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Canadian Singles, 200 metres, Men

Date17 – 18 August 2016
LocationEstádio da Lagoa, Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Rio de Janeiro
Participants25 from 25 countries

Ukraine’s Yuriy Cheban had been the unexpected winner of the Men’s C-1 200 at the 2012 Summer Olympics and, although he had only won one major international medal in the event since then, gold at the 2014 World Championships, he was still considered a contender in Rio. Meanwhile Valentin Demyanenko, formerly of Ukraine and now competing for Azerbaijan, was out to redeem himself after entering London as the favorite but exiting as the only canoeist eliminated in the preliminaries. Since then he had won the 2013 World Championships and been runner-up at that year’s European Championships. Also a potential threat was Russian Andrey Kraytor, the 2015 and 2016 European Champion and 2013 bronze medallist.

While Kraytor and Demyanenko won their preliminary heats, with the latter posting the fastest time of the round, Cheban conserved his strength in a heat won by Spain’s Alfonso Benavides, the 2014 European runner-up and 2013 World bronze medallist. Thomas Simart of France took the final heat. Kraytor defeated Simart in the semifinals, while both Demyanenko and Cheban finished behind Georgian Zaza Nadiradze, a somewhat surprising result as he was his nation’s first Olympic competitor in canoe. In the third semifinal, Brazil’s Isaquias Queiroz, just two days out of becoming Brazil’s first Olympic canoeing medallist with his silver in the C-1 1000, pulled in ahead of Benavides. The final was an intense affair with most competitors bunched together and every podium spot up for grabs. When the waves had settled, Cheban had successfully defended his title with only 0.214 seconds between him and silver medallist Demyanenko, and less than a second ahead of Simart, who finished last. He had also set an Olympic record of 39.279. Queiroz took bronze in a photo finish only 0.021 seconds ahead of Benavides and, with the silver medal he would earn in the C-2 1000, would become the first Brazilian to win three Olympic medals in one edition of the Games. Another notable competitor was Joaquim Lobo who, despite finishing slowest in the preliminaries, earned distinction as one of Mozambique’s first Olympic canoeists, joining Mussa Chamaune, who had competed in the C-1 1000 two days earlier.

197Yuriy ChebanUKR41.220 (3 h1)40.590 (3 h3)39.279 (1 h2)Gold
230Valentin DemyanenkoAZE39.749 (1 h4)40.298 (2 h3)39.493 (2 h2)Silver
363Isaquias QueirozBRA40.522 (2 h2)39.659 (1 h1)39.628 (3 h2)Bronze
493Alfonso BenavidesESP40.610 (1 h1)40.038 (2 h1)39.649 (4 h2)
525Zaza NadiradzeGEO41.423 (4 h1)40.146 (1 h3)39.817 (5 h2)
6193Andrey KraytorRUS39.985 (1 h3)40.394 (1 h2)40.105 (6 h2)
766Li QiangCHN41.456 (5 h1)40.066 (3 h1)40.143 (7 h2)
841Thomas SimartFRA40.415 (1 h2)40.670 (2 h2)40.180 (8 h2)
9114Martin FuksaCZE40.311 (3 h3)40.311 (4 h1)39.760 (1 h1)
1052Jonatán HajduHUN40.147 (2 h3)40.718 (4 h3)39.811 (2 h1)
119Henrikas ŽustautasLTU40.048 (2 h4)41.187 (6 h1)40.230 (3 h1)
1271Oleg TarnovschiMDA40.852 (2 h1)40.715 (3 h2)40.280 (4 h1)
1381Hélder SilvaPOR40.578 (3 h2)41.162 (5 h3)40.388 (5 h1)
1484Timur KhaydarovKAZ40.492 (4 h3)41.079 (5 h1)40.549 (6 h1)
1528Carlo TacchiniITA41.368 (3 h4)41.468 (4 h2)40.733 (7 h1)
16120Marcos PulidoMEX41.910 (6 h3)42.283 (5 h2)42.098 (8 h1)
17121Adel MojallaliIRI41.650 (4 h4)42.386 (6 h2)
1812Angel KodinovBUL42.694 (5 h4)42.925 (7 h1)
1989Stefan KirajGER41.198 (5 h3)43.171 (6 h3)
20117Mark OldershawCAN42.972 (4 h2)43.357 (7 h3)
21104Dagnis IļjinsLAT44.125 (5 h2)45.082 (7 h2)
227Tomasz KaczorPOL42.450 (6 h1)
2348Khaled HoucineTUN42.499 (7 h1)
2446Ferenc SzekszárdiAUS44.292 (6 h4)
2556Joaquim LoboMOZ44.949 (6 h2)

