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Platform, Women

Date15 October 1964
LocationKokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijo, Shibuya, Tokyo
Participants24 from 11 countries
Format10 metre platform.

Ingrid Engel-Krämer of East Germany had won this event in Roma and had already defended her 1960 springboard title in Tokyo, and was expected to complete a double-double on the platform. But American Lesley Bush took the lead on her opening dive and was never headed, leading throughout to win the gold medal. Bush was an unheralded high school senior and when asked how it felt to lead Krämer into the final round, she said, “It was sort of scary, but gee, gosh, it was great.“ The bronze medal went to Soviet diver Galina Alekseyeva.

1Lesley BushUSA99.80Gold
2Ingrid Engel-KrämerGER98.45Silver
3Galina AlekseyevaURS97.60Bronze
4Linda CooperUSA96.30
5Christiane LanzkeGER92.92
6Inge PertmayrAUT92.70
7Nataliya KuznetsovaURS90.91
8Barbara TalmageUSA89.60
9Robyn BradshawAUS88.16
10Delia ReinhardtGER86.79
11Carol Ann MorrowCAN86.14
12Tatyana DzheneyevaURS85.00
13Elisabeth SvobodaAUT46.10
14Frances CrampGBR45.48
15Keiko OsakiJPN45.20
16Hatsuko KawaiJPN45.00
17Kirsten VelinDEN43.85
18Kumiko WatanabeJPN43.50
19Joy NewmanGBR42.72
20Susan KnightAUS41.84
21Ulrike Sindelar-PachowskyAUT40.22
22Sarie BezuidenhoutZIM37.59
23Judy StewartCAN36.47
24Jeong Sun-JaKOR33.57

Qualifying (15 October 1964 — 10:30)

Three compulsory and one optional dive in qualifying; top 12 advance to the final round.

1Lesley BushUSA53.7836.88Q
2Galina AlekseyevaURS53.0233.78Q
3Ingrid Engel-KrämerGER52.9836.34Q
4Tatyana DzheneyevaURS51.9134.87Q
5Nataliya KuznetsovaURS49.8935.73Q
6Christiane LanzkeGER49.6933.61Q
7Inge PertmayrAUT49.5033.64Q
8Linda CooperUSA47.8032.84Q
9Delia ReinhardtGER47.8333.97Q
10Carol Ann MorrowCAN47.6232.26Q
11Barbara TalmageUSA47.2830.96Q
12Robyn BradshawAUS46.5832.42Q
13Elisabeth SvobodaAUT46.1031.46
14Frances CrampGBR45.4829.16
15Keiko OsakiJPN45.2030.48
16Hatsuko KawaiJPN45.0031.20
17Kirsten VelinDEN43.8530.05
18Kumiko WatanabeJPN43.5029.34
19Joy NewmanGBR42.7226.88
20Susan KnightAUS41.8430.18
21Ulrike Sindelar-PachowskyAUT40.2227.34
22Sarie BezuidenhoutZIM37.5924.17
23Judy StewartCAN36.4725.55
24Jeong Sun-JaKOR33.5723.97

Final (15 October 1964 — 17:00)

One compulsory and two optional dives. Score added to qualifying round score.

1Lesley BushUSA99.8046.02
2Ingrid Engel-KrämerGER98.4545.47
3Galina AlekseyevaURS97.6044.58
4Linda CooperUSA96.3048.50
5Christiane LanzkeGER92.9243.23
6Inge PertmayrAUT92.7043.20
7Nataliya KuznetsovaURS90.0141.021
8Barbara TalmageUSA89.6042.32
9Robyn BradshawAUS88.1641.58
10Delia ReinhardtGER86.7938.96
11Carol Ann MorrowCAN86.1438.52
12Tatyana DzheneyevaURS85.0033.96