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400 metres Breaststroke, Men

Date8 – 12 July 1912
LocationSimstadion, Djurgårdsbrunnsviken, Stockholm
Participants17 from 10 countries

This event appeared on the Olympic Program for one of only three times - 1904 (at 440 yards), 1912, and 1920. Walter Bathe (GER) won his second breaststroke gold medal, adding this to the title he had won at 200 metres two days earlier. Bathe took an early lead, being ahead by four metres at the first turn (100 metres), and led by 10 metres at the 250 metre mark. He won easily.

1Walter BatheGER6:34.6 (1 h5)6:32.0 (1 h1)6:29.6 (1)Gold
2Thor HenningSWE6:52.4 (1 h1)6:32.0 (2 h1)6:35.6 (2)Silver
3Percy CourtmanGBR6:43.8 (1 h4)6:36.6 (3 h1)6:36.4 (3)Bronze
4Paul MalischGER6:47.0 (1 h2)6:47.6 (2 h2)6:37.0 (4)
AC r3/3Willy LützowGER6:49.8 (1 h3)6:44.6 (1 h2)– (DNF)DNF
3 h2 r2/3Arvo AaltonenFIN6:48.8 (2 h4)6:56.8 (3 h2)
4 h1 r2/3Félicien CourbetBEL6:52.6 (2 h3)6:59.8 (4 h1)
4 h2 r2/3Lennart LindroosFIN7:00.0 (2 h2)7:00.4 (4 h2)
AC h1 r2/3Zeno von SingalewiczAUT7:04.0 (3 h3)– (DNF h1)DNF
AC h2 r2/3George InnocentGBR7:07.8 (2 h1)– (DNF h2)DNF
2 h5 r1/3Georgy BaymakovRUS7:28.6 (2 h5)– (DNS h1)
3 h2 r1/3Nils AnderssonSWE7:17.0 (3 h2)
3 h4 r1/3Vilhelm LindgrénFIN7:12.6 (3 h4)
4 h3 r1/3Frank SchryverANZ7:07.8 (4 h3)
AC h1 r1/3Josef WastlAUT– (DNF h1)DNF
AC h1 r1/3Oszkár DemjánHUN[6:35.8] (DQ h1)DQ
AC h2 r1/3Mike McDermottUSA[7:07.0] (DQ h2)DQ
DNSRudolf DlouchyAUT– (DNS h5)
DNSHerman CederbergFIN– (DNS h5)
DNSLouis LaufrayFRA– (DNS h4)
DNSHenri DuboisFRA– (DNS h3)
DNSVictor Pierre EggmanFRA– (DNS h2)
DNSLouis André FangerFRA– (DNS h4)
DNSPaul HarfortFRA– (DNS h2)
DNSGeorges LefevreFRA– (DNS h1)
DNSSam BlatherwickGBR– (DNS h2)
DNSÖdön ToldiHUN– (DNS h4)
DNSDavide BaiardoITA– (DNS h2)
DNSMario MassaITA– (DNS h4)
DNSVirgilio BellazzaITA– (DNS h2)
DNSAttilio BellezzaITA– (DNS h2)
DNSAldo CigheriITA– (DNS h5)
DNSMario PortolongoITA– (DNS h4)
DNSAudun RustenNOR– (DNS h1)
DNSGeorge GodfreyRSA– (DNS h4)
DNSArno AlmqvistRUS– (DNS h2)
DNSPavel AvksentyevRUS– (DNS h3)
DNSNikolay VoronkovRUS– (DNS h4)
DNSHarald JulinSWE– (DNS h4)
DNSPontus HansonSWE– (DNS h2)
DNSSven HenningSWE– (DNS h4)

Round One1 (8 July 1912 — 12:00)

Top two in each heat and the fastest third-place advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

1Thor HenningSWE6:52.4QOR
2George InnocentGBR7:07.8Q
DNFJosef WastlAUT
DQOszkár DemjánHUN[6:35.8]
DNSGeorges LefevreFRA
DNSAudun RustenNOR

Heat Two

1Paul MalischGER6:47.0QOR
2Lennart LindroosFIN7:00.0Q
3Nils AnderssonSWE7:17.0
DQMike McDermottUSA[7:07.0]
DNSVictor Pierre EggmanFRA2
DNSPaul HarfortFRA3
DNSSam BlatherwickGBR4
DNSDavide BaiardoITA5
DNSVirgilio BellazzaITA6
DNSAttilio BellezzaITA7
DNSArno AlmqvistRUS8
DNSPontus HansonSWE9

Heat Three

1Willy LützowGER6:49.8Q
2Félicien CourbetBEL6:52.6Q
3Zeno von SingalewiczAUT7:04.0q
4Frank SchryverANZ7:07.8
DNSHenri DuboisFRA
DNSPavel AvksentyevRUS

Heat Four

1Percy CourtmanGBR6:43.8QOR
2Arvo AaltonenFIN6:48.8Q
3Vilhelm LindgrénFIN7:12.6
DNSLouis LaufrayFRA10
DNSLouis André FangerFRA11
DNSÖdön ToldiHUN12
DNSMario MassaITA13
DNSMario PortolongoITA14
DNSGeorge GodfreyRSA15
DNSNikolay VoronkovRUS16
DNSHarald JulinSWE17
DNSSven HenningSWE18

Heat Five

1Walter BatheGER6:34.6QOR
2Georgy BaymakovRUS7:28.6Q
DNSRudolf DlouchyAUT
DNSHerman CederbergFIN
DNSAldo CigheriITA

Semi-Finals (11 July 1912 — 19:30)

Top two in each heat and the fastest third-place advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Walter BatheGER6:32.0QOR
2Thor HenningSWE6:32.0Q
3Percy CourtmanGBR6:36.6q
4Félicien CourbetBEL6:59.8
DNFZeno von SingalewiczAUT
DNSGeorgy BaymakovRUS

Heat Two

1Willy LützowGER6:44.6Q
2Paul MalischGER6:47.6Q
3Arvo AaltonenFIN6:56.8
4Lennart LindroosFIN7:00.4
DNFGeorge InnocentGBR

Final (12 July 1912 — 19:35)

1Walter BatheGER6:29.6OR
2Thor HenningSWE6:35.6
3Percy CourtmanGBR6:36.4
4Paul MalischGER6:37.0
DNFWilly LützowGER