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Discus Throw, Men

Date27 November 1956
LocationMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Victoria
Participants20 from 15 countries

Fortune Gordien was the world record holder with 59.28 (194-6) set in August 1953. He led the year list with 57.21 (187-8½), set in winning the US Olympic Trials. The 1948 gold medalist Adolfo Consolini had won the last three European Championships and had set a European record of 56.85 (186-6¼) in 1956, and was a slight favorite. The other Americans were collegiate football star and 1955 NCAA Champion Des Koch, and the very young Al Oerter, who was not well known. Gordien opened in round one with 54.75 (179-7½), and Oerter threw after him, recording a lifetime best of 56.36 (184-11). That mark would hold up for Oerter, with Gordien getting silver, and Koch completing the American sweep. Al Oerter won the gold medal. A legend was in the making.

1438Al OerterUSA51.19 (1)56.36 (1)GoldOR
2436Fortune GordienUSA47.67 (12)54.81 (2)Silver
3437Des KochUSA47.14 (16)54.40 (3)Bronze
4430Mark PharaohGBR48.98 (5)54.27 (4)
5440Oto GrigalkaURS48.11 (9)52.37 (5)
6431Adolfo ConsoliniITA49.93 (3)52.21 (6)
7659Ferenc KlicsHUN47.31 (14)51.82 (7)
8442Dako RadoševićYUG47.93 (10)51.69 (8)
9439Boris MatveyevURS48.97 (6)51.38 (9)
10429Gerry CarrGBR47.15 (15)50.72 (10)
11422Günther KruseARG47.87 (11)49.89 (11)
12441Kim BukhantsovURS49.65 (4)48.58 (12)
13618Fanie du PlessisRSA50.69 (2)48.49 (13)
14435Erik UddebomSWE48.44 (7)48.28 (14)
15426Mesulame RakuroFIJ48.21 (8)47.24 (15)
16425Hernán HaddadCHI47.48 (13)46.00 (16)
17 r1/2433Tadeusz RutPOL46.62 (17)
18 r1/2427Pierre AlardFRA46.18 (18)
19 r1/2432Muhammad AyubPAK44.88 (19)
20 r1/2423Ves BalodisAUS44.24 (20)
DNS424Todor ArtarskiBUL– (DNS)
DNS428Barclay PalmerGBR– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (27 November 1956 — 10:00)

All those reaching 47.00 metres advanced to the final.

111Al OerterUSA51.1951.19--Q
218Fanie du PlessisRSA50.6950.69--Q
31Adolfo ConsoliniITA49.9349.93--Q
410Kim BukhantsovURS49.6549.65--Q
512Mark PharaohGBR48.9848.98--Q
614Boris MatveyevURS48.9743.6248.97-Q
72Erik UddebomSWE48.4448.44--Q
817Mesulame RakuroFIJ48.2148.21--Q
920Oto GrigalkaURS48.1148.11--Q
1015Dako RadoševićYUG47.9347.93--Q
113Günther KruseARG47.8746.2847.87-Q
127Fortune GordienUSA47.6747.67--Q
134Hernán HaddadCHI47.4847.48--Q
146Ferenc KlicsHUN47.3147.31--Q
159Gerry CarrGBR47.1547.15--Q
1619Des KochUSA47.1447.14--Q
1721Tadeusz RutPOL46.6242.6946.6246.23
1813Pierre AlardFRA46.1838.2446.1844.36
198Muhammad AyubPAK44.8840.9341.7944.88
205Ves BalodisAUS44.2444.24×42.36
DNS16Todor ArtarskiBUL
DNS22Barclay PalmerGBR

Final Round (27 November 1956 — 15:25)

19Al OerterUSA56.3656.3653.8153.2255.0853.2854.93OR
26Fortune GordienUSA54.8154.7549.1851.4053.8452.7554.81
315Des KochUSA54.4050.53×53.5553.6454.4054.03
410Mark PharaohGBR54.2752.52×52.3649.8554.2753.16
516Oto GrigalkaURS52.3751.2550.0952.3749.44×50.13
61Adolfo ConsoliniITA52.2151.9252.2152.13×51.2952.01
75Ferenc KlicsHUN51.8251.7551.8251.61
812Dako RadoševićYUG51.6950.9951.2651.69
911Boris MatveyevURS51.3850.5949.6351.38
107Gerry CarrGBR50.7248.0350.7248.98
113Günther KruseARG49.8949.1245.9249.89
128Kim BukhantsovURS48.5848.5847.7546.86
1314Fanie du PlessisRSA48.4948.4946.2343.31
142Erik UddebomSWE48.2848.2847.8944.72
1513Mesulame RakuroFIJ47.2446.4547.2444.60
164Hernán HaddadCHI46.00×46.00×