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Pole Vault, Men

Date8 – 10 August 2012
LocationOlympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants32 from 23 countries

Track & Field News had predicted that the gold in this event would go to France’s Renaud Lavillenie with silver going to Germany’s Björn Otto. Lavillenie was the 2012 World Indoor Champion and had twice won the European title. The defending champion was Australian Steve Hooker, who made the final but he could not clear his opening height.

Six vaulters remained through 5.75 metres, but only Lavillenie, Otto and his teammate, Raphael Holzdeppe, could clear 5.85, settling the podium, although the positions remained to be determined. Lavillenie was in the lead as he was perfect through 5.85. At 5.91 Otto and Holzdeppe had first attempt clearances and went ahead, with Otto in the lead. Lavillenie missed his first attempt at 5.91 and passed to the next height, 5.97. He had a second attempt clearance there while Holzdeppe went out with three misses, giving him the bronze medal. Otto missed twice at 5.97 and passed to 6.02, but could not clear it, giving Lavillenie the gold, Otto taking silver, as predicted.

This was the fourth time that a French vaulter had won Olympic gold, after Fernand Gonder in 1906, Pierre Quinon in 1984, and Jean Galfione in 1996.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
11758Renaud LavillenieFRA5.65 (=1)5.97 (1)Gold
21917Björn OttoGER5.50 (=8)5.91 (2)Silver
31904Raphael HolzdeppeGER5.65 (=1)5.91 (3)Bronze
=41817Steve LewisGBR5.50 (=8)5.75 (=4)
=42817Yevgeny LukyanenkoRUS5.60 (=4)5.75 (=4)
61980Kostas FilippidisGRE5.60 (3)5.65 (6)
71518Jan KudličkaCZE5.50 (=8)5.65 (7)
=81763Romain MesnilFRA5.60 (6)5.50 (=8)
=81915Malte MohrGER5.50 (=8)5.50 (=8)
102663Łukasz MichalskiPOL5.60 (7)5.50 (10)
111611Igor BychkovESP5.50 (=8)5.50 (11)
AC r2/21046Steve HookerAUS5.50 (=8)– (NH)
AC r2/23259Brad WalkerUSA5.60 (=4)– (NH)
14 r1/23251Jeremy ScottUSA5.50 (14)
=15 r1/21464Lázaro BorgesCUB5.50 (=15)
=15 r1/22815Sergey KucheryanuRUS5.50 (=15)
17 r1/22267Nikita FilippovKAZ5.35 (17)
=18 r1/21453Ivan HorvatCRO5.35 (=18)
=18 r1/21365Yang YanshengCHN5.35 (=18)
20 r1/22386Mareks ĀrentsLAT5.35 (20)
21 r1/22713Edi MaiaPOR5.20 (22)
NH1719Jere BergiusFIN– (NH)
NH1218Fábio GomesBRA– (NH)
NH3001Alhaji JengSWE– (NH)
NH2357Kim Yu-SeokKOR– (NH)
NH3238Derek MilesUSA– (NH)
NH2676Paweł WojciechowskiPOL– (NH)
NH2243Seito YamamotoJPN– (NH)
NH3151Denys YurchenkoUKR– (NH)
DQ3139Maksym MazurykUKR[5.35] (DQ)1
DQ2833Dmitry StarodubtsevRUS[5.60] (DQ)[5.75] (DQ)2
DQ1172Stanislau TsivonchykBLR[5.20] (DQ)3

