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Doubles, Men

Date28 July – 5 August 2012
LocationWembley Arena, Wembley, London
Participants32 from 14 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

The defending Olympic champions in the badminton men’s doubles, Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan of Indonesia, were absent from the London Games, having dropped from the badminton circuit for the birth of Kido’s son. This left Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng, Beijing’s runners-up and four time World Champions (2006, 2009-2011), as the top seed of the tournament and hungry for redemption after having failed to win the title at their home Olympics. Jeong Jae-Seong and Lee Yong-Dae of South Korea, who had been third seeded at the 2008 Games, but had been eliminated in the opening round, were back for 2012 as the number two ranked duo. Mathias Boe and Carsten Mogensen of Denmark and Go Seong-Hyeon Yu Yeon-Seong of South Korea rounded out the top four.

With Go and Yu failing to reach the quarterfinals, it became a matter of not who would win the podium spots, but in which order. The Chinese squad and the remaining South Korean team did not surrender a single round during the group stage, but the latter fell to the Danish team 21-17, 18-21, 20-22 in the semi-finals. Boe and Mogensen, however, could not match Cai and Fu’s intensity, nor their drive to capture the Olympic crown, and were soundly defeated 16-21, 15-21 in the final. The Chinese victory in this event meant that the nation had swept all five gold medals from the London badminton tournament, a first in Olympic history. Jeong and Lee, meanwhile, captured the bronze medal by emerging victorious against Malaysia’s Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong 23-21, 21-10.

1Cai Yun / Fu HaifengCHNGold
2Mathias Boe / Carsten MogensenDENSilver
3Jeong Jae-Seong / Lee Yong-DaeKORBronze
4Koo Kien Keat / Tan Boon HeongMAS
=5Chai Biao / Guo ZhendongCHN
=5Bodin Isara / Maneepong JongjitTHA
=5Fang Chieh-Min / Lee Sheng-MuTPE
=5Mohammad Ahsan / Bona SeptanoINA
=9Ingo Kindervater / Johannes SchöttlerGER
=9Go Seong-Hyeon / Yu Yeon-SeongKOR
=9Vladimir Ivanov / Ivan SozonovRUS
=9Naoki Kawamae / Shoji SatoJPN
=13Ross Smith / Glenn WarfeAUS
=13Adam Cwalina / Michał ŁogoszPOL
=13Dorian James / Willem ViljoenRSA
=13Howard Bach / Tony GunawanUSA

Round One

Date28 – 31 July 2012
FormatFirst two of each group advanced to the quarter-finals.

Group A

Date28 – 31 July 2012
1Cai Yun / Fu HaifengCHN3306-0127-96Q
2Fang Chieh-Min / Lee Sheng-MuTPE3214-2116-100Q
3Ingo Kindervater / Johannes SchöttlerGER3122-4109-112
4Ross Smith / Glenn WarfeAUS3030-682-126
MatchDate/TimeLocationPair (Seed)NOCResultPair (Seed)NOC
Match #528 Jul 19:05Court 1Cai / Fu (1)CHN21-11, 21-17Smith / WarfeAUS
Match #628 Jul 19:09Court 3Fang / LeeTPE21-15, 21-16Kindervater / SchöttlerGER
Match #429 Jul 9:44Court 3Fang / LeeTPE21-14, 21-13Smith / WarfeAUS
Match #329 Jul 20:19Court 3Cai / Fu (1)CHN22-20, 21-16Kindervater / SchöttlerGER
Match #230 Jul 12:30Court 3Kindervater / SchöttlerGER21-13, 21-14Smith / WarfeAUS
Match #131 Jul 19:42Court 2Cai / Fu (1)CHN21-19, 21-13Fang / LeeTPE

Group B

Date28 – 31 July 2012
1Bodin Isara / Maneepong JongjitTHA3306-0126-56Q
2Mohammad Ahsan / Bona SeptanoINA3214-2114-76Q
34Go Seong-Hyeon / Yu Yeon-SeongKOR3122-4105-87
DNFAdam Cwalina / Michał ŁogoszPOL3030-60-126
MatchDate/TimeLocationPair (Seed)NOCResultPair (Seed)NOC
Match #528 Jul 12:30Court 3Go / Yu (4)KORCwalina / ŁogoszPOLwalkover
Match #628 Jul 20:17Court 2Isara / JongjitTHA21-11, 21-16Ahsan / SeptanoINA
Match #329 Jul 15:20Court 1Isara / JongjitTHA21-15, 21-14Go / Yu (4)KOR
Match #230 Jul 14:17Court 2Isara / JongjitTHA14-21, 21-13, 17-15Cwalina / ŁogoszPOL
Match #130 Jul 18:30Court 2Ahsan / SeptanoINA24-22, 21-12Go / Yu (4)KOR
Match #431 Jul 12:30Ahsan / SeptanoINACwalina / ŁogoszPOLwalkover

