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Discus Throw, Women

Date3 – 4 August 2012
LocationOlympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants35 from 23 countries

The favorite was Croatian Sandra Perković, who had been the most consistent thrower throughout the year and had already won the 2012 European title. She had also won the 2010 Europeans but had been popped for PEDs (a stimulant) and served a six-month doping suspension in 2011. The 2011 World Champion was China’s Li Yanfeng, who was expected to contend, along with German Nadine Müller, silver medalist at Daegu in 2011, and Russian Darya Pishchalnikova, the 2006 European Champion, also returning from a two-year drug suspension when she and six other Russian athletes were found to have manipulated their drug testing samples in 2010. Perković had won 9 of 10 meets in 2012, but Pishchalnikova came into form late, with marks of 70.69, the world’s longest throw in 20 years, and 69.34 in her last two meets. Defending champion Stephanie Brown-Trafton of the United States was back in the final, but was a medal longshot.

Müller led the first round of the final with a toss of 65.71, Pishchalnikova in second and Perković in third. In the second round Li took the lead with 67.22, but four throws later, Perković got the platter out to 68.11, a mark that would be good enough for gold. But she would improve it, tossing 69.11 in round three, the eventual winning mark. Li was second through four rounds with Pishchalnikova moving up to third place in that round. But in round five she improved to 67.56 which would win her the silver medal, Li taking bronze. Müller improved her opener in round six with 65.94 but it was only good enough for fifth place. Brown-Trafton was never a factor and placed eighth. Perković’s gold medal was the first athletics gold medal for Croatia as an independent nation.

In February 2013 it was revealed that the original silver medalist in this event, Russian Darya Pishchalnikova, had tested positive before the London Olympics, in May 2012, for oxandrolone. She was disqualified and lost her silver medal, which went to China’s Li Yanfeng, with the bronze medal re-assigned to Cuban Yarelis Barrios.

Barrios had initially won a silver medal in this event at Beijing in 2008, but during IOC re-testing of the samples from the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, in September 2016, she was revealed to have a positive re-test for acetazolamide, and was disqualified, losing her silver medal.

11458Sandra PerkovićCRO65.74 (3)69.11 (1)Gold
21379Li YanfengCHN64.48 (5)67.22 (2)Silver
31487Yarelis BarriosCUB65.94 (1)66.38 (3)Bronze
41954Nadine MüllerGER65.89 (2)65.94 (4)
51790Mélina Robert-MichonFRA62.47 (11)63.98 (5)
62075Krishna PooniaIND63.54 (7)63.62 (6)
73273Stephanie Brown-TraftonUSA64.89 (4)63.01 (7)
82439Zinaida SendriūtėLTU62.79 (9)61.68 (8)
91961Anna RühGER62.98 (8)61.36 (9)
101386Ma XuejunCHN62.66 (10)61.02 (10)
111080Dani SamuelsAUS63.97 (6)60.40 (11)
122071Seema AntilIND61.91 (12)
132766Nicoleta GrasuROU61.86 (13)
143304Gia Lewis-SmallwoodUSA61.44 (14)
151239Andressa MoraisBRA60.94 (15)
162893Svetlana SaykinaRUS60.67 (16)
173160Nataliya SemenovaUKR60.61 (17)
182959Dragana TomaševićSRB60.53 (18)
191933Julia FischerGER60.23 (19)
201338Karen GallardoCHI60.09 (20)
213034Li Wen-HuaTPE59.91 (21)
222684Żaneta GlancPOL59.88 (22)
233320Aretha ThurmondUSA59.39 (23)
241025Bárbara CombaARG58.98 (24)
251492Denia CaballeroCUB58.78 (25)
263166Kateryna KarsakUKR58.64 (26)
272202Allison RandallJAM58.06 (27)
281501Yaimé PérezCUB57.87 (28)
292556Monique JansenNED57.50 (29)
302730Irina RodriguesPOR57.23 (30)
311199Sviatlana SiarovaBLR56.70 (31)
321538Věra Pospíšilová-CechlováCZE55.00 (32)
NM1389Tan JianCHN– (NM)
DQ2885Darya PishchalnikovaRUS[65.02] (DQ)[67.56] (DQ)1
DQ2866Vera GaneyevaRUS[59.90] (DQ)2

