. Defending champion Andrea Benelli of Italy placed only 24th. The two other Olympic gold medalists competing, Ennio Falco of Italy and Mykola Milchev of Ukraine, gold medalists at Sydney 2000 and Atlanta 1996, finished 15th and 32nd respectively.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCTotal PointsPreliminary RoundFinal
1Vincent HancockUSA145121 (1)145 (1)GoldOR
2Tore BrovoldNOR145120 (=2)145 (2)SilverOR
3Anthony TerrasFRA144120 (=2)144 (3)Bronze
4Antonis NikolaidisCYP144120 (=2)144 (4)
5Giorgos AchilleosCYP143119 (5)143 (5)
6Qu RidongCHN142118 (6)142 (6)
=7Jin DiCHN118118 (=7)
=7Juan AramburuESP118118 (=7)
=7Abdullah Al-RashidiKUW118118 (=7)
=10Zaid Al-MutairiKUW118118 (=10)
=10Sean MclellandUSA118118 (=10)
=10Harald JensenNOR118118 (=10)
13Tino WenzelGER117117 (13)
14Ennio FalcoITA117117 (14)
15Nasser Al-AttiyaQAT117117 (15)
16Jan SychraCZE117117 (16)
17George BartonAUS116116 (17)
18Andrei InešinEST115115 (18)
19Valery ShominRUS115115 (19)
20Axel WegnerGER115115 (20)
21Mario NúñezESP115115 (21)
22Sheikh Saeed Al-MaktoumUAE114114 (22)
23Konstantin TsuranovRUS113113 (23)
24Andrea BenelliITA113113 (24)
25Anders GoldingDEN112112 (25)
26Juan RomeroGUA111111 (26)
27Ariel FloresMEX111111 (27)
28Jorge AtalahCHI111111 (28)
29Ziad RichaLBN111111 (29)
30Paul RahmanAUS110110 (30)
31Julio DujarricDOM110110 (31)
32Mykola MilchevUKR109109 (32)
33Georgios SalavantakisGRE109109 (33)
34Andrei HierachtchenkoBLR109109 (34)
35Ioan TomanROU108108 (35)
36Franco DonatoEGY106106 (36)
37Rashid HamadQAT106106 (37)
38Diego DuarteCOL106106 (38)
39Sayed Al-MutairiKSA104104 (39)
40Marco MatelliniPER9595 (40)
41Roger DahiSYR9191 (41)

Preliminary Round

Date15 – 16 August 2008 — 9:00
Format125 targets in five series of 25. 125 possible. Top six advanced to 25-target final round.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsRound 1 PointsRound 2 PointsRound 3 PointsRound 4 PointsRound 5 PointsShoot-off Points
1Vincent HancockUSA1212524242424
=2Tore BrovoldNOR1202523232524
=2Anthony TerrasFRA1202424242523
=2Antonis NikolaidisCYP1202424242523
5Giorgos AchilleosCYP1192324232524
6Qu RidongCHN11824232323254
=7Jin DiCHN11824222424243
=7Juan AramburuESP11822252324243
=7Abdullah Al-RashidiKUW11825232422243
=10Zaid Al-MutairiKUW11823252224241
=10Sean MclellandUSA11824232325231
=10Harald JensenNOR11824252324221
13Tino WenzelGER1172322232524
14Ennio FalcoITA1172323242423
15Nasser Al-AttiyaQAT1172423232522
16Jan SychraCZE1172524212522
17George BartonAUS1162324242124
18Andrei InešinEST1152224202425
19Valery ShominRUS1152223232225
20Axel WegnerGER1152222252323
21Mario NúñezESP1152324242222
22Sheikh Saeed Al-MaktoumUAE1142324242122
23Konstantin TsuranovRUS1132122232423
24Andrea BenelliITA1132224222322
25Anders GoldingDEN1122024242321
26Juan RomeroGUA1112421232122
27Ariel FloresMEX1112322232221
28Jorge AtalahCHI1112222242320
29Ziad RichaLBN1112422232319
30Paul RahmanAUS1102223192521
31Julio DujarricDOM1102324212121
32Mykola MilchevUKR1092023212223
33Georgios SalavantakisGRE1092120232322
34Andrei HierachtchenkoBLR1092122252318
35Ioan TomanROU1082119232223
36Franco DonatoEGY1061921222123
37Rashid HamadQAT1062222182222
38Diego DuarteCOL1062123212219
39Sayed Al-MutairiKSA1042120222219
40Marco MatelliniPER951719152222
41Roger DahiSYR911921191121

Final Round

Date16 August 2008 — 15:00
FormatTop six from preliminary round advanced to the final round.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCTotal PointsFinal PointsPreliminary PointsShoot-off Points
1Vincent HancockUSA145121244
2Tore BrovoldNOR145120253
3Anthony TerrasFRA144120243
4Antonis NikolaidisCYP144120242
5Giorgos AchilleosCYP14311924
6Qu RidongCHN14211824