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4 x 200 metres Freestyle Relay, Men

Date 9 August 1932 — 15:30
LocationOlympic Park Swimming Stadium, Los Angeles, California
Participants28 from 7 countries
FormatFinal only.

An illustration of how standards in this event have improved since the previous Olympics came when the Canadian swam to within a tenth of a second of the Olympic record but found themselves outside the medals and over a length of the pool behind the winners. The Japanese foursome with 100m champion Yasuji Miyazaki in the roster swam a time over half a minute inside the old world mark, an average of over eight seconds per man. The USA were a clear second with the other teams trailing badly. During the Games the Japanese became the first country to experiment with the use of bottled Oxygen before competition. Roberto Peper of the sixth placed Argentine team was to serve as a member of the IOC for over twenty years until his death in 1999.

PosLaneSwimmerNOCTimeExchange (Pos)
Yasuji Miyazaki2:14.1– (–)
Masanori Yusa– (–)
Takashi Yokoyama– (–)
Hisakichi Toyoda– (–)
2United StatesUSA9:10.5Silver
Frank Booth– (–)
George Fissler– (–)
Maiola Kalili– (–)
Manuella Kalili– (–)
András Wanié– (–)
László Szabados– (–)
András Székely– (–)
István Bárány– (–)
George Larson– (–)
George Burrows– (–)
Walter Spence– (–)
Munroe Bourne– (–)
5Great BritainGBR9:45.8
Joseph Whiteside– (–)
Bobby Leivers– (–)
Mickey Ffrench-Williams– (–)
Reg Sutton– (–)
Carlos Kennedy– (–)
Leopoldo Tahier– (–)
Roberto Peper– (–)
Alfredo Rocca– (–)
Manoel Lourenço– (–)
Isaac Moraes– (–)
Manoel Villar– (–)
Benevenuto Nunes– (–)