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Épée, Individual, Women

Date 6 August 2016
LocationArena Carioca 3, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants37 from 19 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

The women’s épée was one of the fencing events in Rio without any clear favorite, as no athlete had won more than one World Cup or Grand Prix event throughout the season. None of the top three seeded fencers; Sarra Besbes from Tunisia, Xu Anqi from PRC and Tatyana Logunova from Russia, reached the semi-finals. Besbes, eight times gold medalist at the African Championships, and bronze medalist at the 2015 World Championships, did at least advance to the quarter-finals, but Xu and épée legend Logunova both lost their first bouts. London 2012 gold medalist Yana Shemiakina from Ukraine also failed to make the quarter-final.

The four semi-finalists comprised Italy’s Rossella Fiamingo, Lauren Rembi from France, Sun Yiwen from PR China and Emese Szász from Hungary. The 33-year-old from Budapest had never won a title at the Olympics, World or European Championships before. She enjoyed her most successful seasons in 2010 and 2011 when she won the World Cup series in both years. In the semi-final in Rio Szász defeated Rembi with a score of 10–6. In the second semi-final Fiamingo stopped Sun Yiwen’s advance with a narrow 12–11 victory. The gold medal bout was also close. The Italian started as the dominant fencer, but couldn’t shake off Szász, who always stayed in touch. The Hungarian came from behind, trailing 12–11 at the start of the final three minutes. Subsequently, she scored four points against only one by Fiamingo to secure her victory by 15–13. China’s Sun defeated Rembi to win the bronze medal by another narrow 15–13 scoreline.

1Emese Szász-KovácsHUN6Gold
2Rossella FiamingoITA4Silver
3Sun YiwenCHN8Bronze
4Lauren RembiFRA26
5Sarra BesbesTUN1
6Nathalie MoellhausenBRA18
7Choi In-JeongKOR21
8Nozomi NakanoJPN30
9Ana Maria PopescuROU5
10Irina EmbrichEST9
11Vivian KongHKG13
12Erika KirpuEST16
13Yana ShemiakinaUKR19
14Gang Yeong-MiKOR22
15Olena KryvytskaUKR23
16Mariflo CandassamyFRA31
17Xu AnqiCHN2
18Tatyana LogunovaRUS3
19Simona GhermanROU7
20Sin A-RamKOR10
21Sun YujieCHN11
22Violetta KolobovaRUS12
23Courtney HurleyUSA14
24Kelley HurleyUSA15
25Kat HolmesUSA17
26Lyubov ShutovaRUS20
27Kseniya PanteleievaUKR24
28Gbahi Gwladys SakoaCIV25
29Julia BeljajevaEST27
30Auriane MalloFRA28
31Rayssa CostaBRA33
32Leonora MackinnonCAN36
33Simona PopROU29
34Tiffany GéroudetSUI32
35Amanda SimeãoBRA34
36Alejandra TeránMEX35
37Nguyễn Thị Như HoaVIE37

Round One (6 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to round two.

Bout #1 Kseniya PanteleievaUKR bye
Bout #2 Rayssa CostaBRA 15 – 13Tiffany GéroudetSUI
Bout #3 Violetta KolobovaRUS bye
Bout #4 Rossella FiamingoITA bye
Bout #5 Kelley HurleyUSA bye
Bout #6 Sarra BesbesTUN bye
Bout #7 Erika KirpuEST bye
Bout #8 Kat HolmesUSA bye
Bout #9 Irina EmbrichEST bye
Bout #10 Auriane MalloFRA 15 – 7Nguyễn Thị Như HoaVIE
Bout #11 Sun YiwenCHN bye
Bout #12 Gbahi Gwladys SakoaCIV bye
Bout #13 Ana Maria PopescuROU bye
Bout #14 Choi In-JeongKOR bye
Bout #15 Leonora MackinnonCAN 15 – 10Simona PopROU
Bout #16 Vivian KongHKG bye
Bout #17 Lyubov ShutovaRUS bye
Bout #18 Nozomi NakanoJPN 15 – 12Alejandra TeránMEX
Bout #19 Tatyana LogunovaRUS bye
Bout #20 Yana ShemiakinaUKR bye
Bout #21 Courtney HurleyUSA bye
Bout #22 Gang Yeong-MiKOR bye
Bout #23 Sun YujieCHN bye
Bout #24 Emese Szász-KovácsHUN bye
Bout #25 Julia BeljajevaEST bye
Bout #26 Lauren RembiFRA bye
Bout #27 Simona GhermanROU bye
Bout #28 Olena KryvytskaUKR bye
Bout #29 Sin A-RamKOR bye
Bout #30 Nathalie MoellhausenBRA bye
Bout #31 Mariflo CandassamyFRA 15 – 6Amanda SimeãoBRA
Bout #32 Xu AnqiCHN bye

