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Lightweight (≤73 kilograms), Men

Date 8 August 2016
LocationArena Carioca 2, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants35 from 35 countries

After five bronze medals in the first five judo events in Rio, two-time World Champion Shohei Ono clinched Japan’s first judo gold of the Games and the first men’s gold for his country since 2008 . He dominated the 73kg finalist Rüstəm Orucov of Azerbaijan winning gold after scoring a Waza-ari (half point) after 1:44 min and the decisive Ippon (full point) after 3:15 min with a successful Ko-uchi-makikomi (minor inner leg reap). A relatively small judoka at 1.70 metres, compared to Orucov’s 1.80 metres for example, Ono was World Champion in 2013 and 2015 and probably one of the sport’s strongest favorites in Rio. Earlier in his career, Ono was involved in an act of violence against younger students at the Tenri University’s judo club, leading to a temporary suspension and preventing him from defending his world title in 2014. But in Rio, Ono was in impressive form.

On his way to the gold medal, Ono won four of five bouts by Ippon including a win against the veteran and surprise bronze medalist Dirk Van Tichelt from Belgium. Only the other bronze medalist, Georgia’s Lasha Shavdatuashvili, the London 2012 gold medalist in the 66 kg division, resisted the full five minutes, although Ono scored a Waza-ari after just 37 seconds. First seeded Korean An Chang-Rim was eliminated early by Van Tichelt.

1Shohei OnoJPNGold
2Rüstəm OrucovAZESilver
=3Lasha ShavdatuashviliGEOBronze
=3Dirk Van TicheltBELBronze
=5Sagi MukiISR
=5Miklós UngváriHUN
=7Denis YartsevRUS
=7Nick DelpopoloUSA
=9An Chang-RimKOR
=9Sai YinjirigalaCHN
=9Chamara RepiyallageSRI
=9Victor ScvortovUAE
=9Jake BenstedAUS
=9Dex ElmontNED
=9Igor WandtkeGER
=9Ganbaataryn OdbayarMGL
=17Mohamad KasemSYR
=17Morad ZemouriQAT
=17Pierre DupratFRA
=17Alex Wilian PomboBRA
=17Magdiel EstradaCUB
=17Benjamin WaterhouseASA
=17Miguel MurilloCRC
=17Zeyad MaterYEM
=17Didar KhamzaKAZ
=17Andrew Thomas MluguTAN
=17Mirali SharipovUZB
=17Nuno SaraivaPOR
=17Rok DrakšičSLO
=17Josue DeprezHAI
=17Mohamed MohyeldinEGY
=17Ahmed GoumarNIG
=33Hong Kuk-HyonPRK
=33Jaromír JežekCZE
=33Faye NjieGAM

Round One (8 August 2016 — 10:00)

Winners advance to round two.

Match 1 An Chang-RimKOR bye
Match 2 Mohamad KasemSYR bye
Match 3 Morad ZemouriQAT bye
Match 4 Dirk Van TicheltBEL bye
Match 5 Denis YartsevRUS bye
Match 6 Pierre DupratFRA Hong Kuk-HyonPRK 1001/0001 UGR 2:06 GS
Match 7 Sai YinjirigalaCHN bye
Match 8 Alex Wilian PomboBRA bye
Match 9 Lasha ShavdatuashviliGEO bye
Match 10 Magdiel EstradaCUB Jaromír JežekCZE 0102/0020 SOT 5:00
Match 11 Chamara RepiyallageSRI bye
Match 12 Benjamin WaterhouseASA bye
Match 13 Shohei OnoJPN bye
Match 14 Miguel MurilloCRC bye
Match 15 Victor ScvortovUAE bye
Match 16 Zeyad MaterYEM bye
Match 17 Rüstəm OrucovAZE bye
Match 18 Didar KhamzaKAZ Faye NjieGAM 0022/0000 KUG 5:00
Match 19 Andrew Thomas MluguTAN bye
Match 20 Jake BenstedAUS bye
Match 21 Mirali SharipovUZB bye
Match 22 Dex ElmontNED bye
Match 23 Miklós UngváriHUN bye
Match 24 Nuno SaraivaPOR bye
Match 25 Sagi MukiISR bye
Match 26 Rok DrakšičSLO bye
Match 27 Igor WandtkeGER bye
Match 28 Josue DeprezHAI bye
Match 29 Ganbaataryn OdbayarMGL bye
Match 30 Mohamed MohyeldinEGY bye
Match 31 Ahmed GoumarNIG bye
Match 32 Nick DelpopoloUSA bye

Round Two (8 August 2016)

Winners advance to round three.

