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200 metres Individual Medley, Men

Date10 – 11 August 2016
LocationEstádio Aquático Olímpico, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants27 from 21 countries

Michael Phelps had dominated this event at the Olympics over the last decade, winning Olympic gold medals in 2004, 2008, and 2012 and in Rio he was looking for a rare individual Olympic four-peat. His compatriot, Ryan Lochte, had had similar dominance at the World Championships, winning the 200 IM in 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2015, while Phelps had won that title in 2003, 2005, and 2007. Phelps and Lochte came into Rio with the 16 fastest performances of all-time. The other main medal contender was Japan’s Kosuke Hagino, but he was expected to trail the Americans.

Lochte led the final at 100 metres, but faded badly and finished fifth. Phelps moved into the lead at 150 metres and looked like his 2008 self coming home, winning by almost two seconds over Hagino. Bronze went to China’s Wang Shun.

Phelps’s win gave him four consecutive individual gold medals in the event, matching the feats of Al Oerter in athletics discus throw from 1956-60, Carl Lewis in athletics long jump from 1984-96, and Ben Ainslie in single-handed sailing from 2000-12. If you count the 1906 Olympics, one can also include Ray Ewry, who won standing high jump and standing long jump gold medals from 1900-08. Phelps gold was also his 13th Olympic gold medal in an individual event, breaking the tie in that category that he held with Leonidas of Rhodes. Leonidas’s record had stood for 2168 years, as he won 12 titles at the Ancient Olympics in sprint races from 164-152 BCE.

1Michael PhelpsUSA1:58.41 (1 h4)1:55.78 (1 h2)1:54.66 (1)Gold
2Kosuke HaginoJPN1:58.79 (1 h3)1:57.38 (1 h1)1:56.61 (2)Silver
3Wang ShunCHN1:58.98 (2 h3)1:58.12 (2 h1)1:57.05 (3)Bronze
4Hiromasa FujimoriJPN1:58.88 (3 h4)1:58.20 (5 h2)1:57.21 (4)
5Ryan LochteUSA1:57.38 (1 h2)1:56.28 (2 h2)1:57.47 (5)
6Philip HeintzGER1:57.59 (2 h2)1:58.85 (3 h1)1:57.48 (6)
7Thiago PereiraBRA1:58.63 (2 h4)1:57.11 (3 h2)1:58.02 (7)
8Dan WallaceGBR1:59.44 (4 h3)1:57.97 (4 h2)1:58.54 (8)
9Henrique RodriguesBRA1:58.56 (3 h2)1:59.23 (4 h1)
10Ieuan LloydGBR1:59.74 (6 h4)1:59.49 (6 h2)
11Andreas VazaiosGRE1:59.33 (3 h3)1:59.54 (7 h2)
12Alexis SantosPOR1:59.67 (4 h2)2:00.08 (5 h1)
13Jérémy DesplanchesSUI1:59.67 (5 h3)2:00.38 (8 h2)
14Bradlee AshbyNZL1:59.77 (7 h4)2:00.45 (6 h1)
15Eduardo SolaecheESP1:59.67 (5 h4)2:00.47 (7 h1)
16Simon SjödinSWE1:59.41 (4 h4)2:00.81 (8 h1)
17Gal NevoISR1:59.80 (6 h3)
18Semyon MakovichRUS1:59.86 (7 h3)
19Diogo CarvalhoPOR2:00.17 (8 h4)
20Travis MahoneyAUS2:00.18 (5 h2)
21Raphaël StacchiottiLUX2:00.21 (1 h1)
22Hu YixuanCHN2:00.70 (2 h1)
23Emmanuel VanlucheneBEL2:01.36 (3 h1)
24Uvis KalniņšLAT2:02.34 (4 h1)
25Mohamed HusseinEGY2:02.36 (6 h2)
26Marko BlaževskiMKD2:02.54 (5 h1)
27Ahmed MathlouthiTUN2:04.95 (6 h1)
DNSThomas Fraser-HolmesAUS– (DNS h2)
DNSFederico TurriniITA– (DNS h2)
DNSDávid VerrasztóHUN– (DNS h3)

Round One (10 August 2016 — 14:09)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (14:09)

13Raphaël StacchiottiLUX2:00.210.63
24Hu YixuanCHN2:00.700.66
35Emmanuel VanlucheneBEL2:01.360.69
46Uvis KalniņšLAT2:02.340.70
57Marko BlaževskiMKD2:02.540.66
62Ahmed MathlouthiTUN2:04.950.69

Heat Two (14:14)

14Ryan LochteUSA1:57.380.68
26Philip HeintzGER1:57.590.76
35Henrique RodriguesBRA1:58.560.69
41Alexis SantosPOR1:59.670.68
52Travis MahoneyAUS2:00.180.73
68Mohamed HusseinEGY2:02.360.74
DNS3Thomas Fraser-HolmesAUS
DNS7Federico TurriniITA

Heat Three (14:19)

14Kosuke HaginoJPN1:58.790.69
25Wang ShunCHN1:58.980.68
36Andreas VazaiosGRE1:59.330.71
43Dan WallaceGBR1:59.440.72
52Jérémy DesplanchesSUI1:59.670.63
61Gal NevoISR1:59.800.61
78Semyon MakovichRUS1:59.860.72
DNS7Dávid VerrasztóHUN

Heat Four (14:24)

14Michael PhelpsUSA1:58.410.74
25Thiago PereiraBRA1:58.630.71
33Hiromasa FujimoriJPN1:58.880.69
46Simon SjödinSWE1:59.410.76
52Eduardo SolaecheESP1:59.670.70
67Ieuan LloydGBR1:59.740.67
78Bradlee AshbyNZL1:59.770.72
81Diogo CarvalhoPOR2:00.170.70

Semi-Finals (10 August 2016 — 23:29)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (23:29)

13Kosuke HaginoJPN1:57.380.66Q
26Wang ShunCHN1:58.120.69Q
34Philip HeintzGER1:58.850.78Q
45Henrique RodriguesBRA1:59.230.74
57Alexis SantosPOR2:00.080.65
68Bradlee AshbyNZL2:00.450.74
71Eduardo SolaecheESP2:00.470.67
82Simon SjödinSWE2:00.810.79

Heat Two (23:38)

15Michael PhelpsUSA1:55.780.72Q
24Ryan LochteUSA1:56.280.67Q
33Thiago PereiraBRA1:57.110.69Q
47Dan WallaceGBR1:57.970.70Q
56Hiromasa FujimoriJPN1:58.200.72Q
68Ieuan LloydGBR1:59.490.68
72Andreas VazaiosGRE1:59.540.68
81Jérémy DesplanchesSUI2:00.380.62

Final (11 August 2016 — 23:01)

14Michael PhelpsUSA1:54.660.72
26Kosuke HaginoJPN1:56.610.64
37Wang ShunCHN1:57.050.67
41Hiromasa FujimoriJPN1:57.210.69
55Ryan LochteUSA1:57.470.72
68Philip HeintzGER1:57.480.79
73Thiago PereiraBRA1:58.020.68
82Dan WallaceGBR1:58.540.70