Qualifying Round (8 August 2012 — 10:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those clearing 5.70 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses
=1Raphael HolzdeppeGER5.6501q
=1Renaud LavillenieFRA5.6501q
3Kostas FilippidisGRE5.6000q
=4Yevgeny LukyanenkoRUS5.6002q
=4Brad WalkerUSA5.6002q
6Romain MesnilFRA5.6012q
7Łukasz MichalskiPOL5.6014q
=8Igor BychkovESP5.5000q
=8Steve HookerAUS5.5000q
=8Jan KudličkaCZE5.5000q
=8Steve LewisGBR5.5000q
=8Malte MohrGER5.5000q
=8Björn OttoGER5.5000q
14Jeremy ScottUSA5.5011
=15Lázaro BorgesCUB5.5013
=15Sergey KucheryanuRUS5.5013
17Nikita FilippovKAZ5.3500
=18Ivan HorvatCRO5.3511
=18Yang YanshengCHN5.3511
20Mareks ĀrentsLAT5.3512
22Edi MaiaPOR5.2022
NHJere BergiusFIN
NHFábio GomesBRA
NHAlhaji JengSWE
NHKim Yu-SeokKOR
NHDerek MilesUSA
NHPaweł WojciechowskiPOL
NHSeito YamamotoJPN
NHDenys YurchenkoUKR
DQMaksym MazurykUKR[5.35][0][0]4
DQDmitry StarodubtsevRUS[5.60][1][3]Q5
DQStanislau TsivonchykBLR[5.20][1][1]6

Qualifying Round, Group A (8 August 2012 — 10:00)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses5.20 m5.35 m5.50 m5.60 m5.65 m
1Kostas FilippidisGRE5.6000-ooo-
2Yevgeny LukyanenkoRUS5.6002--xxoo-
3Romain MesnilFRA5.6012-xooxo-
4Łukasz MichalskiPOL5.6014-xoxxoxo-
=5Steve HookerAUS5.5000--o--
=5Steve LewisGBR5.5000--o--
=5Malte MohrGER5.5000--o--
=5Björn OttoGER5.5000--o--
9Jeremy ScottUSA5.5011-oxoxxx
10Ivan HorvatCRO5.3511oxoxxx
11Edi MaiaPOR5.2022xxoxxx
NHFábio GomesBRA
NHKim Yu-SeokKOR
NHDerek MilesUSA
NHSeito YamamotoJPN
DQMaksym MazurykUKR[5.35][0][0][-][o][xxx]7

Qualifying Round, Group B (8 August 2012 — 10:00)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses5.20 m5.35 m5.50 m5.60 m5.65 m
=1Raphael HolzdeppeGER5.6501--xo-o
=1Renaud LavillenieFRA5.6501---xoo
3Brad WalkerUSA5.6002--xxoo-
=4Igor BychkovESP5.5000o-oxx-x
=4Jan KudličkaCZE5.5000-oo--
=6Lázaro BorgesCUB5.5013-xxoxoxxx
=6Sergey KucheryanuRUS5.5013-xxoxoxxx
8Nikita FilippovKAZ5.3500ooxxx
9Yang YanshengCHN5.3511-xoxxx
10Mareks ĀrentsLAT5.3512xoxoxxx
NHJere BergiusFIN
NHAlhaji JengSWE
NHPaweł WojciechowskiPOL
NHDenys YurchenkoUKR
DQDmitry StarodubtsevRUS[5.60][1][3][-][xo][xo][xo][-]8
DQStanislau TsivonchykBLR[5.20][1][1][xo][xxx]9

Final Round (10 August 2012 — 19:00)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses5.50 m5.65 m5.75 m5.85 m5.91 m5.97 m6.02 m6.07 m
1Renaud LavillenieFRA5.9712-ooox-xox-xxOR
2Björn OttoGER5.9102ooxoxooxx-x-
3Raphael HolzdeppeGER5.9104-xoxoxxooxxx
=4Steve LewisGBR5.7512xo-xoxxx
=4Yevgeny LukyanenkoRUS5.7512xo-xoxxx
6Kostas FilippidisGRE5.6511oxoxxx
7Jan KudličkaCZE5.6522oxxoxxx
=8Romain MesnilFRA5.5000oxxx
=8Malte MohrGER5.5000o-xxx
10Łukasz MichalskiPOL5.5011xoxxx
11Igor BychkovESP5.5022xxoxxx
NHSteve HookerAUS
NHBrad WalkerUSA
DQDmitry StarodubtsevRUS[5.75][0][1][o][xo][o][xxx]10