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4 x 400 metres Relay, Men

Date19 – 20 August 2016
LocationEstádio Olímpico João Havelange, Engenho de Dentro, Rio de Janeiro
Participants68 from 16 countries
Olympic Record 2:55.39 / United States USA / 23 August 2008

The United States was favored, with the other medals expected to be contested by Jamica, the Bahamas, and Belgium, who ran three Borlée brothers. All four teams made the final, as expected. Isaac Makwala put Botswana into a surprising lead, with the US second on the first leg. Tony McQuay ran 43.5 on the second leg to move the US into the lead, which they would not relinquish. Botswana remained in a surprising second through three legs, but struggled on the final leg, and finished fifth. The US won gold with LaShawn Merritt running a 43.97 anchor as Jamaica took the silver medal and the Bahamas the bronze, narrowly beating out Belgium.

1United StatesUSA2:58.38 (2 h1)2:57.30 (1)Gold
3071Arman Hall
3088Tony McQuay
3093Gil Roberts
3090LaShawn Merritt
3060Kyle Clemons
3102David Verburg
2JamaicaJAM2:58.29 (1 h1)2:58.16 (2)Silver
2622Peter Matthews
2607Nathon Allen
2617Fitzroy Dunkley
2620Javon Francis
2623Rusheen McDonald
3The BahamasBAH2:59.64 (2 h2)2:58.49 (3)Bronze
2073Alonzo Russell
2069Michael Mathieu
2065Steven Gardiner
2063Chris Brown
2070Stephen Newbold
4BelgiumBEL2:59.25 (1 h2)2:58.52 (4)
2100Julien Watrin
2088Jonathan Borlée
2087Dylan Borlée
2089Kévin Borlée
5BotswanaBOT2:59.35 (3 h1)2:59.06 (5)
2121Isaac Makwala
2125Karabo Sibanda
2124Onkabetse Nkobolo
2122Leaname Maotoanong
6CubaCUB3:00.16 (3 h2)2:59.53 (6)
2270Williams Collazo
2269Adrián Chacón
2280Osmaidel Pellicier
2275Yoandys Lescay
7PolandPOL2:59.58 (4 h1)3:00.50 (7)
2840Łukasz Krawczuk
2850Michał Pietrzak
2842Jakub Krzewina
2849Rafał Omelko
8BrazilBRA3:00.43 (4 h2)3:03.28 (8)
2140Pedro Burmann
2152Alexander Russo
2145Peterson dos Santos
2141Hugo Balduíno
5 h1 r1/2FranceFRA3:00.82 (5 h1)
2409Mame-Ibra Anne
2411Teddy Atine-Venel
2421Mamadou Kassé Hanne
2423Thomas Jordier
5 h2 r1/2Dominican RepublicDOM3:01.76 (5 h2)
2328Yon Soriano
2327Luguelín Santos
2320Luis Charles
2321Gustavo Cuesta
6 h2 r1/2VenezuelaVEN3:02.69 (6 h2)
3121Arturo Ramírez
3116Omar Longart
3115Alberth Bravo
3118Freddy Mezones
6 h1 r1/2ColombiaCOL3:01.84 (6 h1)
2259Anthony Zambrano
2254Diego Palomeque
2251Carlos Lemos
2255Jhon Perlaza
7 h1 r1/2JapanJPN3:02.95 (7 h1)
2663Julian Walsh
2661Tomoya Tamura
2646Takamasa Kitagawa
2643Nobuya Kato
AC h1 r1/2Trinidad and TobagoTTO– (AC h1)DQ
2985Jarrin Solomon
2980Lalonde Gordon
2982Deon Lendore
2977Machel Cedenio
AC h2 r1/2Great BritainGBR2:58.88 (AC h2)DQ
2463Nigel Levine
2478Delano Williams
2461Matt Hudson-Smith
2472Martyn Rooney
AC h2 r1/2IndiaIND3:02.24 (AC h2)DQ
2565Kunhu Muhammed Puthanpurakkal
2572Mohammad Anas Yahiya
2558Ayyasamy Dharun
2566Arokia Rajiv

Round One (19 August 2016)

Top three in each heat and next two fastest advanced to the final.

