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Military Rifle, 200/500/600/800/900/1,000 yards, Team, Men

Date10 – 11 July 1908
LocationBisley Rifle Range, Bisley
Participants48 from 8 countries
Format15 shots at each distance. Individual possible 75 at each distance. Total individual possible of 450. Team possible of 450 at each distance. Total Team possible of 2,700. The rifle was required to be the National Military Arm of any country. Any position allowed.

Although nine teams were entered, only eight competed. The ninth team was Russia which never withdrew and actually tried to compete. In 1908, as today, most nations in the world used the Gregorian Calendar, but unlike today, a few nations used the older Julian Calendar. Russia was one of the nations using the Julian Calendar, which differed by 13 days from the Gregorian Calendar. The Russian shooters, thinking that The International team match was to begin on 10 July in the Julian Calendar, arrived shortly before that date, which equated to 23 July by the Gregorian Calendar. Unfortunately, they found that The International team match had been completed and all the shooters had by now left Bisley.

This was a very closely fought contest on the first day with the United States team holding a narrow lead over the British team - 1,291 to 1,281. But on the second day, the U.S. shooters continued to post marginally better scores than the British and won by 34 points. The weather was terrible on both days, but especially so on the second with wind varying from 12-20 mph (5.3-8.9 mps), low cloud cover and rain flurries off and on all day.

1United StatesUSA2,531Gold
Bill Leushner2,531430
William Martin2,531430
Charles Winder2,531429
Kellogg Casey2,531423
Ivan Eastman2,531412
Sumner Benedict2,531407
2Great BritainGBR2,496Silver1
Harcourt Ommundsen2,496424
Fleetwood Varley2,496423
Arthur Fulton2,496417
Philip Richardson2,496413
Walter Padgett2,496410
John Martin2,496410
William Smith2,439421
Charles Crowe2,439415
Bertram Williams2,439414
Dugald McInnes2,439413
William Eastcott2,439392
Harry Kerr2,439384
Léon Hecht2,272389
Raoul, Count de Boigne2,272385
Albert Courquin2,272383
Eugène Balme2,272379
André Parmentier2,272373
Daniel Mérillon2,272363
Claës Rundberg2,213388
Ossian Jörgensen2,213382
Janne Gustafsson2,213376
Per-Olof Arvidsson2,213374
Axel Jansson2,213351
Gustaf Adolf Jonsson2,213342
Ole Sæther2,192385
Einar Liberg2,192375
Gudbrand Skatteboe2,192369
Albert Helgerud2,192362
Mathias Glomnes2,192352
Jørgen Bru2,192349
Ioannis Theofilakis1,999357
Frangiskos Mavrommatis1,999349
Alexandros Theofilakis1,999349
Georgios Orfanidis1,999325
Matthias Triantafyllidis1,999314
Defkalion Rediadis1,999305
Niels Andersen1,909352
Niels Christian Christensen1,909333
Lorents Jensen1,909326
Niels Laursen1,909309
Julius Hillemann-Jensen1,909307
Ole Olsen1,909282