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500 metres, Women

Date18 – 20 February 1992
LocationLa Halle de Glace, Albertville
Participants27 from 14 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on points earned in earlier rounds, and time in final round skated.

Based on the results in the past four years, the favourite was Canada’s Sylvie Daigle. A two-time Olympian in speed skating, she had won the 1500 m in the 1988 Olympic demonstration tournament, and had since won the 1988, 1989 and 1990 World Championships, finishing runner-up in 1991 to compatriot Nathalie Lambert. In addition, Daigle had set a new World Record at the Olympic test event in Albertville. In Olympic competition, however, Daigle was eliminated in the first round after a clash with Cathy Turner. Fastest in the heats was Italy’s Marinella Canclini, whose 47.00 was inadvertently billed as a new World Record. But Canclini exited the tournament in the next round.

The final saw two winners from the 1988 demonstration events: Monique Velzeboer, who had won the 500 m and Li Yan, who had won the 1000 m in Calgary. Turner had watched the 1988 Olympics on television. She had been the American champion in 1979, but had quit to pursue a singing career. Working as a bar singer in Las Vegas, under the name “Nikki Newland”, and fighting to overcome clinical depression, the short track demonstration inspired her to return to the sport. Known as an aggressive skater, Turner fell in the first turn of the final, causing a re-start. The unheralded Hwang Ok-Sil took the lead in the second attempt, soon to be overtaken by Turner. She was still in front at the final stretch, but Li was approaching quickly in the final metres. The two touched skates, but Turner was able to push over the line first.

While in training for the 1994 Winter Olympics, fourth place finisher Monique Velzeboer crashed into an unprotected barrier at a French training track, and became a paraplegic. Working from a wheelchair, she has since become a noted freelance photographer.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsBest Time
154Cathy TurnerUSAGold
212Li YanCHNSilver
348Hwang Ok-SilPRKBronze
445Monique VelzeboerNED
519Marina PylayevaEUN
68Nathalie LambertCAN
720Yuliya VlasovaEUN
813Wang XiulanCHN
941Kim So-HuiKOR754.90
1039Nobuko YamadaJPN757.69
1129Marinella CancliniITA61:27.18
1240Jeon I-GyeongKOR548.25
1344Joëlle van Koetsveld-van AnkerenNED51:07.23
143Bea PintensBEL448.49
1526Karine RubiniFRA41:08.41
169Annie PerreaultCAN3
1717Nataliya IsakovaEUN248.49
186Sylvie DaigleCAN248.50
1949Kim Chun-HwaPRK249.10
201Felicity CampbellAUS250.11
2152Amy PetersonUSA251.05
2234Cristina SciollaITA252.53
2327Debbie PalmerGBR152.24
2428Tamara KaszalaHUN152.38
2546Simone VelzeboerNED155.43
DQ2Karen GardinerAUS
DQ14Zhang YanmeiCHN

Round One (18 February 1992)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat One

1Kim So-HuiKOR50.995QOR
2Joëlle van Koetsveld-van AnkerenNED1:00.293Q
DQZhang YanmeiCHN

Heat Two

1Cathy TurnerUSA47.695QOR
2Jeon I-GyeongKOR48.183Q
3Sylvie DaigleCAN48.502

Heat Three

1Wang XiulanCHN47.495QOR
2Annie PerreaultCAN48.413Q
3Felicity CampbellAUS50.112
4Debbie PalmerGBR52.241

Heat Four

1Li YanCHN48.335Q
2Nathalie LambertCAN48.413Q
3Nataliya IsakovaEUN48.492
4Tamara KaszalaHUN52.381

Heat Five

1Nobuko YamadaJPN48.795Q
2Bea PintensBEL48.983Q
3Cristina SciollaITA52.532

Heat Six

1Hwang Ok-SilPRK48.705Q
2Karine RubiniFRA49.253Q
3Amy PetersonUSA51.052
4Simone VelzeboerNED55.431

Heat Seven

1Marinella CancliniITA47.005QOR
2Marina PylayevaEUN47.483Q
DQKaren GardinerAUS

Heat Eight

1Monique VelzeboerNED48.095Q
2Yuliya VlasovaEUN48.293Q
3Kim Chun-HwaPRK49.102

Quarter-Finals (20 February 1992)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One

1Cathy TurnerUSA48.515Q
2Nathalie LambertCAN51.043Q
3Nobuko YamadaJPN57.692
4Karine RubiniFRA1:08.411

Heat Two

1Li YanCHN48.335Q
2Yuliya VlasovaEUN48.633Q
3Joëlle van Koetsveld-van AnkerenNED1:07.232
4Marinella CancliniITA1:27.181

Heat Three

1Wang XiulanCHN47.565Q
2Hwang Ok-SilPRK47.953Q
3Jeon I-GyeongKOR48.252
4Bea PintensBEL48.491

Heat Four

1Marina PylayevaEUN47.955Q
2Monique VelzeboerNED53.463Q
3Kim So-HuiKOR54.902
DQAnnie PerreaultCAN

Semi-Finals (20 February 1992)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One

1Hwang Ok-SilPRK47.745Q
2Li YanCHN48.333Q
3Nathalie LambertCAN1:01.902QB
4Marina PylayevaEUN1:07.561QB

Heat Two

1Cathy TurnerUSA47.415Q
2Monique VelzeboerNED47.523Q
3Wang XiulanCHN48.042QB
4Yuliya VlasovaEUN1:08.901QB

Final Round (20 February 1992)

B Final

1Marina PylayevaEUN48.42
2Nathalie LambertCAN48.50
3Yuliya VlasovaEUN48.70
4Wang XiulanCHN1:34.12

A Final

1Cathy TurnerUSA47.04
2Li YanCHN47.08
3Hwang Ok-SilPRK47.23
4Monique VelzeboerNED47.28