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4 x 100 metres Freestyle Relay, Women

Date14 – 15 October 1964
LocationKokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijo, Shibuya, Tokyo
Participants46 from 10 countries

The only real decision for the US swim coaches was who they would select to lead the Americans to the gold medal in the final. The US qualified second in the heats, behind Australia, but that was with their junior varsity squad allowing the big guns to rest. In the final the race was over after one leg, as 100 fly gold medalist Sharon Stouder put the US into an insurmountable lead. She was followed by Donna de Varona, Pokey Watson, and Kathy Ellis, who swam anchor and finished in the time of 4:03.8 for a world record, bettering the time of 4:07.6 that had been set in September by another group of Americans. Australia finished second, anchored by Dawn Fraser, who had the fastest split of the race with 58.6, but they were too far behind for it to matter much. The Netherlands came on for the bronze medal, as anchor Erica Terpstra touched out the Hungarian finisher Csilla Madarász-Bajnogel-Dobai.

1United StatesUSA4:12.2 (1 h1)4:03.8 (1)Gold
Sharon StouderDonna de VaronaPokey WatsonKathy EllisJeanne HallockErika BrickerLynne AllsupPatience Sherman
2AustraliaAUS4:11.8 (1 h2)4:06.9 (2)Silver
Robyn ThornJan MurphyLyn BellDawn FraserJan Turner
3NetherlandsNED4:14.8 (3 h1)4:12.0 (3)Bronze
Pauline van der WildtToos BeumerWinnie van WeerdenburgErica Terpstra
4HungaryHUN4:13.4 (2 h2)4:12.1 (4)
Judit TuróczyÉva ErdélyiKatalin TakácsCsilla Madarász-DobayMária Frank
5SwedenSWE4:13.5 (2 h1)4:14.0 (5)
Ann-Charlotte LiljaLotten AnderssonUlla JäfvertAnn-Christine Hagberg
6Unified Team of GermanyGER4:14.9 (3 h2)4:15.0 (6)
Martina GrunertTraudi BeierleinRita SchumacherHeidi Pechstein
7CanadaCAN4:14.9 (4 h1)4:15.9 (7)
Mary Beth StewartPatty ThompsonLouise KennedyMarion Lay
8ItalyITA4:15.0 (4 h2)4:17.2 (8)
Paola SainiMaria Cristina PacificiMara SacchiDaniela Beneck
9Great BritainGBR4:15.1 (5 h2)
Sandra KeenPauline SillettLiz LongDiana Wilkinson
10JapanJPN4:19.2 (5 h1)
Ryoko UrakamiMichiko KiharaToyoko KimuraMiyoko Azuma

Round One (14 October 1964 — 13:35)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
12United StatesUSA4:12.2Q
Jeanne Hallock1:02.81:02.8 (1)
Erika Bricker1:04.02:06.8 (1)
Lynne Allsup1:02.83:09.6 (1)
Patience Sherman1:02.64:12.2 (1)
Ann-Charlotte Lilja1:04.11:04.1 (2)
Lotten Andersson1:04.42:08.5 (2)
Ulla Jäfvert1:03.53:12.0 (2)
Ann-Christine Hagberg1:01.54:13.5 (2)
Pauline van der Wildt1:04.21:04.2 (3)
Toos Beumer1:04.22:08.4 (3)
Winnie van Weerdenburg1:04.33:12.7 (3)
Erica Terpstra1:02.14:14.8 (3)
Patty Thompson1:04.51:04.5 (4)
Mary Beth Stewart1:04.42:08.9 (4)
Louise Kennedy1:04.13:13.0 (4)
Marion Lay1:01.94:14.9 (4)
Ryoko Urakami1:05.51:05.5 (5)
Michiko Kihara1:03.72:09.2 (5)
Toyoko Kimura1:04.03:13.2 (5)
Miyoko Azuma1:06.04:19.2 (5)

Heat Two

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
Robyn Thorn1:03.71:03.7 (1)
Jan Murphy1:02.62:06.3 (1)
Jan Turner1:03.53:09.8 (1)
Lyn Bell1:02.04:11.8 (1)
Judit Turóczy1:03.91:03.9 (2)
Mária Frank1:04.12:08.0 (2)
Éva Erdélyi1:03.43:11.4 (2)
Csilla Madarász-Dobay1:02.04:13.4 (2)
36Unified Team of GermanyGER4:14.9Q
Heidi Pechstein1:04.61:04.6 (3)
Traudi Beierlein1:03.92:08.5 (3)
Martina Grunert1:03.23:11.7 (3)
Rita Schumacher1:03.24:14.9 (3)
Paola Saini1:04.51:04.5 (4)
Maria Cristina Pacifici1:03.32:07.8 (4)
Mara Sacchi1:04.73:12.5 (4)
Daniela Beneck1:02.54:15.0 (4)
53Great BritainGBR4:15.1
Sandra Keen1:03.81:03.8 (5)
Pauline Sillett1:04.22:08.0 (2)
Liz Long1:03.23:11.2 (5)
Diana Wilkinson1:03.94:15.1 (5)

Final (15 October 1964 — 21:15)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
15United StatesUSA4:03.8WR
Sharon Stouder1:01.21:01.2 (1)
Donna de Varona1:00.92:02.1 (1)
Pokey Watson1:00.73:02.8 (1)
Kathy Ellis1:01.04:03.8 (1)
Robyn Thorn1:03.81:03.8 (2)
Jan Murphy1:02.92:06.7 (2)
Lyn Bell1:01.63:08.3 (2)
Dawn Fraser58.64:06.9 (2)
Pauline van der Wildt1:04.61:04.6 (3)
Toos Beumer1:03.82:08.4 (3)
Winnie van Weerdenburg1:02.63:11.0 (3)
Erica Terpstra1:01.04:12.0 (3)
Judit Turóczy1:03.21:03.2 (4)
Éva Erdélyi1:04.22:07.4 (4)
Katalin Takács1:03.03:10.4 (4)
Csilla Madarász-Dobay1:01.74:12.1 (4)
Ann-Charlotte Lilja1:04.51:04.5 (5)
Lotten Andersson1:04.72:09.2 (5)
Ulla Jäfvert1:03.33:12.5 (5)
Ann-Christine Hagberg1:01.54:14.0 (5)
67Unified Team of GermanyGER4:15.0
Martina Grunert1:03.51:03.5 (6)
Traudi Beierlein1:05.12:08.6 (6)
Rita Schumacher1:02.93:11.5 (6)
Heidi Pechstein1:03.54:15.0 (6)
Mary Beth Stewart1:05.51:05.5 (7)
Patty Thompson1:04.32:09.8 (7)
Louise Kennedy1:03.63:13.4 (7)
Marion Lay1:02.54:15.9 (7)
Paola Saini1:04.51:04.5 (5)
Maria Cristina Pacifici1:04.22:08.7 (8)
Mara Sacchi1:04.63:13.3 (8)
Daniela Beneck1:03.94:17.2 (8)