Qualifying Round (3 August 2012 — 19:10)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 63.00 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCDistance2nd Best
1Yarelis BarriosCUB65.94Q
2Nadine MüllerGER65.89Q
3Sandra PerkovićCRO65.74Q
4Stephanie Brown-TraftonUSA64.89Q
5Li YanfengCHN64.48Q
6Dani SamuelsAUS63.97Q
7Krishna PooniaIND63.54Q
8Anna RühGER62.98q
9Zinaida SendriūtėLTU62.79q
10Ma XuejunCHN62.66q
11Mélina Robert-MichonFRA62.47q
12Seema AntilIND61.91
13Nicoleta GrasuROU61.86
14Gia Lewis-SmallwoodUSA61.44
15Andressa MoraisBRA60.94
16Svetlana SaykinaRUS60.67
17Nataliya SemenovaUKR60.61
18Dragana TomaševićSRB60.53
19Julia FischerGER60.23
20Karen GallardoCHI60.09
21Li Wen-HuaTPE59.91
22Żaneta GlancPOL59.88
23Aretha ThurmondUSA59.39
24Bárbara CombaARG58.98
25Denia CaballeroCUB58.78
26Kateryna KarsakUKR58.64
27Allison RandallJAM58.06
28Yaimé PérezCUB57.87
29Monique JansenNED57.50
30Irina RodriguesPOR57.23
31Sviatlana SiarovaBLR56.70
32Věra Pospíšilová-CechlováCZE55.00
DQDarya PishchalnikovaRUS[65.02]3
DQVera GaneyevaRUS[59.90]4

Qualifying Round, Group A (3 August 2012 — 19:10)

111Yarelis BarriosCUB65.94×65.94-
213Li YanfengCHN64.4859.6964.48-
38Dani SamuelsAUS63.9760.02×63.97
412Krishna PooniaIND63.54×63.54-
54Ma XuejunCHN62.6662.6660.4962.18
63Mélina Robert-MichonFRA62.47×62.4759.72
77Nataliya SemenovaUKR60.6158.3760.6160.36
81Julia FischerGER60.23×56.8260.23
99Li Wen-HuaTPE59.9158.2259.9158.99
1017Żaneta GlancPOL59.8856.4059.8856.72
116Aretha ThurmondUSA59.3958.3859.3957.81
1210Bárbara CombaARG58.9855.2255.8158.98
1315Allison RandallJAM58.0657.1658.06×
142Yaimé PérezCUB57.8757.46×57.87
1514Věra Pospíšilová-CechlováCZE55.0055.00××
DQ16Darya PishchalnikovaRUS[65.02][65.02][-][-]5
DQ5Vera GaneyevaRUS[59.90][59.90][49.53][x]6

Qualifying Round, Group B (3 August 2012 — 20:35)

113Nadine MüllerGER65.8965.89--
25Sandra PerkovićCRO65.7465.74--
317Stephanie Brown-TraftonUSA64.89×61.0964.89
48Anna RühGER62.9862.98×59.71
515Zinaida SendriūtėLTU62.7961.71×62.79
63Seema AntilIND61.91×61.1061.91
79Nicoleta GrasuROU61.8661.8659.59×
86Gia Lewis-SmallwoodUSA61.44×61.4461.25
94Andressa MoraisBRA60.94××60.94
1014Svetlana SaykinaRUS60.6759.7660.67×
1118Dragana TomaševićSRB60.5359.3260.5357.68
1212Karen GallardoCHI60.0958.8260.09×
1310Denia CaballeroCUB58.7857.47×58.78
147Kateryna KarsakUKR58.64××58.64
1511Monique JansenNED57.5055.6557.5056.04
162Irina RodriguesPOR57.2357.23×55.58
171Sviatlana SiarovaBLR56.7056.7055.99×
NM16Tan JianCHN×××

Final Round (4 August 2012 — 19:30)

110/8Sandra PerkovićCRO69.1164.5868.1169.11×66.9664.03
26/7Li YanfengCHN67.22×67.22××63.64×
37/6Yarelis BarriosCUB66.3863.9766.3864.8464.06×65.21
44/5Nadine MüllerGER65.9465.7165.06×64.1664.3565.94
52/1Mélina Robert-MichonFRA63.9862.2361.7062.4162.6663.6263.98
612/2Krishna PooniaIND63.6262.42×61.61×63.6261.31
71/3Stephanie Brown-TraftonUSA63.0163.01×59.30××61.89
85Zinaida SendriūtėLTU61.6861.68××
911Anna RühGER61.3659.95×61.36
109Ma XuejunCHN61.0261.02×60.72
113Dani SamuelsAUS60.4060.4059.8657.87
DQ8/4Darya PishchalnikovaRUS[67.56][65.19][62.07][65.06][66.42][67.56][59.13]7