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Free Rifle, 400, 600, and 800 metres, Team, Men

Date26 – 27 June 1924
LocationCamp de Châlons, Mourmelon-le-Grand
Participants88 from 18 countries
Format400, 600, and 800 meters. Five-man teams. 30 shots, 10 shots at each distance. 150 possible per shooter, 750 possible per team.

The United States team easily won this event, winning by 30 points with 676, using Springfield rifles, with Remington Palma ammunition, loaded with HiVel powder. But the real story was in third place. Haiti tied with France for second place with 646 from 750 possible. France won the barrage to earn the silver medal. In 1915, the US military, concerned about German influence and military presence in Haiti, occupied that country for the duration of World War I. A Haitian gendarmerie was formed, led by American Marines, Col. David McDougal and Major Harry Smith. Both had been involved in shooting sport, and taught the Haitian gendarmerie to shoot. The Haitians decided they wanted to compete in the Olympics, though they had no experience, and no funds to send a team. But they had desire. A team was formed and equipped by the U.S. Marines. Each man in the gendarmerie, not just the shooters, contributed to a fund by donating 5% of their salary for five months to raise a fund to finance the team. In Paris, the Haitian free rifle team was in second place for most of the competition, and it was only during the final series that they were caught by the French team.

1United StatesUSA676Gold
Bud Fisher676142
Walter Stokes676138
Joe Crockett676133
Ray Coulter676132
Sid Hinds676131
Émile Rumeau646134
Albert Courquin646131
Pierre Hardy646130
Georges Roes646126
Paul Colas646125
Ludovic Augustin646135
Astrel Rolland646129
Ludovic Valborge646128
Destin Destine646128
Eloi Metullus646126
Jakob Reich635135
Arnold Rösli635128
Willy Schnyder635127
Conrad Stucheli635125
Albert Tröndle635120
Aarne Valkama628130
Veli Nieminen628128
Voitto Kolho628125
Heikki Huttunen628123
Jean Theslöf628122
Niels Larsen626130
Lars Jørgen Madsen626127
Anders Peter Nielsen626124
Erik Sætter-Lassen626124
Peter Geltzer Petersen626121
Hugo Johansson623137
Ivar Wester623131
Mauritz Eriksson623126
Olle Ericsson623115
Gustaf Andersson623114
Ludvig Larsen594123
Olaf Johannessen594122
Willy Røgeberg594119
Halvard Angaard594117
Otto Olsen594113
9South AfricaRSA590
Leslie Laing590127
Eric Halley590124
David Smith590116
George Church590113
Melville Wallace590110
Sem De Ranieri578122
Ricardo Ticchi578119
Giuseppe Laveni578116
Alberto Coletti Conti578113
Camillo Isnardi578108
Paul Van Asbroeck550118
Jacques Lafortune550117
Conrad Adriaenssens550117
Arthur Balbaert550106
Charles Scheirlinckx55092
Ioannis Theofilakis526115
Alexandros Theofilakis526111
Georgios Anitsas526103
Georgios Moraitinis526100
Andreas Vikhos52697
Alexandru Vatamanu524109
Constantin Țenescu524106
Simion Vartolomeu524104
Mihai Plătăreanu524103
Vasile Ghițescu524102
Jaroslav Mach501103
Josef Sucharda501103
František Čermák501102
Antonín Byczanski501101
Josef Kozlík50192
Marian Borzemski477101
Stanisław Kowalczewski47796
Franciszek Brożek47794
Bolesław Gościewicz47793
Władysław Świątek47793
Albert Langereis458103
Carel de Iongh45894
Gerrit Bouwhuis45890
François Kortleven45886
Adrianus van Korlaar45885
Dário Canas42797
Manuel Guerra42794
António Ferreira42793
Félix Bermudes42776
Francisco António Real42767
Rezső Velez113DNF
Elemér Takács102DNF
Sándor Prokopp61DNF