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100 metres Backstroke, Women

Date13 – 14 October 1964
LocationKokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijo, Shibuya, Tokyo
Participants31 from 17 countries

In June 1964 Kiki Caron of France bettered the world record of 1:08.6 and came to Tokyo as a slight favorite. She was expected to be challenged by America’s Ginny Duenkel, who had broken Caron’s mark in September by posting 1:08.3. Japan’s Satoko Tanaka was also highly considered, but she was better in the 200 backstroke, having set eight straight world records in that event from July 1960 to August 1963. Her 200 record had been broken just before the Tokyo Olympics by Cathy Ferguson, who was also entered in this event. In the final Ferguson, Caron and Duenkel were almost even at 50 metres. But Caron pulled ahead just after the turn, only to see Ferguson catch her near the end of the race and outtouch her to win the gold medal, 1:07.7 to 1:07.9. Duenkel held on for third, with Tanaka in fourth place.

1Cathy FergusonUSA1:08.8 (1 h3)1:07.7 (1)Gold
2Kiki CaronFRA1:08.5 (1 h4)1:07.9 (2)Silver
3Ginny DuenkelUSA1:08.9 (1 h2)1:08.0 (3)Bronze
4Satoko TanakaJPN1:10.0 (2 h1)1:08.6 (4)
5Nina HarmarUSA1:09.8 (1 h1)1:09.4 (5)
6Linda LudgroveGBR1:10.3 (3 h1)1:09.5 (6)
7Eileen WeirCAN1:09.7 (2 h2)1:09.8 (7)
8Jill NorfolkGBR1:10.6 (2 h4)1:11.2 (8)
=9Michiko KiharaJPN1:11.1 (3 h2)
=9Ingrid SchmidtGER1:11.1 (3 h4)
11Kirsten MichaelsenDEN1:11.2 (4 h2)
=12Helga NeuberGER1:11.4 (4 h1)
=12Nataliya MikhaylovaURS1:11.4 (4 h4)
14Corrie WinkelNED1:11.6 (5 h4)
=15Tatyana SavelyevaURS1:11.8 (5 h2)
=15Françoise BorieFRA1:11.8 (2 h3)
17Mária BallaHUN1:12.0 (6 h2)
18Petra NergerGER1:12.1 (3 h3)
=19Sylvia LewisGBR1:12.2 (4 h3)
=19Ria van VelsenNED1:12.2 (5 h3)
21Nanette DuncanAUS1:12.4 (6 h4)
22Helen KennedyCAN1:12.5 (5 h1)
23Marlene DaymanAUS1:12.9 (6 h3)
24Bep WeetelingNED1:13.1 (7 h2)
25Susana PeperARG1:13.2 (7 h4)
26Ursula SeitzAUT1:13.3 (8 h2)
27Anneliese RockembachVEN1:14.1 (7 h3)
28Belinda WoosleyAUS1:15.3 (6 h1)
29Margaret HardingPUR1:19.5 (8 h3)
30Jovina TsengMAS1:20.7 (7 h1)
31Jeon Ok-JaKOR1:21.7 (8 h4)

Round One (13 October 1964 — 12:10)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

13Nina HarmarUSA1:09.8Q
26Satoko TanakaJPN1:10.0Q
32Linda LudgroveGBR1:10.3Q
44Helga NeuberGER1:11.4
55Helen KennedyCAN1:12.5
61Belinda WoosleyAUS1:15.3
77Jovina TsengMAS1:20.7

Heat Two

12Ginny DuenkelUSA1:08.9QOR
24Eileen WeirCAN1:09.7Q
31Michiko KiharaJPN1:11.1
48Kirsten MichaelsenDEN1:11.2
55Tatyana SavelyevaURS1:11.8
63Mária BallaHUN1:12.0
77Bep WeetelingNED1:13.1
88Ursula SeitzAUT1:13.3

Heat Three

12Cathy FergusonUSA1:08.8QOR
26Françoise BorieFRA1:11.8
37Petra NergerGER1:12.1
44Sylvia LewisGBR1:12.2
53Ria van VelsenNED1:12.2
68Marlene DaymanAUS1:12.9
75Anneliese RockembachVEN1:14.1
81Margaret HardingPUR1:19.5

Heat Four

13Kiki CaronFRA1:08.5QOR
27Jill NorfolkGBR1:10.6Q
31Ingrid SchmidtGER1:11.1
42Nataliya MikhaylovaURS1:11.4
56Corrie WinkelNED1:11.6
64Nanette DuncanAUS1:12.4
78Susana PeperARG1:13.2
85Jeon Ok-JaKOR1:21.7

Final (14 October 1964 — 20:20)

15Cathy FergusonUSA1:07.7WR
24Kiki CaronFRA1:07.9
33Ginny DuenkelUSA1:08.0
47Satoko TanakaJPN1:08.6
52Nina HarmarUSA1:09.4
61Linda LudgroveGBR1:09.5
76Eileen WeirCAN1:09.8
88Jill NorfolkGBR1:11.2