Round Two (6 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to round three.

Bout #1 Sarra BesbesTUN 15 – 8Rayssa CostaBRA
Bout #2 Erika KirpuEST 5 – 4Kat HolmesUSA
Bout #3 Irina EmbrichEST 15 – 3Kseniya PanteleievaUKR
Bout #4 Sun YiwenCHN 15 – 11Gbahi Gwladys SakoaCIV
Bout #5 Ana Maria PopescuROU 15 – 8Auriane MalloFRA
Bout #6 Choi In-JeongKOR 15 – 12Violetta KolobovaRUS
Bout #7 Vivian KongHKG 15 – 10Lyubov ShutovaRUS
Bout #8 Rossella FiamingoITA 15 – 8Leonora MackinnonCAN
Bout #9 Nozomi NakanoJPN 15 – 14Tatyana LogunovaRUS
Bout #10 Yana ShemiakinaUKR 14 – 13Courtney HurleyUSA
Bout #11 Gang Yeong-MiKOR 15 – 10Sun YujieCHN
Bout #12 Emese Szász-KovácsHUN 15 – 11Julia BeljajevaEST
Bout #13 Lauren RembiFRA 13 – 10Simona GhermanROU
Bout #14 Olena KryvytskaUKR 15 – 14Sin A-RamKOR
Bout #15 Nathalie MoellhausenBRA 15 – 12Kelley HurleyUSA
Bout #16 Mariflo CandassamyFRA 15 – 8Xu AnqiCHN

Round Three (6 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to quarter-finals.

Bout #1 Sarra BesbesTUN 15 – 11Erika KirpuEST
Bout #2 Sun YiwenCHN 15 – 12Irina EmbrichEST
Bout #3 Choi In-JeongKOR 15 – 8Ana Maria PopescuROU
Bout #4 Rossella FiamingoITA 15 – 11Vivian KongHKG
Bout #5 Nozomi NakanoJPN 11 – 8Yana ShemiakinaUKR
Bout #6 Emese Szász-KovácsHUN 15 – 11Gang Yeong-MiKOR
Bout #7 Lauren RembiFRA 9 – 7Olena KryvytskaUKR
Bout #8 Nathalie MoellhausenBRA 15 – 12Mariflo CandassamyFRA

Quarter-Finals (6 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to semi-finals.

Bout #1 Sun YiwenCHN 14 – 11Sarra BesbesTUN
Bout #2 Rossella FiamingoITA 15 – 8Choi In-JeongKOR
Bout #3 Emese Szász-KovácsHUN 15 – 4Nozomi NakanoJPN
Bout #4 Lauren RembiFRA 15 – 12Nathalie MoellhausenBRA

Semi-Finals (6 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to final pool.

Bout #1 Rossella FiamingoITA 12 – 11Sun YiwenCHN
Bout #2 Emese Szász-KovácsHUN 10 – 6Lauren RembiFRA

Final Round (6 August 2016)

Bout 1/2 Emese Szász-KovácsHUN 15 – 13Rossella FiamingoITA
Bout 3/4 Sun YiwenCHN 15 – 13Lauren RembiFRA