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Light-Flyweight (≤49 kilograms), Men

Date6 – 14 August 2016
LocationRiocentro Pavilhão 6, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants22 from 22 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

With Zou Shiming forgoing an attempt to win a third straight title by embarking on a career in the professional ranks, Joahnys Argilagos of Cuba had emerged as a strong favourite to follow in his footsteps as Olympic champion. The Cuban had won the world title in 2015 and, as such, was top seed for Rio. Argilagos survived a close call in his first bout but eventually faltered against a rank outsider, Yurberjen Martínez of Colombia, whose work rate and aggression was preferred by the judges to the swagger and showboating style of the Cuban.

Meanwhile in the bottom half of the draw the Uzbek fighter Hasanboy Dusmatov was fighting his way through a fiendish draw which put him up against top class opponents from Mexico, Kazakhstan and the USA in quick succession. In the final Dusmatov produced the performance of a champion and controlled the fight with a display of counter punching even as the crowd roared the South American forward. One of the judges scored the final round to Martínez or else Dusmatov would have produced a clean sweep of all rounds on all scorecards. Dusmatov promptly dedicated the gold to his country’s president Islam Karimov. Martínez was the first Colombian boxer to reach an Olympic final.

1Hasanboy DusmatovUZBGold
2Yuberjén MartínezCOLSilver
=3Joahnys ArgilagosCUBBronze
=3Nico HernandezUSABronze
=5Peter WaruiKEN
=5Samuel CarmonaESP
=5Birzhan ZhakypovKAZ
=5Carlos QuipoECU
=9Galal YafaiGBR
=9Lü BinCHN
=9Rogen LadonPHI
=9Paddy BarnesIRL
=9Joselito VelázquezMEX
=9Matias HamunyelaNAM
=9Gankhuyagiin Gan-ErdeneMGL
=9Vasily YegorovRUS
=17Simplice FotsalaCMR
=17Patrick LourençoBRA
=17Artur HovhannisyanARM
=17Leandro BlancARG
=17Rüfət HüseynovAZE
=17Manuel CappaiITA

Round One (6 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to the second round.

Match #1 Joahnys ArgilagosCUB Bye
Match #2 Galal YafaiGBR Simplice FotsalaCMR Decision (3 - 0)
Match #3 Peter WaruiKEN Bye
Match #4 Lü BinCHN Bye
Match #5 Rogen LadonPHI Bye
Match #6 Yuberjén MartínezCOL Patrick LourençoBRA Decision (3 - 0)
Match #7 Samuel CarmonaESP Artur HovhannisyanARM Decision (3 - 0)
Match #8 Paddy BarnesIRL Bye
Match #9 Hasanboy DusmatovUZB Bye
Match #10 Joselito VelázquezMEX Leandro BlancARG Decision (3 - 0)
Match #11 Matias HamunyelaNAM Rüfət HüseynovAZE Decision (3 - 0)
Match #12 Birzhan ZhakypovKAZ Bye
Match #13 Gankhuyagiin Gan-ErdeneMGL Bye
Match #14 Carlos QuipoECU Bye
Match #15 Nico HernandezUSA Manuel CappaiITA Decision (3 - 0)
Match #16 Vasily YegorovRUS Bye

Round Two (8 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 Joahnys ArgilagosCUB Galal YafaiGBR Decision (2 - 1)
Match #2 Peter WaruiKEN Lü BinCHN Decision (2 - 1)
Match #3 Yuberjén MartínezCOL Rogen LadonPHI Decision (3 - 0)
Match #4 Samuel CarmonaESP Paddy BarnesIRL Decision (2 - 1)
Match #5 Hasanboy DusmatovUZB Joselito VelázquezMEX Decision (3 - 0)
Match #6 Birzhan ZhakypovKAZ Matias HamunyelaNAM Decision (3 - 0)
Match #7 Carlos QuipoECU Gankhuyagiin Gan-ErdeneMGL Decision (3 - 0)
Match #8 Nico HernandezUSA Vasily YegorovRUS Decision (3 - 0)

Quarter-Finals (10 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 Joahnys ArgilagosCUB Peter WaruiKEN Decision (3 - 0)
Match #2 Yuberjén MartínezCOL Samuel CarmonaESP Decision (2 - 1)
Match #3 Hasanboy DusmatovUZB Birzhan ZhakypovKAZ Decision (3 - 0)
Match #4 Nico HernandezUSA Carlos QuipoECU Decision (3 - 0)

Semi-Finals (12 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to the final match.

Match #1 Yuberjén MartínezCOL Joahnys ArgilagosCUB Decision (2 - 1)
Match #2 Hasanboy DusmatovUZB Nico HernandezUSA Decision (3 - 0)

Final Round (14 August 2016)

Match 1/2 Hasanboy DusmatovUZB Yuberjén MartínezCOL Decision (3 - 0)