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Kayak Doubles, 200 metres, Men

Date10 – 11 August 2012
LocationEton Dorney, Windsor
Participants26 from 13 countries

The final of the four new canoe sprint events at the 2012 Summer Olympics was the K-2 200, a discipline in which Arnaud Hybois and Sébastien Jouve of France had been World Champions in for the past two seasons. The event had débuted at the World Championships in 1994. The veteran Belarusian duo of Roman Petrushenko and Vadim Makhnyov had dominated the event before the Frenchman, winning in 2007 and 2009 as two of their seven World Championship titles. Petrushenko and Makhnyov had an Olympic gold medal from the K-4 1000 event in Beijing, as well as bronze from the K-2 500 in 2004 and 2008, and were poised to present a significant challenge to Hybois and Jouve for the inaugural Olympic K-2 200 title. Liam Heath and Jon Schofield of Great Britain, who had the home town advantage and the last three European Championship titles, could not be counted out either.

By posting the fastest times in the heats and semi-finals, however, and at a relatively comfortable distance away from the rest of the field, the Russian duo of Aleksandr Dyachenko and Yury Postrigay quickly established themselves as the teams to beat for Olympic gold. Postrigay was a rookie, although he came fourth with a different partner in the event at the 2010 World Championships, whereas Dyachenko had World Championship medals across three different events from 2009, 2010, and 2011. In the final the Russians were even more dominant, winning the race an impressive three-quarter lengths ahead of the second place Belarusians; there was not a single opportunity for anyone else to pull ahead. Heath and Schofield had to settle for bronze, while Hybois and Jouve were left out of the medals entirely with a fourth place finish. The Russians’ margin of victory in the event, the largest of the four new canoe sprints at over seven-tenths of a second, was a fitting close to the exciting Olympic canoeing program at the 2012 Games.

1202/194Yury Postrigay / Aleksandr DyachenkoRUS32.321 (1 h1)32.051 (1 h1)33.507 (1 h1)Gold
237/33Raman Piatrushenka / Vadzim MakhneuBLR33.129 (1 h2)32.641 (1 h2)34.266 (2 h1)Silver
3104/108Liam Heath / Jon SchofieldGBR33.364 (2 h2)32.940 (2 h1)34.421 (3 h1)Bronze
496/97Arnaud Hybois / Sébastien JouveFRA32.933 (3 h1)32.668 (3 h2)35.012 (4 h1)
53/4Miguel Correa / Rubén RézolaARG33.623 (3 h2)33.105 (3 h1)35.271 (5 h1)
616/5Jesse Phillips / Stephen BirdAUS34.120 (4 h2)34.071 (4 h2)35.315 (6 h1)
744/47Ryan Cochrane / Hugues FournelCAN33.407 (4 h1)33.500 (4 h1)35.396 (7 h1)
8122/113Ronny Rauhe / Jonas EmsGER32.905 (2 h1)32.662 (2 h2)35.405 (8 h1)
9151/150Aleksey Dergunov / Yevgeny AlekseyevKAZ34.254 (6 h1)35.494 (1 h2)
10149/146Hiroki Watanabe / Momotaro MatsushitaJPN34.669 (6 h2)35.739 (2 h2)
11155/154Krists Straume / Aleksejs RumjancevsLAT34.447 (5 h2)34.140 (5 h2)36.110 (3 h2)
1226/27Olivier Cauwenbergh / Laurens PannecouckeBEL35.297 (7 h2)36.336 (4 h2)
13188/186Ionuț Mitrea / Bogdan MadaROU33.978 (5 h1)34.253 (5 h1)46.495 (5 h2)
DNS176/179Fernando Pimenta / Emanuel SilvaPOR– (DNS h1)

Round One

Date10 August 2012 — 10:47
FormatTop five in each heat advanced to semi-finals. Places 6-7 advanced to final B.

Heat #1

17Yury Postrigay / Aleksandr DyachenkoRUS32.321Q
26Ronny Rauhe / Jonas EmsGER32.905Q
35Arnaud Hybois / Sébastien JouveFRA32.933Q
43Ryan Cochrane / Hugues FournelCAN33.407Q
54Ionuț Mitrea / Bogdan MadaROU33.978Q
68Aleksey Dergunov / Yevgeny AlekseyevKAZ34.254QB
DNS2Fernando Pimenta / Emanuel SilvaPOR

Heat #2

14Raman Piatrushenka / Vadzim MakhneuBLR33.129Q
25Liam Heath / Jon SchofieldGBR33.364Q
33Miguel Correa / Rubén RézolaARG33.623Q
47Jesse Phillips / Stephen BirdAUS34.120Q
56Krists Straume / Aleksejs RumjancevsLAT34.447Q
62Hiroki Watanabe / Momotaro MatsushitaJPN34.669QB
78Olivier Cauwenbergh / Laurens PannecouckeBEL35.297QB


Date10 August 2012 — 12:12
FormatTop four in each heat advanced to final. Places 5-8 advanced to final B.

Heat #1

15Yury Postrigay / Aleksandr DyachenkoRUS32.051Q
24Liam Heath / Jon SchofieldGBR32.940Q
36Miguel Correa / Rubén RézolaARG33.105Q
43Ryan Cochrane / Hugues FournelCAN33.500Q
57Ionuț Mitrea / Bogdan MadaROU34.253QB

Heat #1

15Raman Piatrushenka / Vadzim MakhneuBLR32.641Q
24Ronny Rauhe / Jonas EmsGER32.662Q
36Arnaud Hybois / Sébastien JouveFRA32.668Q
43Jesse Phillips / Stephen BirdAUS34.071Q
57Krists Straume / Aleksejs RumjancevsLAT34.140QB

Final Round

Date11 August 2012 — 10:41

Final A

15Yury Postrigay / Aleksandr DyachenkoRUS33.507
24Raman Piatrushenka / Vadzim MakhneuBLR34.266
33Liam Heath / Jon SchofieldGBR34.421
42Arnaud Hybois / Sébastien JouveFRA35.012
57Miguel Correa / Rubén RézolaARG35.271
68Jesse Phillips / Stephen BirdAUS35.315
71Ryan Cochrane / Hugues FournelCAN35.396
86Ronny Rauhe / Jonas EmsGER35.405

Final B

13Aleksey Dergunov / Yevgeny AlekseyevKAZ35.494
26Hiroki Watanabe / Momotaro MatsushitaJPN35.739
34Krists Straume / Aleksejs RumjancevsLAT36.110
42Olivier Cauwenbergh / Laurens PannecouckeBEL36.336
55Ionuț Mitrea / Bogdan MadaROU46.495