Round One

Date17 August 2016 — 9:16
FormatWinner in each heat advanced to final, places 2-7 in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat #1

16Alfonso BenavidesESP40.610Q
27Oleg TarnovschiMDA40.852Q
34Yuriy ChebanUKR41.220Q
43Zaza NadiradzeGEO41.423Q
55Li QiangCHN41.456Q
62Tomasz KaczorPOL42.450
78Khaled HoucineTUN42.499

Heat #2

16Thomas SimartFRA40.415Q
25Isaquias QueirozBRA40.522Q
34Hélder SilvaPOR40.578Q
43Mark OldershawCAN42.972Q
57Dagnis IļjinsLAT44.125Q
62Joaquim LoboMOZ44.949

Heat #3

15Andrey KraytorRUS39.985Q
24Jonatán HajduHUN40.147Q
37Martin FuksaCZE40.311Q
46Timur KhaydarovKAZ40.492Q
53Stefan KirajGER41.198Q
62Marcos PulidoMEX41.910q

Heat #4

14Valentin DemyanenkoAZE39.749Q
25Henrikas ŽustautasLTU40.048Q
33Carlo TacchiniITA41.368Q
46Adel MojallaliIRI41.650Q
52Angel KodinovBUL42.694Q
67Ferenc SzekszárdiAUS44.292


Date17 August 2016 — 10:43
FormatTop three in each heat advanced to final.

Heat #1

16Isaquias QueirozBRA39.659Q
25Alfonso BenavidesESP40.038Q
32Li QiangCHN40.066Q
43Martin FuksaCZE40.311QB
57Timur KhaydarovKAZ41.079QB
64Henrikas ŽustautasLTU41.187QB
71Angel KodinovBUL42.925

Heat #2

14Andrey KraytorRUS40.394Q
25Thomas SimartFRA40.670Q
36Oleg TarnovschiMDA40.715QB
43Carlo TacchiniITA41.468QB
51Marcos PulidoMEX42.283QB
67Adel MojallaliIRI42.386
72Dagnis IļjinsLAT45.082

Heat #3

12Zaza NadiradzeGEO40.146Q
25Valentin DemyanenkoAZE40.298Q
36Yuriy ChebanUKR40.590Q
44Jonatán HajduHUN40.718QB
53Hélder SilvaPOR41.162QB
61Stefan KirajGER43.171
77Mark OldershawCAN43.357

Final Round

Date18 August 2016 — 9:16

Final B

15Martin FuksaCZE39.760
24Jonatán HajduHUN39.811
32Henrikas ŽustautasLTU40.230
46Oleg TarnovschiMDA40.280
53Hélder SilvaPOR40.388
67Timur KhaydarovKAZ40.549
78Carlo TacchiniITA40.733
81Marcos PulidoMEX42.098

Final A

18Yuriy ChebanUKR39.279OB
27Valentin DemyanenkoAZE39.493
35Isaquias QueirozBRA39.628
42Alfonso BenavidesESP39.649
54Zaza NadiradzeGEO39.817
66Andrey KraytorRUS40.105
71Li QiangCHN40.143
83Thomas SimartFRA40.180