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Lightweight, Freestyle (≤58 kilograms), Women

Date17 August 2016
LocationArena Carioca 2, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants20 from 20 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament. Competitors losing to the finalists entered repechage tournament for bronze medals.

Since women’s wrestling was added to the Olympic programme in 2004, Kaori Icho of Japan has won a gold medal at every single Games. Entering Rio in 2016, Icho also had 10 World titles to her credit (eight in 63 kg, two in 58 kg), and had gone undefeated in almost 13 years. Her 189 consecutive match-winning streak was finally broken in January 2016 by Mongolian wrestler Pürevdorjiin Orkhon, who had the best chance to dethrone the Olympic champion based on recent history, despite being world-ranked No. 7, coming into Rio.

Also in the hunt to prevent Icho from her place in history, were Petra Olli of Finland (world-ranked No. 1 in 60 kg) who lost to Icho at the 2015 World Championships, and Valeriya Koblova of Russia (world-ranked No. 2 in 58 kg, right behind Icho), who lost in the final to Icho at the 2014 World Championships.

En-route to the Rio gold medal final, Icho won two matches by technical fall, and gave up only a single point in her other match. However, in the final against the Russian Koblova, she found herself trailing late in the match, behind 2-1. Then, with five seconds left on the clock to make Olympic history, Icho was awarded a two-point score, and dramatically won 3-2. With the win, Icho became the first wrestler ever to win four Olympic gold medals. She was also the first female in any sport to win an individual-event gold at four Games.

Last-second victories were also pulled out in the two bronze medal matches, were the two winners both won their nations first-ever medals in women’s wrestling with late scores. In the first bronze medal bout, Marwa Amri of Tunisia scored a four-point take down with less than 10 seconds left to win 6-3 over Yuliya Ratkeviç of Azerbaijan. In bronze medal match number two between India’s Sakshi Malik and Kyrgyzstan’s Aysuluu Tynybekova, the points were tied at 5-5, with Tynybekova leading on criteria, but Malik then scored two points as time expired, and a failed challenge from Tynybekova made the final score 8-5 to the Indian.

1Kaori IchoJPN1402273Gold
2Valeriya KoblovaRUS1401356Silver
=3Marwa AmriTUN600916Bronze
=3Sakshi MalikIND13003226Bronze
=5Yuliya RatkeviçAZE7001724
=5Aysuluu TynybekovaKGZ8003127
7Pürevdorjiin OrkhonMGL9101727
8Jackeline RenteríaCOL61099
9Elif Jale YeşilırmakTUR50067
10Petra OlliFIN4001516
11Mariana Cherdivară-EșanuMDA40085
12Joice SilvaBRA100811
13Oksana HerhelUKR10057
14Johanna MattssonSWE10045
15Mimi HristovaBUL10047
16Aminat AdeniyiNGR10028
17Michelle FazzariCAN10013
18Yanet SoveroPER0026
19Lissette AntesECU0003
20Luisa NiemeschGER00016

Round One (17 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to round two. Losers to eventual finalists advanced to repêchage round one.

Match #1 Kaori IchoJPN Bye
Match #2 Marwa AmriTUN Bye
Match #3 Michelle FazzariCAN Bye
Match #4 Elif Jale YeşilırmakTUR Bye
Match #5 Jackeline RenteríaCOL Bye
Match #6 Yanet SoveroPER Bye
Match #7 Oksana HerhelUKR Bye
Match #8 Yuliya RatkeviçAZE Bye
Match #9 Petra OlliFIN Bye
Match #10 Aminat AdeniyiNGR Bye
Match #11 Joice SilvaBRA Bye
Match #12 Aysuluu TynybekovaKGZ Bye
Match #13 Mariana Cherdivară-EșanuMDA Lissette AntesECU Decision by shutout (3 - 0)
Match #14 Sakshi MalikIND Johanna MattssonSWE Decision (5 - 4)
Match #15 Pürevdorjiin OrkhonMGL Mimi HristovaBUL Decision (7 - 4)
Match #16 Valeriya KoblovaRUS Luisa NiemeschGER Decision by shutout (9 - 0)

Round Two (17 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to quarter-finals. Losers to eventual finalists advanced to repêchage round one.

Match #1 Kaori IchoJPN Marwa AmriTUN Great Superiority (11 - 0)
Match #2 Elif Jale YeşilırmakTUR Michelle FazzariCAN Decision (3 - 1)
Match #3 Jackeline RenteríaCOL Yanet SoveroPER Fall (4:43)
Match #4 Yuliya RatkeviçAZE Oksana HerhelUKR Decision (7 - 5)
Match #5 Petra OlliFIN Aminat AdeniyiNGR Decision (8 - 2)
Match #6 Aysuluu TynybekovaKGZ Joice SilvaBRA Decision (11 - 8)
Match #7 Sakshi MalikIND Mariana Cherdivară-EșanuMDA Decision (5 - 5)
Match #8 Valeriya KoblovaRUS Pürevdorjiin OrkhonMGL Great Superiority (11 - 0)

Quarter-Finals (17 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to semi-finals. Losers to eventual finalists advanced to repêchage round two.

Match #1 Kaori IchoJPN Elif Jale YeşilırmakTUR Decision (3 - 1)
Match #2 Yuliya RatkeviçAZE Jackeline RenteríaCOL Decision (7 - 3)
Match #3 Aysuluu TynybekovaKGZ Petra OlliFIN Decision (14 - 7)
Match #4 Valeriya KoblovaRUS Sakshi MalikIND Decision (9 - 2)

Semi-Finals (17 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to final. Losers advanced to repêchage final.

Match #1 Kaori IchoJPN Yuliya RatkeviçAZE Decision by shutout (10 - 0)
Match #2 Valeriya KoblovaRUS Aysuluu TynybekovaKGZ Decision (4 - 1)

Repêchage Round One (17 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to repêchage round two.

Match #1 Marwa AmriTUN Bye
Match #2 Pürevdorjiin OrkhonMGL Luisa NiemeschGER Fall (2:14)

Repêchage Round Two (17 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to repêchage final.

Match #1 Marwa AmriTUN Elif Jale YeşilırmakTUR Decision (3 - 2)
Match #2 Sakshi MalikIND Pürevdorjiin OrkhonMGL Decision (12 - 3)

Repêchage Final (17 August 2016)

Match #1 Marwa AmriTUN Yuliya RatkeviçAZE Decision (6 - 3)
Match #2 Sakshi MalikIND Aysuluu TynybekovaKGZ Decision (8 - 5)

Final Round (17 August 2016)

Match 1/2 Kaori IchoJPN Valeriya KoblovaRUS Decision (3 - 2)