Group C

Date28 – 31 July 2012
13Mathias Boe / Carsten MogensenDEN3306-1142-105Q
2Chai Biao / Guo ZhendongCHN3214-2119-99Q
3Vladimir Ivanov / Ivan SozonovRUS3123-4132-130
4Dorian James / Willem ViljoenRSA3030-667-126
MatchDate/TimeLocationPair (Seed)NOCResultPair (Seed)NOC
Match #528 Jul 19:07Court 2Boe / Mogensen (3)DEN21-6, 21-12James / ViljoenRSA
Match #429 Jul 9:42Court 2Chai / GuoCHN21-8, 21-13James / ViljoenRSA
Match #329 Jul 18:30Court 1Boe / Mogensen (3)DEN16-21, 21-19, 21-14Ivanov / SozonovRUS
Match #630 Jul 19:07Court 2Chai / GuoCHN23-21, 21-15Ivanov / SozonovRUS
Match #131 Jul 9:44Court 3Boe / Mogensen (3)DEN21-14, 21-19Chai / GuoCHN
Match #231 Jul 20:52Court 2Ivanov / SozonovRUS21-13, 21-15James / ViljoenRSA

Group D

Date28 – 31 July 2012
1Jeong Jae-Seong / Lee Yong-DaeKOR3306-0126-91Q
2Koo Kien Keat / Tan Boon HeongMAS3214-2111-94Q
3Naoki Kawamae / Shoji SatoJPN3122-499-114
4Howard Bach / Tony GunawanUSA3030-689-126
MatchDate/TimeLocationPair (Seed)NOCResultPair (Seed)NOC
Match #628 Jul 13:07Court 2Koo / TanMAS21-12, 21-14Kawamae / SatoJPN
Match #528 Jul 18:30Court 3Jeong / Lee (2)KOR21-14, 21-19Bach / GunawanUSA
Match #429 Jul 14:15Court 1Koo / TanMAS21-12, 21-14Bach / GunawanUSA
Match #329 Jul 19:40Court 1Jeong / Lee (2)KOR21-16, 21-15Kawamae / SatoJPN
Match #230 Jul 14:19Court 3Kawamae / SatoJPN21-15, 21-15Bach / GunawanUSA
Match #131 Jul 18:30Court 1Jeong / Lee (2)KOR21-16, 21-11Koo / TanMAS


Date2 August 2012
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
MatchDate/TimeLocationPair (Seed)NOCResultPair (Seed)NOC
Match #202 Aug 9:00Court 1Koo / TanMAS21-16, 21-18Isara / JongjitTHA
Match #102 Aug 9:02Court 2Cai / Fu (1)CHN21-15, 21-19Chai / GuoCHN
Match #402 Aug 9:45Court 1Jeong / Lee (2)KOR21-12, 21-16Ahsan / SeptanoINA
Match #302 Aug 9:47Court 2Boe / Mogensen (3)DEN21-16, 21-18Fang / LeeTPE


Date4 August 2012
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match, losers advanced to the bronze medal match.
MatchDate/TimeLocationPair (Seed)NOCResultPair (Seed)NOC
Match #104 Aug 9:00Court 1Cai / Fu (1)CHN21-9, 21-19Koo / TanMAS
Match #204 Aug 9:45Court 1Boe / Mogensen (3)DEN17-21, 21-18, 22-20Jeong / Lee (2)KOR

Final Round

Date5 August 2012
MatchDate/TimeLocationPair (Seed)NOCResultPair (Seed)NOC
Match 3/405 Aug 9:45Court 1Jeong / Lee (2)KOR23-21, 21-10Koo / TanMAS
Match 1/205 Aug 14:15Court 1Cai / Fu (1)CHN21-16, 21-15Boe / Mogensen (3)DEN