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100 metres Butterfly, Women

Date29 – 30 August 1960
LocationStadio Olimpico del Nuoto, Roma
Participants25 from 16 countries

The United States’ women had swept the medals in this event at Melbourne, but would see no such dominance in Rome. The silver medalist from Melbourne, American Nancy Ramey, had set the last two world records in this event, and won the 1959 Pan American gold medal. But she did not make the United States’ team. In her absence the gold medal went to Carolyn Schuler of the United States who won easily over Dutchwoman Marianne Heemskerk and Australia’s Jan Andrew. American 14-year-old Carolyn Wood was near the lead in the final at 70 metres, but swallowed water and had to stop.

1Carolyn SchulerUSA1:09.8 (1 h1)1:09.5 (1)Gold
2Marianne HeemskerkNED1:11.0 (1 h4)1:10.4 (2)Silver
3Jan AndrewAUS1:10.3 (2 h1)1:12.2 (3)Bronze
4Sheila WattGBR1:12.3 (1 h2)1:13.3 (4)
5Atie VoorbijNED1:12.4 (2 h3)1:13.3 (5)
6Zinaida BelovetskayaURS1:12.6 (2 h2)1:13.3 (6)
7Kristina LarssonSWE1:13.0 (3 h2)1:13.6 (7)
AC r2/2Carolyn WoodUSA1:11.1 (1 h3)– (DNF)DNF
=9Valentina PoznyakURS1:13.2 (3 h1)
=9Bärbel FuhrmannGER1:13.2 (2 h4)
=11Jean OldroydGBR1:14.2 (4 h1)
=11Margaret IwasakiCAN1:14.2 (3 h4)
13Heidi EisenschmidtGER1:14.6 (3 h3)
14Karin LarssonSWE1:15.0 (4 h3)
15Shizue MiyabeJPN1:15.8 (4 h4)
16Sandra von GiesePHI1:16.3 (5 h4)
17Silvia BelmarMEX1:16.5 (5 h1)
18Annie CaronFRA1:17.1 (6 h4)
19Eulalia MartínezMEX1:17.9 (5 h3)
=20Hannelore JaneleAUT1:18.4 (6 h1)
=20Anna BeneckITA1:18.4 (4 h2)
22Márta EgerváryHUN1:19.4 (6 h3)
23Anna Maria CecchiITA1:19.5 (7 h4)
24Colette LibourelFRA1:20.4 (7 h3)
25Hillary WilsonRHO1:21.4 (5 h2)
DNSJudith McHaleCAN– (DNS h1)
DNSDawn FraserAUS– (DNS h2)
DNSGertrudes LozadaPHI– (DNS h2)

Round One (29 August 1960 — 15:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

14Carolyn SchulerUSA1:09.8QOR
25Jan AndrewAUS1:10.3Q
36Valentina PoznyakURS1:13.2
43Jean OldroydGBR1:14.2
51Silvia BelmarMEX1:16.5
67Hannelore JaneleAUT1:18.4
DNS2Judith McHaleCAN

Heat Two

15Sheila WattGBR1:12.3Q
23Zinaida BelovetskayaURS1:12.6Q
36Kristina LarssonSWE1:13.0Q
42Anna BeneckITA1:18.4
51Hillary WilsonRHO1:21.4
DNS4Dawn FraserAUS
DNS7Gertrudes LozadaPHI

Heat Three

14Carolyn WoodUSA1:11.1Q
25Atie VoorbijNED1:12.4Q
33Heidi EisenschmidtGER1:14.6
46Karin LarssonSWE1:15.0
57Eulalia MartínezMEX1:17.9
62Márta EgerváryHUN1:19.4
71Colette LibourelFRA1:20.4

Heat Four

15Marianne HeemskerkNED1:11.0Q
24Bärbel FuhrmannGER1:13.2
36Margaret IwasakiCAN1:14.2
43Shizue MiyabeJPN1:15.8
52Sandra von GiesePHI1:16.3
67Annie CaronFRA1:17.1
71Anna Maria CecchiITA1:19.5

Final (30 August 1960 — 21:40)

14Carolyn SchulerUSA1:09.5OR
23Marianne HeemskerkNED1:10.4
35Jan AndrewAUS1:12.2
42Sheila WattGBR1:13.3
57Atie VoorbijNED1:13.3
61Zinaida BelovetskayaURS1:13.3
78Kristina LarssonSWE1:13.6
DNF6Carolyn WoodUSA