Match 1 An Chang-RimKOR Mohamad KasemSYR 1100/0000 SON 1:36
Match 2 Dirk Van TicheltBEL Morad ZemouriQAT 1000/0000 JGT 1:58
Match 3 Denis YartsevRUS Pierre DupratFRA 0000/0001 P12 5:00
Match 4 Sai YinjirigalaCHN Alex Wilian PomboBRA 0010/0000 KGU 5:00
Match 5 Lasha ShavdatuashviliGEO Magdiel EstradaCUB 1000/0001 HRM 2:42
Match 6 Chamara RepiyallageSRI Benjamin WaterhouseASA 1011/0004 STG 4:14
Match 7 Shohei OnoJPN Miguel MurilloCRC 1000/0003 YSG 1:50
Match 8 Victor ScvortovUAE Zeyad MaterYEM 1010/0001 YSG 1:57
Match 9 Rüstəm OrucovAZE Didar KhamzaKAZ 0002/0003 P02 5:00
Match 10 Jake BenstedAUS Andrew Thomas MluguTAN 1000/0000 SAJ 2:08
Match 11 Dex ElmontNED Mirali SharipovUZB 0101/0001 ISN 5:00
Match 12 Miklós UngváriHUN Nuno SaraivaPOR 0111/0000 TSG 5:00
Match 13 Sagi MukiISR Rok DrakšičSLO 1002/0000 KOG 2:16
Match 14 Igor WandtkeGER Josue DeprezHAI 0000/0001 P22 5:00
Match 15 Ganbaataryn OdbayarMGL Mohamed MohyeldinEGY 1000/0011 UKG 4:02
Match 16 Nick DelpopoloUSA Ahmed GoumarNIG 1001/0002 HAD 4:34

Round Three (8 August 2016)

Winners advance to quarter-finals.

Match 1 Dirk Van TicheltBEL An Chang-RimKOR 0103/0002 TNO 5:00
Match 2 Denis YartsevRUS Sai YinjirigalaCHN 1001/0001 TOS 1:48
Match 3 Lasha ShavdatuashviliGEO Chamara RepiyallageSRI 1000/0002 OUG 2:44
Match 4 Shohei OnoJPN Victor ScvortovUAE 1000/0000 UMA 2:50
Match 5 Rüstəm OrucovAZE Jake BenstedAUS 1000/0001 JGT 3:06
Match 6 Miklós UngváriHUN Dex ElmontNED 1001/0001 SON 4:54
Match 7 Sagi MukiISR Igor WandtkeGER 0103/0002 OGO 5:00
Match 8 Nick DelpopoloUSA Ganbaataryn OdbayarMGL 0102/0002 YGU 1:21 GS

Quarter-Finals (8 August 2016)

Winners advance to semi-finals. Losers advance to repêchage for bronze medal tournament.

Match 1 Dirk Van TicheltBEL Denis YartsevRUS 0112/0100 DAB 5:00
Match 2 Shohei OnoJPN Lasha ShavdatuashviliGEO 0100/0000 KOG 5:00
Match 3 Rüstəm OrucovAZE Miklós UngváriHUN 0103/0002 UNN 5:00
Match 4 Sagi MukiISR Nick DelpopoloUSA 1001/0000 OSG 3:51

Repêchage (8 August 2016)

Winners advance to bronze medal matches.

Match 1 Lasha ShavdatuashviliGEO Denis YartsevRUS 1000/0010 SOT 4:44
Match 2 Miklós UngváriHUN Nick DelpopoloUSA 0001/0002 P29 5:00

Semi-Finals (8 August 2016)

Winners advance to gold medal final. Losers advance to bronze medal matches.

Match 1 Shohei OnoJPN Dirk Van TicheltBEL 1110/0001 TNG 3:57
Match 2 Rüstəm OrucovAZE Sagi MukiISR 0013/0003 OSG 5:00

Final Round (8 August 2016)

Match 3/5 Lasha ShavdatuashviliGEO Sagi MukiISR 1000/0002 KSK 3:16
Match 3/5 Dirk Van TicheltBEL Miklós UngváriHUN 1000/0000 JGT 1:49
Match 1/2 Shohei OnoJPN Rüstəm OrucovAZE 1101/0000 KUM 3:15