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Heavyweight (≤91 kilograms), Men

Date6 – 15 August 2016
LocationRiocentro Pavilhão 6, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants18 from 18 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Yevgeny Tishchenko of Russia and Erislandy Savon of Cuba had contested the World Championship final in 2015 and were seeded to meet once again in the Olympic final. All went to plan until the semi-final when Savon, who had competed at super-heavyweight in 2012, was upset by Vasily Levit of Kazakhstan.

The final was the most controversial of the entire Rio boxing programme. Levit appeared to many to have been the busier and more accurate puncher throughout the bout but the Russian was awarded the victory with judges from Ireland, Colombia and Algeria voting 29-28 in favour of Tishchenko. Booing and hoots of derision echoed from both the Kazakh supporters and the neutrals in the crowd. This carried through to the medal ceremony where Levit had to gesture for them to quieten down and subdue their complaints. The Kazakhstan Boxing Federation decided to reward Levit with $150,000, the same amount he would have won if he had won the gold medal.

1Yevgeny TishchenkoRUSGold
2Vasily LevitKAZSilver
=3Rustam TulaganovUZBBronze
=3Erislandy SavónCUBBronze
=5Clemente RussoITA
=5Abdulqədir AbdullayevAZE
=5Kennedy St. PierreMRI
=5Yamil PeraltaARG
=9Juan NogueiraBRA
=9Hassen ChaktamiTUN
=9Julio CastilloECU
=9Paul Omba-BiongoloFRA
=9Yu FengkaiCHN
=9Chouaib BouloudinatsALG
=9David GrafGER
=9Lawrence OkolieGBR
=17Jason WhateleyAUS
=17Igor JakubowskiPOL

Round One

Date6 August 2016
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #1Yevgeny TishchenkoRUS
Match #206 Aug 12:59Juan NogueiraBRADecisionJason WhateleyAUS
Match #3Hassen ChaktamiTUN
Match #4Clemente RussoITA
Match #5Rustam TulaganovUZB
Match #6Julio CastilloECU
Match #7Paul Omba-BiongoloFRA
Match #8Abdulqədir AbdullayevAZE
Match #9Vasily LevitKAZ
Match #10Yu FengkaiCHN
Match #11Chouaib BouloudinatsALG
Match #12Kennedy St. PierreMRI
Match #13Yamil PeraltaARG
Match #14David GrafGER
Match #1506 Aug 19:17Lawrence OkolieGBRDecisionIgor JakubowskiPOL
Match #16Erislandy SavónCUB

Round Two

Date8 August 2016
Match #108 Aug 13:12Yevgeny TishchenkoRUSDecisionJuan NogueiraBRA
Match #208 Aug 13:28Clemente RussoITADecisionHassen ChaktamiTUN
Match #308 Aug 13:47Rustam TulaganovUZBDecisionJulio CastilloECU
Match #408 Aug 14:03Abdulqədir AbdullayevAZEReferee stops contestPaul Omba-BiongoloFRA
Match #508 Aug 19:13Vasily LevitKAZReferee stops contestYu FengkaiCHN
Match #608 Aug 19:22Kennedy St. PierreMRIDecisionChouaib BouloudinatsALG
Match #708 Aug 19:32Yamil PeraltaARGDecisionDavid GrafGER
Match #808 Aug 19:45Erislandy SavónCUBDecisionLawrence OkolieGBR


Date10 – 11 August 2016
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #110 Aug 13:35Yevgeny TishchenkoRUSDecisionClemente RussoITA
Match #210 Aug 13:52Rustam TulaganovUZBDecisionAbdulqədir AbdullayevAZE
Match #310 Aug 19:51Vasily LevitKAZDecisionKennedy St. PierreMRI
Match #411 Aug 20:08Erislandy SavónCUBDecisionYamil PeraltaARG


Date13 August 2016
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #113 Aug 12:55Yevgeny TishchenkoRUSDecisionRustam TulaganovUZB
Match #213 Aug 18:56Vasily LevitKAZDecisionErislandy SavónCUB

Final Round

Date15 August 2016
Match 1/215 Aug 19:30Yevgeny TishchenkoRUSDecisionVasily LevitKAZ