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3,000 metres, Team, Men

Date12 – 13 July 1912
LocationStockholms Olympiastadion, Stockholm
Participants24 from 5 countries
FormatFive man ran for each team with three to count. Point-for-place scoring.

A team race had been contested at the 1900 Olympics over 5,000 metres. A 3,000 metre team race was held at the Olympics in 1912, 1920, and 1924. In 1912, the event was decided by teams of five runners each, with the places of the best three runners constituting the team score.

In a major upset in heat one of the first round, the United States defeated Finland, which was led by the redoubtable Hannes Kolehmainen. In the final, the United States won the gold medal, with Sweden second and Britain third. Great Britain’s bronze medal was earned despite the fact that they did not defeat a single team in the event - in round one, they received a walkover, and in the final, they finished last.

1United StatesUSA9 (1 h1)9 (1)Gold
Tell BernaNorm TaberGeorge BonhagAbel KiviatLouis Scott
2SwedenSWE9 (1 h2)13 (2)Silver
Thorild OlssonErnst WideBror FockJohn ZanderNils Frykberg
3Great BritainGBR6 (1 h3)23 (3)Bronze
Billy CottrillGeorge HutsonCyril PorterEddie OwenWilliam Moore
2 h1 r1/2FinlandFIN12 (2 h1)
Hannes KolehmainenAlbin StenroosViljam JohanssonAarne LindholmEfraim Harju
2 h2 r1/2GermanyGER12 (2 h2)
Erwin von SigelGeorg AmbergerGregor VietzGeorg Mickler
Grigory VoronkovAleksandr YelizarovDmitry NazarovMikhail NikolskyNikolay Khorkov
Marcel DudantGeorges DumonteilHenri ArnaudJean BouinPaul Lizandier
Guglielmo BecattiniGuido CalviEmilio LunghiAlfonso OrlandoCarlo Speroni
DNSSouth AfricaRSA
Chris GitshamKen McArthurLen RichardsonArthur St. NormanJohn Victor

Round One (12 July 1912 — 15:00)

Winning team in each heat advanced to the final.

Heat One

1United StatesUSA9Q
Abel Kiviat28:46.3
Tell Berna38:50.1
Norm Taber48:51.1
George Bonhag58:52.2non-scoringnon-scoring
Louis Scott68:53.4non-scoringnon-scoring
Hannes Kolehmainen18:36.9WRWR
Albin Stenroos78:54.1
Viljam Johansson88:57.2
Aarne Lindholm99:46.4non-scoringnon-scoring
Efraim Harju1010:10.6non-scoringnon-scoring

Heat Two

Bror Fock29:14.7
Nils Frykberg39:14.7
Ernst Wide49:14.7
Thorild Olsson59:14.7
John Zander69:14.7
Erwin von Sigel19:06.8
Georg Amberger79:32.5
Gregor Vietz89:34.2
Georg Mickler12DNFnon-scoringnon-scoring

Heat Three

1Great BritainGBR6Qwalkover2
Billy Cottrill110:21.6
George Hutson210:21.6
Cyril Porter310:21.6
Eddie Owen410:21.6
William Moore510:21.6

Final (13 July 1912 — 15:30)

1United StatesUSA9
Tell Berna18:44.6
Norm Taber38:45.2
George Bonhag58:46.6
Abel KiviatDNFnon-scoringnon-scoring
Louis ScottDNFnon-scoringnon-scoring
Thorild Olsson28:44.6
Ernst Wide48:46.2
Bror Fock78:47.1
John Zander108:48.9non-scoringnon-scoring
Nils Frykberg118:49.0non-scoringnon-scoring
3Great BritainGBR23
Billy Cottrill68:46.8
George Hutson88:47.2
Cyril Porter98:48.0
Eddie Owen12non-scoringnon-scoring
William MooreDNFnon-scoringnon-scoring