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Double Trap, Women

Date19 September 2000
LocationSydney International Shooting Centre, Cecil Park, New South Wales
Participants17 from 12 countries

Sweden’s Pia Hansen won this event easily. The bronze medal went to American Kim Rhode who had been the gold medalist in 1996 and would return to win again in 2004. Hansen won by changing the shooting technique, firing at the clays immediately after they left the trap. This forced a change in the rules, with variable time delays for the release of the clays.

1Pia HansenSWE148Gold
2Deborah GelisioITA144Silver
3Kim RhodeUSA139Bronze
4Lin Yi-ChunTPE134
5Cynthia MeyerCAN134
6Cindy GentryUSA130
7Anne FocanBEL99
8Zhang YafeiCHN98
=9Gao ECHN98
=9Susanne KiermayerGER98
=9Annmaree RobertsAUS98
12Deserie Wakefield-BaynesAUS97
=13Pia JulinFIN94
=13Yukie NakayamaJPN94
15Sue NattrassCAN93
16Yelena TkachRUS90
17Satu PusilaFIN85

Preliminary Round (19 September 2000 — 10:00)

120 targets, in three courses of 20 double-target throws. 120 possible. Top six advanced to 40-target final round.

1Pia HansenSWE112373837QOR
2Deborah GelisioITA107373832Q
3Kim RhodeUSA103343534Q
4Cynthia MeyerCAN101343235Q
=5Lin Yi-ChunTPE100353530Q
=5Cindy GentryUSA100343234Q
7Anne FocanBEL99323334
8Zhang YafeiCHN98343034
=9Gao ECHN98372833
=9Susanne KiermayerGER98353132
=9Annmaree RobertsAUS98343232
12Deserie Wakefield-BaynesAUS97363130
=13Pia JulinFIN94303232
=13Yukie NakayamaJPN94313033
15Sue NattrassCAN93323328
16Yelena TkachRUS90312930
17Satu PusilaFIN85262831

Final Round (19 September 2000 — 14:00)

Top six from preliminary round advanced to the final round.

1Pia HansenSWE14811236OR
2Deborah GelisioITA14410737
3Kim RhodeUSA13910336
4Lin Yi-ChunTPE1341003414
5Cynthia MeyerCAN1341013313
6Cindy GentryUSA13010030