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BMX, Men

Date17 – 19 August 2016
LocationCentro Olímpico de BMX, Parque Olímpico de Deodoro, Deodoro, Rio de Janeiro
Participants32 from 21 countries

The Organizing Committee for the Rio Games produced a spectacular and challenging course for the 3rd appearance of BMX at an Olympic Games.

Māris Štrombergs of Latvia had won gold at each of the two preceding Games but world champion Joris Daudet of France and young Dutchman Niek Kimmann were more favoured for success in Rio.

Daudet topped the time sheets in a relatively uneventful qualifying session; however, the quarter-finals could not remotely be called uneventful.

The first heat saw Daudet crash in two of his three runs and be eliminated whilst Kimmann survived only by carrying what remained of his bicycle after a bone crunching crash in his second race. Štrombergs’ chance of a third successive title ended in a pile-up that caused 2013 world champion Liam Phillips to be stretchered off with concussion and a broken collarbone. Another crash in the first run of the third heat saw two more cyclists withdraw with injury.

The semi-final stage was dominated by the two Australians, Sam Willoughby and Anthony Dean, who were both undefeated in their respective semi-finals and would start the final as joint favourites.

The American pair of Connor Fields and Nic Long eclipsed the Aussie pairing at the start and sped away from the field. Fields held the lead from start to finish while Long saw his dream of an Olympic medal foiled in the final straight as first Jelle van Gorkom and then Carlos Ramírez edged ahead of him. Fields, a student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas was the first American Olympic champion at this discipline.

PosNrCyclistNOCRoundRankPointsLast Run Time
111Connor FieldsUSAFinal1Gold
237Jelle van GorkomNEDFinal2Silver
38Carlos RamírezCOLFinal3Bronze
464Nic LongUSAFinal4
549Tory NyhaugCANFinal5
691Sam WilloughbyAUSFinal6
7313Niek KimmannNEDFinal7
844Anthony DeanAUSFinal8
924Corben SharrahUSASemi-Final512
10148Twan van GendtNEDSemi-Final514
11566Carlos OquendoCOLSemi-Final614
12595Gonzalo MolinaARGSemi-Final616
13279Trent JonesNZLSemi-Final717
1448David GrafSUISemi-Final722
15572Luis BrethauerGERSemi-Final823
16132Jefferson MilanoVENSemi-Final824
1781Māris ŠtrombergsLATQuarter-Final51439.554
184Jérémy RencurelFRAQuarter-Final5141:30.329
195Edžus TreimanisLATQuarter-Final515
20747Bodi TurnerAUSQuarter-Final518
21216Kyle DoddRSAQuarter-Final614
22707Yevgeny KomarovRUSQuarter-Final616
2333Joris DaudetFRAQuarter-Final618
2440Tore NavrestadNORQuarter-Final619
25211Kyle EvansGBRQuarter-Final71937.203
2630Niklas LaustsenDENQuarter-Final71941.942
2745Toni SyarifudinINAQuarter-Final722
287Amidou MirFRAQuarter-Final728
29500Renato RezendeBRAQuarter-Final819
30993Yoshitaku NagasakoJPNQuarter-Final821
3165Liam PhillipsGBRQuarter-Final828
32593Alfredo CampoECUQuarter-Final828

Qualifying Round (17 August 2016 — 14:34)

Classification round - all 32 advanced to quarter-finals.

1Joris DaudetFRA34.617
2David GrafSUI34.678
3Sam WilloughbyAUS34.714
4Connor FieldsUSA34.768
5Corben SharrahUSA34.893
6Twan van GendtNED34.933
7Māris ŠtrombergsLAT34.953
8Niek KimmannNED35.070
9Nic LongUSA35.088
10Liam PhillipsGBR35.095
11Amidou MirFRA35.248
12Yoshitaku NagasakoJPN35.286
13Bodi TurnerAUS35.333
14Carlos OquendoCOL35.341
15Luis BrethauerGER35.379
16Renato RezendeBRA35.404
17Jelle van GorkomNED35.413
18Tory NyhaugCAN35.422
19Carlos RamírezCOL35.423
20Anthony DeanAUS35.445
21Kyle EvansGBR35.776
22Jérémy RencurelFRA35.884
23Jefferson MilanoVEN35.945
24Niklas LaustsenDEN36.199
25Trent JonesNZL36.331
26Kyle DoddRSA36.454
27Alfredo CampoECU36.463
28Tore NavrestadNOR36.484
29Gonzalo MolinaARG36.860
30Yevgeny KomarovRUS36.958
31Toni SyarifudinINA40.975
ACEdžus TreimanisLATDNF

Quarter-Finals (18 August 2016 — 13:30)

Top four in each heat advance to the semi-finals. Each heat comprised three races, with points based on position being awarded for each race. Overall heat positions were determined by total points.