Heat One (21:10)

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)Reaction Time
Rusheen McDonald45.845.8 (8)
Peter Matthews44.41:30.22 (4)
Nathon Allen43.522:13.74 (1)
Javon Francis44.552:58.29 (1)
25United StatesUSA2:58.380.142Q
Arman Hall45.345.3 (3)
Tony McQuay43.41:28.81 (1)
Kyle Clemons44.982:13.79 (2)
David Verburg44.592:58.38 (2)
Isaac Makwala45.045.0 (1)
Karabo Sibanda43.91:28.97 (2)
Onkabetse Nkobolo45.232:14.20 (3)
Leaname Maotoanong45.152:59.35 (3)
Łukasz Krawczuk45.745.7 (7)
Michał Pietrzak44.71:30.44 (5)
Jakub Krzewina44.722:15.16 (5)
Rafał Omelko44.422:59.58 (4)
Mame-Ibra Anne45.545.5 (4)
Teddy Atine-Venel45.01:30.55 (6)
Mamadou Kassé Hanne45.042:15.59 (6)
Thomas Jordier45.233:00.82 (5)
Anthony Zambrano45.645.6 (5)
Diego Palomeque45.31:30.93 (7)
Carlos Lemos45.532:16.46 (7)
Jhon Perlaza45.383:01.84 (6)
Julian Walsh45.745.7 (6)
Tomoya Tamura45.51:31.29 (8)
Takamasa Kitagawa45.362:16.65 (8)
Nobuya Kato46.33:02.95 (7)
AC7Trinidad and TobagoTTO0.150DQ1
Jarrin Solomon45.045.0 (1)
Lalonde Gordon44.41:29.49 (3)
Deon Lendore44.782:14.27 (4)
Machel Cedenio– (–)

Heat Two (21:20)

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)Reaction Time
Julien Watrin45.745.7 (3)
Jonathan Borlée44.11:29.90 (2)
Dylan Borlée45.22:15.10 (2)
Kévin Borlée44.152:59.25 (1)
26The BahamasBAH2:59.640.149Q
Alonzo Russell45.245.2 (1)
Chris Brown44.61:29.91 (3)
Steven Gardiner44.92:14.81 (1)
Stephen Newbold44.833:00.16 (2)
Williams Collazo46.046.0 (6)
Adrián Chacón44.51:30.55 (5)
Osmaidel Pellicier45.42:15.95 (5)
Yoandys Lescay44.213:00.16 (3)
Pedro Burmann45.345.3 (2)
Alexander Russo45.01:30.45 (4)
Peterson dos Santos45.022:15.47 (4)
Hugo Balduíno44.963:00.43 (4)
55Dominican RepublicDOM3:01.760.206
Yon Soriano46.346.3 (8)
Luguelín Santos44.41:30.83 (6)
Luis Charles45.922:16.75 (7)
Gustavo Cuesta45.013:01.76 (5)
Arturo Ramírez46.146.1 (7)
Omar Longart45.21:31.44 (8)
Alberth Bravo44.72:16.14 (6)
Freddy Mezones46.553:02.69 (6)
AC1Great BritainGBR2:58.880.164DQ2
Nigel Levine45.745.7 (4)
Delano Williams44.01:29.81 (1)
Matt Hudson-Smith45.322:15.13 (3)
Martyn Rooney43.752:58.88 (AC)
Kunhu Muhammed Puthanpurakkal45.945.9 (5)
Mohammad Anas Yahiya45.11:31.03 (7)
Ayyasamy Dharun46.552:17.58 (8)
Arokia Rajiv44.663:02.24 (AC)

Final (20 August 2016 — 22:35)

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)Reaction Time
15United StatesUSA2:57.300.152
Arman Hall45.345.3 (2)
Tony McQuay43.21:28.54 (1)
Gil Roberts44.792:13.33 (1)
LaShawn Merritt43.972:57.30 (1)
Peter Matthews45.545.5 (4)
Nathon Allen44.01:29.56 (3)
Fitzroy Dunkley44.822:14.38 (4)
Javon Francis43.782:58.16 (2)
36The BahamasBAH2:58.490.163
Alonzo Russell45.345.3 (3)
Michael Mathieu45.11:30.50 (5)
Steven Gardiner43.792:14.29 (3)
Chris Brown44.22:58.49 (3)
Julien Watrin46.046.0 (8)
Jonathan Borlée44.11:30.14 (4)
Dylan Borlée44.712:14.85 (5)
Kévin Borlée43.672:58.52 (4)
Isaac Makwala44.844.8 (1)
Karabo Sibanda43.91:28.84 (2)
Onkabetse Nkobolo44.942:13.78 (2)
Leaname Maotoanong45.282:59.06 (5)
Williams Collazo45.845.8 (6)
Adrián Chacón44.71:30.60 (6)
Osmaidel Pellicier45.332:15.93 (7)
Yoandys Lescay43.62:59.53 (6)
Łukasz Krawczuk45.945.9 (7)
Michał Pietrzak44.91:30.97 (7)
Jakub Krzewina44.942:15.91 (6)
Rafał Omelko44.593:00.50 (7)
Pedro Burmann45.545.5 (5)
Alexander Russo45.41:31.00 (8)
Peterson dos Santos46.182:17.18 (8)
Hugo Balduíno46.13:03.28 (8)