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Rapid-Fire Pistol, 25 metres, Men

Date2 – 3 August 2012
LocationRoyal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich, London
Participants18 from 13 countries

Rapid-fire pistol had a major change in its format for London 2012. Unlike previous years, and all other shooting event in London, qualifying scores did not carry over to the final, and the final started as a clean slate. In the final, shooters used a “hit-or-miss” point system, with elimination starting after the fourth series.

The gold medal was won by Cuba’s Leuris Pupo, who qualified third, and was only mediocre in his first final series, with 3 of 5 points. But he was perfect on his next three series, and then scored 4 of 5 in his final two series for 34 final points, which equaled the world best for the final round. This was Pupo’s fourth Olympic Games and his victory was the first ever for Cuba in shooting. Silver went to India’s Vijay Kumar while Ding Feng of China won bronze. The world’s #1 ranked shooter coming into London was Aleksey Klimov of Russia. Klimov posted a world record for the qualifying round, with 592, but in the fourth series of the final he hit only 2 of 5 targets, dropping him out of the medals.

11193Leuris PupoCUB586 (3)34 (1)Gold
21404Vijay KumarIND585 (4)30 (2)Silver
31148Ding FengCHN588 (2)27 (3)Bronze
41717Aleksey KlimovRUS592 (1)23 (4)
51167Zhang JianCHN584 (5)17 (5)
61349Christian ReitzGER583 (6)13 (6)
71213Martin PodhráskýCZE583 (7)
81711Leonid YekimovRUS582 (8)
91214Martin StrnadCZE580 (9)
101499Kim Dae-UngKOR579 (10)
111268Jorge LlamesESP579 (11)
121868Roman BondarukUKR579 (12)
131894Emil MilevUSA578 (13)
141899Keith SandersonUSA578 (14)
151815Jakkrit PanichpatikumTHA578 (15)
161352Ralf SchumannGER577 (16)
171525Afanasijs KuzminsLAT569 (17)
181034David ChapmanAUS559 (18)

Qualifying Round

Date2 – 3 August 2012
Format25 metres. 60 shots in two courses of 30. 600 possible.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsInner 10sShoot-off Points
1Aleksey KlimovRUS59225QWR
2Ding FengCHN58825Q
3Leuris PupoCUB58624Q
4Vijay KumarIND58514Q
5Zhang JianCHN58413Q
6Christian ReitzGER5832048Q
7Martin PodhráskýCZE5831744
8Leonid YekimovRUS58214
9Martin StrnadCZE58015
10Kim Dae-UngKOR57920
11Jorge LlamesESP57918
12Roman BondarukUKR57916
13Emil MilevUSA57822
14Keith SandersonUSA57816
15Jakkrit PanichpatikumTHA57815
16Ralf SchumannGER57714
17Afanasijs KuzminsLAT56917
18David ChapmanAUS55910


Date3 August 2012 — 14:30
FormatTop six from Qualification advanced to the Final.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsShot 1 PointsShot 2 PointsShot 3 PointsShot 4 PointsShot 5 PointsShot 6 PointsShot 7 PointsShot 8 Points
13Leuris PupoCUB3435554444=WR
24Vijay KumarIND3054434442
32Ding FengCHN274543443
41Aleksey KlimovRUS23543245
55Zhang JianCHN1735423
66Christian ReitzGER133343