Heat One

PosCyclistNOCPointsRace 1Race 2Race 3
1Jelle van GorkomNED635.101 (1)35.872 (1)36.680 (4)Q
2Trent JonesNZL735.455 (3)36.561 (2)36.173 (2)Q
3Nic LongUSA1035.730 (5)40.046 (4)35.331 (1)Q
4Niek KimmannNED1435.725 (4)1:47.485 (7)36.431 (3)Q
5Edžus TreimanisLAT1536.022 (7)37.619 (3)37.379 (5)
6Joris DaudetFRA1835.434 (2)– (AC)– (AC)
7Niklas LaustsenDEN1936.965 (8)44.351 (5)41.942 (6)
8Renato RezendeBRA1935.970 (6)1:19.255 (6)1:44.597 (7)

Heat Two

PosCyclistNOCPointsRace 1Race 2Race 3
1Tory NyhaugCAN435.958 (1)35.035 (1)38.754 (2)Q
2Luis BrethauerGER737.386 (2)36.234 (2)39.384 (3)Q
3Jefferson MilanoVEN1241.709 (3)36.296 (3)40.894 (6)Q
4David GrafSUI142:54.204 (7)1:14.051 (6)38.390 (1)Q
5Māris ŠtrombergsLAT141:36.876 (6)44.376 (4)39.554 (4)
6Kyle DoddRSA1442.683 (4)50.545 (5)39.959 (5)
7Toni SyarifudinINA2245.325 (5)1:21.149 (7)– (DNS)
8Liam PhillipsGBR28– (AC)– (DNS)– (DNS)

Heat Three

PosCyclistNOCPointsRace 1Race 2Race 3
1Sam WilloughbyAUS335.877 (1)35.130 (1)35.152 (1)Q
2Carlos OquendoCOL937.728 (3)35.607 (3)35.699 (3)Q
3Twan van GendtNED101:46.311 (6)35.293 (2)35.217 (2)Q
4Carlos RamírezCOL1137.054 (2)36.181 (5)36.020 (4)Q
5Jérémy RencurelFRA1440.894 (4)35.927 (4)1:30.329 (6)
6Yevgeny KomarovRUS1641.584 (5)40.430 (6)39.770 (5)
7Amidou MirFRA28– (AC)– (DNS)– (DNS)
8Alfredo CampoECU28– (AC)– (DNS)– (DNS)

Heat Four

PosCyclistNOCPointsRace 1Race 2Race 3
1Anthony DeanAUS435.934 (2)34.994 (1)35.193 (1)Q
2Connor FieldsUSA835.191 (1)35.761 (4)35.601 (3)Q
3Corben SharrahUSA936.213 (4)35.558 (3)35.447 (2)Q
4Gonzalo MolinaARG1036.078 (3)35.412 (2)36.122 (5)Q
5Bodi TurnerAUS1839.094 (6)42.436 (8)35.721 (4)
6Tore NavrestadNOR1942.105 (8)35.904 (5)36.715 (6)
7Kyle EvansGBR1937.230 (5)40.351 (7)37.203 (7)
8Yoshitaku NagasakoJPN2141.455 (7)39.258 (6)47.041 (8)

Semi-Finals (19 August 2016)

Top four in each heat advance to the final. Each heat comprised three races, with points based on position being awarded for each race. Overall heat positions were determined by total points.

Heat One (13:38)

PosCyclistNOCPointsRace 1Race 2Race 3
1Anthony DeanAUS335.243 (1)34.901 (1)34.832 (1)Q
2Jelle van GorkomNED1135.337 (2)35.615 (6)35.038 (3)Q
3Carlos RamírezCOL1135.537 (3)35.261 (3)42.706 (5)Q
4Nic LongUSA1235.858 (5)35.450 (5)34.921 (2)Q
5Corben SharrahUSA1236.289 (6)35.164 (2)35.352 (4)
6Carlos OquendoCOL1435.740 (4)35.420 (4)55.966 (6)
7David GrafSUI2245.335 (8)36.057 (7)2:10.243 (7)
8Luis BrethauerGER2336.400 (7)36.230 (8)– (AC)

Heat Two

PosCyclistNOCPointsRace 1Race 2Race 3
1Sam WilloughbyAUS334.888 (1)34.478 (1)34.686 (1)Q
2Connor FieldsUSA1035.163 (2)34.802 (2)36.176 (6)Q
3Niek KimmannNED1235.676 (4)36.147 (6)35.222 (2)Q
4Tory NyhaugCAN1236.714 (6)35.025 (3)35.640 (3)Q
5Twan van GendtNED1435.905 (5)35.732 (5)35.663 (4)
6Gonzalo MolinaARG1639.102 (7)35.541 (4)35.807 (5)
7Trent JonesNZL1735.425 (3)1:05.161 (7)36.391 (7)
8Jefferson MilanoVEN241:56.976 (8)1:14.157 (8)38.018 (8)

Final Round (19 August 2016 — 15:10)

1Connor FieldsUSA34.642
2Jelle van GorkomNED35.316
3Carlos RamírezCOL35.517
4Nic LongUSA35.522
5Tory NyhaugCAN35.674
6Sam WilloughbyAUS36.325
7Niek KimmannNED36.579
ACAnthony DeanAUSDNF