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Kayak Singles, Slalom, Men

Date29 July – 1 August 2012
LocationLee Valley White Water Centre, Waltham Cross
Participants22 from 22 countries

Neither the 2008 Olympic champion or runner-up, Germany’s Alexander Grimm, nor France’s Fabien Lefèvre respectively, returned to defend their medals at the 2012 Summer Games. Grimm’s spot was taken by Hannes Aigner, who had defeated the gold medalist in the trials for the Olympics, while Lefèvre met the same fate at the hands of Etienne Daille. Crowd favorite Benjamin Boukpeti, the bronze medalist from 2008 and the first person to win an Olympic medal for Togo, did return, but was not viewed as a significant threat. This left the field somewhat more open, although Slovenia’s Peter Kauzer, World Champion in 2009 and 2011, and Daniele Molmenti, the 2010 World Champion, were seen as having an advantage in the field.

Aigner had the fastest time in the heats and the second-fastest in the semi-finals, although he dropped to fifth place after hitting a gate and incurring a two-second penalty. Kauzer won the semi-finals handily, emerging victorious even after a two-second penalty of his own. Boukpeti survived to the finals as well, but incurred 52 seconds worth of penalties after missing, and later hitting, a gate in a final run that would not have earned a medal even if it had been flawless. The Czech Republic’s Vavřinec Hradílek was only the third man to descend the course in the final, but managed a near flawless run that eventually garnered him a silver medal, bettering his 11th-place finish of 2008 and earning his country’s first medal of the Games. Only Molmenti bested his time, winning Italy’s first gold medal in canoe slalom since Pierpaolo Ferrazzi’s victory at the 1992 Games in the kayak singles, while Aigner took home the bronze.

13Daniele MolmentiITA88.68 (9)96.37 (3)93.43 (1)Gold
25Vavřinec HradilekCZE87.44 (3)99.58 (8)94.78 (2)Silver
34Hannes AignerGER83.49 (1)97.60 (5)94.92 (3)Bronze
47Mateusz PolaczykPOL88.51 (7)96.36 (2)96.14 (4)
56Samuel HernanzESP87.07 (2)97.18 (4)96.95 (5)
61Peter KauzerSLO88.10 (5)96.02 (1)101.01 (6)
72Étienne DailleFRA90.12 (13)100.55 (10)101.87 (7)
89Helmut OblingerAUT88.81 (10)98.99 (7)104.28 (8)
917Kazuki YazawaJPN92.57 (15)99.99 (9)104.44 (9)
1018Benjamin BoukpetiTOG90.52 (14)98.13 (6)154.23 (10)
1114Mathieu DobyBEL87.92 (4)102.58 (11)
1211Richard HounslowGBR89.12 (11)104.30 (12)
138Mike KurtSUI88.14 (6)147.35 (13)
1416Eoin RheinischIRL89.97 (12)153.98 (14)
1513Mike DawsonNZL88.58 (8)207.63 (15)
1612Scott ParsonsUSA94.16 (16)
1719Huang CunguangCHN94.40 (17)
1810Warwick DraperAUS95.08 (18)
1920Hermann Ludwig HussleinTHA95.11 (19)
2021Michael TaylerCAN97.64 (20)
2122Johnathan AkinyemiNGR104.70 (21)
2215Dinko MulićCRO143.28 (22)

Qualifying Round

Date29 July 2012 — 14:31
FormatTwo runs. Total points determined placement. Top 15 advanced to semi-finals.
Downstream gates16
Total gates22
Upstream gates6
PosOrdCompetitorNOCTotal TimeRun #1Run #2
119Hannes AignerGER83.4992.56 (11)83.49 (1)Q
217Samuel HernanzESP87.0787.07 (1)91.25 (12)Q
318Vavřinec HradilekCZE87.4487.44 (2)87.66 (2)Q
49Mathieu DobyBEL87.9292.74 (12)87.92 (3)Q
522Peter KauzerSLO88.1090.98 (9)88.10 (4)Q
615Mike KurtSUI88.1488.14 (3)88.48 (5)Q
716Mateusz PolaczykPOL88.5188.51 (4)88.60 (7)Q
810Mike DawsonNZL88.5890.90 (8)88.58 (6)Q
920Daniele MolmentiITA88.6891.40 (10)88.68 (8)Q
1014Helmut OblingerAUT88.8188.81 (5)92.66 (14)Q
1112Richard HounslowGBR89.1294.40 (=14)89.12 (9)Q
127Eoin RheinischIRL89.9789.97 (6)90.72 (11)Q
1321Étienne DailleFRA90.1290.12 (7)241.73 (22)Q
145Benjamin BoukpetiTOG90.5295.28 (17)90.52 (10)Q
156Kazuki YazawaJPN92.5796.66 (18)92.57 (13)Q
1611Scott ParsonsUSA94.1694.16 (13)141.72 (19)
174Huang CunguangCHN94.4094.40 (=14)94.54 (15)
1813Warwick DraperAUS95.0895.20 (16)95.08 (16)
193Hermann Ludwig HussleinTHA95.11100.67 (19)95.11 (17)
202Michael TaylerCAN97.64155.89 (21)97.64 (18)
211Johnathan AkinyemiNGR104.70104.70 (20)146.95 (21)
228Dinko MulićCRO143.28293.58 (22)143.28 (20)


Date1 August 2012 — 13:30
FormatOne run. Top 10 advanced to final.
Downstream gates17
Total gates23
Upstream gates6
PosOrdCompetitorNOCTotal TimeTimePenalty Seconds
111Peter KauzerSLO96.021:34.022Q
29Mateusz PolaczykPOL96.361:36.360Q
37Daniele MolmentiITA96.371:36.370Q
414Samuel HernanzESP97.181:37.180Q
515Hannes AignerGER97.601:35.602Q
62Benjamin BoukpetiTOG98.131:38.130Q
76Helmut OblingerAUT98.991:38.990Q
813Vavřinec HradilekCZE99.581:37.582Q
91Kazuki YazawaJPN99.991:39.990Q
103Étienne DailleFRA100.551:40.550Q
1112Mathieu DobyBEL102.581:40.582
125Richard HounslowGBR104.301:42.302
1310Mike KurtSUI147.351:37.3550
144Eoin RheinischIRL153.981:43.9850
158Mike DawsonNZL207.631:47.63100

Final Round

Date1 August 2012 — 15:15
Downstream gates17
Total gates23
Upstream gates6
PosOrdCompetitorNOCTotal TimeTimePenalty Seconds
18Daniele MolmentiITA93.431:33.430
23Vavřinec HradilekCZE94.781:34.780
36Hannes AignerGER94.921:34.920
49Mateusz PolaczykPOL96.141:36.140
57Samuel HernanzESP96.951:36.950
610Peter KauzerSLO101.011:35.016
71Étienne DailleFRA101.871:39.872
84Helmut OblingerAUT104.281:42.282
92Kazuki YazawaJPN104.441:44.440
105Benjamin BoukpetiTOG154.231:40.2354