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Middleweight (≤75 kilograms), Men

Date22 – 23 July 1924
LocationVélodrome d'Hiver, Paris
Participants25 from 13 countries
FormatTotal of best lifts in one-hand snatch, one-hand clean & jerk, military press, two-hand snatch, and two-hand clean & jerk determined placement.
Olympic Record (≤75 kg, 1-Hand Clean & Jerk)75.0 / Albert Pettersson SWE / 30 August 1920
75.0 / Henri Gance FRA / 30 August 1920
Olympic Record (≤75 kg, 1-Hand Snatch)65.0 / Henri Gance FRA / 30 August 1920
Olympic Record (≤75 kg, Clean & Jerk)105.0 / Albert Pettersson SWE / 30 August 1920
105.0 / Pietro Bianchi ITA / 30 August 1920
105.0 / Henri Gance FRA / 30 August 1920
105.0 / Tinus Ringelberg NED / 30 August 1920
105.0 / Albert Pettersson SWE / 30 August 1920
105.0 / Pietro Bianchi ITA / 30 August 1920

The middleweight division was somewhat of a walkover, with Italian Carlo Galimberti winning by a margin of 37.5 kg. The pre-tournament favourite had been Estonia’s Alfred Neuland, the 1920 Olympic lightweight champion, and winner of the 1922 World title in that same division. Neuland had a good start, breaking the single-handed snatch World Record, but Galimberti won by 20 kg in the military press, setting a new World Record with two other lifters. Galimberti then proceeded to break the clean & jerk record as well with 127.5 kg. Jaan Kikkas duplicated this mark, which put him into third place overall. The quality of the Italian’s lifts can be seen from the fact his total would have put him in second place in the light-heavyweight division, and in 7th in the heavyweight class. Galimberti was the son of Italian immigrants in Argentina, but he returned to Italy, where he worked as a firefighter. He had a long career, and still won an Italian title in 1939. He died later that year, when a boiler he tried to contain exploded.

1Carlo GalimbertiITA492.5ORGold
2Alfred NeulandEST455.0Silver
3Jaan KikkasEST450.0Bronze
4Hamad SamyEGY447.5
5Albert AeschmannSUI442.5
6Roger FrançoisFRA442.5
7Rupert EidlerAUT437.5
8Pierre VibertFRA427.5
9Johann GillAUT420.0
10Dante FigoliITA407.5
11Ángel RovereARG405.0
=12Alfredo PiantaARG402.5
=12Marcel Van Der GotenBEL402.5
14Enrico PucciITA397.5
15Josef TomášTCH392.5
16V. Van HammeBEL390.0
17Frederick AttenboroughGBR387.5
18Nils LidmanSWE382.5
=19Michel MertesLUX380.0
=19Marcel HorschBEL380.0
21Léon VandeputteFRA372.5
22John AustinGBR360.0
23Fred LowesGBR350.0
24Rudolf EdingerAUT347.5
25Alberts OzoliņšLAT340.0