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500 metres, Women

Date10 – 13 February 2014
LocationDvorets Zimnego Sporta Aisberg, Coastal Cluster, Adler
Participants32 from 15 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on placements in earlier rounds, and best time skated.

With the overwhelming favorite Wang Meng (defending World and Olympic Champion, winner of three of the season’s four World Cups) unable to complete because of injury, it was felt that one of her compatriots Fan Kexin (2011 World Champion), Li Jianrou (2012 World champion) or Liu Qiuhong would take the crown. Unfortunately for the Chinese all three competed in the same semi-final and, to add to the drama, Fan fell and was eliminated. The surprising winner of that semi-final was Elise Christie (UK) ahead of Li. In the first of the semi-finals Park Seung-Hui (South Korea) finished ahead of 2010 bronze medallist Arianna Fontana (Italy), both qualifying comfortably.

The final was effectively over in the first lap when Christie tried a kamikaze maneuver on the inside, resulting in a crash with Fontana and Park. Li, who was in the lead at the time and the only skater left standing, effectively performed an exhibition to win the gold. Although Christie got up to cross the line second, she was unsurprisingly disqualified. Fontana finished in the silver medal position with Park the bronze. Christie later noted she was heavily attacked on Twitter and Facebook by South Koreans who blamed her for ruining Park’s chances.

PosNrSkaterNOCLast RacePositionsBest Time
1111Li JianrouCHNAF-12-2-243.486Gold
2124Arianna FontanaITAAF-12-1-143.405Silver
3138Park Seung-HuiKORAF-11-1-143.392Bronze
4112Liu QiuhongCHNBF-13-1-143.478
5109Fan KexinCHNBF-24-1-143.288
6142Jorien ter MorsNEDBF-34-2-143.572
7108Marianne St-GelaisCANBF-43-2-143.595
8116Elise ChristieGBRAF-DQ1-2-143.402
9107Valérie MaltaisCANQF-30-3-143.550
10136Kim A-RangKORQF-30-3-243.673
11144Yara van KerkhofNEDQF-30-3-243.888
12155Emily ScottUSAQF-30-3-244.709
13106Jessica HewittCANQF-40-4-243.447
14139Sim Seok-HuiKORQF-40-4-243.572
15150Sofya ProsvirnovaRUSQF-40-4-243.862
16117Charlotte GilmartinGBRQF-40-4-244.279
17145Lara van RuijvenNEDR1-30-0-344.023
18146Patrycja MaliszewskaPOLR1-30-0-344.154
19129Ayuko ItoJPNR1-30-0-344.174
20127Martina ValcepinaITAR1-30-0-344.493
21102Veronika WindischAUTR1-30-0-344.586
22131Yui SakaiJPNR1-30-0-345.051
23151Valeriya ReznikRUSR1-30-0-345.349
24140Agnė SereikaitėLTUR1-30-0-345.356
25134Inna SimonovaKAZR1-40-0-444.387
26128Elena VivianiITAR1-40-0-444.623
27132Biba SakuraiJPNR1-40-0-444.628
28121Andrea KeszlerHUNR1-40-0-445.215
29115Véronique PierronFRAR1-40-0-41:12.278
30156Jessica SmithUSAR1-40-0-41:13.344
DQ149Tatyana BorodulinaRUS[R1-DQ][0-0-0]
DQ154Aly DudekUSA[R1-DQ][0-0-0]

Round One (10 February 2014 — 14:27)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat One (14:27)

14Liu QiuhongCHN43.542Q
23Kim A-RangKOR43.919Q
31Lara van RuijvenNED44.023
DQ2Tatyana BorodulinaRUS

Heat Two (14:30)

14Elise ChristieGBR44.775Q
23Sofya ProsvirnovaRUS44.940Q
32Yui SakaiJPN45.051
41Andrea KeszlerHUN45.215

Heat Three (14:33)

13Jorien ter MorsNED44.262Q
24Charlotte GilmartinGBR44.440Q
32Martina ValcepinaITA44.493
41Biba SakuraiJPN44.628

Heat Four (14:36)

14Park Seung-HuiKOR44.180Q
21Emily ScottUSA45.210Q
33Agnė SereikaitėLTU45.356
42Véronique PierronFRA1:12.278

Heat Five (14:39)

13Marianne St-GelaisCAN43.729Q
24Yara van KerkhofNED44.044Q
32Ayuko ItoJPN44.174
41Inna SimonovaKAZ44.387

Heat Six (14:42)

13Arianna FontanaITA43.568Q
22Li JianrouCHN43.633Q
31Patrycja MaliszewskaPOL44.154
DQ4Aly DudekUSA

Heat Seven (14:45)

14Fan KexinCHN43.356Q
21Jessica HewittCAN43.447Q
33Valeriya ReznikRUS45.349
42Jessica SmithUSA1:13.344

Heat Eight (14:48)

11Valérie MaltaisCAN44.093Q
22Sim Seok-HuiKOR44.197Q
33Veronika WindischAUT44.586
44Elena VivianiITA44.623

Quarter-Finals (13 February 2014 — 14:00)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One (14:00)

13Park Seung-HuiKOR43.392Q
21Marianne St-GelaisCAN43.595Q
32Yara van KerkhofNED43.888
44Charlotte GilmartinGBR44.279

Heat Two (14:03)

11Fan KexinCHN43.288Q
23Elise ChristieGBR43.402Q
34Emily ScottUSA44.709
42Jessica HewittCAN1:00.971

Heat Three (14:06)

11Liu QiuhongCHN43.478Q
23Jorien ter MorsNED43.572Q
32Kim A-RangKOR43.673
44Sofya ProsvirnovaRUS43.862

Heat Four (14:09)

11Arianna FontanaITA43.405Q
22Li JianrouCHN43.486Q
33Valérie MaltaisCAN43.550
44Sim Seok-HuiKOR43.572

Semi-Finals (13 February 2014 — 15:10)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (15:10)

14Park Seung-HuiKOR43.611Q
22Arianna FontanaITA43.624Q
31Marianne St-GelaisCAN44.069QB
43Jorien ter MorsNED44.242QB

Heat Two (15:13)

11Elise ChristieGBR43.837Q
24Li JianrouCHN43.841Q
33Liu QiuhongCHN43.916QB
42Fan KexinCHN1:24.431QB

Final Round (13 February 2014 — 16:05)

B Final (16:05)

11Liu QiuhongCHN44.188
24Fan KexinCHN44.297
33Jorien ter MorsNED44.311
42Marianne St-GelaisCAN44.359

A Final (16:09)

14Li JianrouCHN45.263
22Arianna FontanaITA51.250
31Park Seung-HuiKOR54.207
DQ3Elise ChristieGBR